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Kadaverficker: The Movie - Black Lava Entertainment Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Directed by: Alan Smithee
Written by: Goreminister
Produced by: Kadaverficker TV Productions
Cinematography by: Goreminister, Rebecca Bohningm Mary Jason, The Fans
Editing by: Goreminister
Music by: Kadaverficker
Special Effects by: KF-EFX LTD
Cast: Admiral Aids, Corporal Cruel, Goreminister, Grandmoff Ghoul
Year: 2016
Country: Germany
Language: German (English Subtitles)
Runtime: 1h 10min

Distributor: Splatter Zombie Records, Black Lava Entertainment

Black Lava have definitely risen to the top ranks in the European indie scene and frankly to the top of the indie scene worldwide. Their releases, professionalism and dedication have made them one of the top trustworthy purveyors of unadulterated filth around. From Canada, the United States to Europe, you can order from Thomas and co. with confidence. They are also one of the only modern companies doing things the old school way by compiling a list of media/reviewers and sending out physical promo copies of some of their flagship releases, something which is practically unheard of nowadays. Much respect to Black Lava Entertainment -- order from this company and often.

Kadaverficker: The Movie sees Black Lava diving into a strictly niche market by catering to fans of a particular goregrind or "Nekrocore" band as they like being called. The viewer gets a compilation of humorous interviews, pictures, behind the scene footage and also different staged montages which come together to make the movie complete. Personally, I am a fan of the goregrind style of music and enjoy anything from Last Days of Humanity to Autophagia but Kadaverficker are different, more rock 'n roll goregrind style, compared to traditional goregrind. They are groovier and add a lot more black humor to an otherwise strictly by-the-numbers goregrind style of music. With band members with great names like Admiral Aids, you know youíre in for a treat, plus when the director goes by Alan Smithee, itís rather an inside joke or the director didn't want his name attached to the movie.

I can see this mockumentary catering to select fans familiar with this select music scene in Germany, people who are familiar with a lot of the groups who are interviewed to speak about their thoughts and recollections of the band. This documentary does run a bit long and seems winded at times, especially for those unfamiliar with the band. The pace and entertainment value need to be kept a bit higher to hold the interest of us not so informed parties about this music scene, and bands who are friends with Kadaverficker and know the members and their antics.

The bands humor about ruining music in the nineties with their tasteless style is definitely a big announcement to make for their band. Itís one thing to claim youíre the best but to claim youíre the worst, itís a crazy and memorable tactic by the group regardless. I did find it very interesting and entertaining when they visited their favorite record store and went back to explore the building where their old rehearsal space was, plus I found it amusing when they said how labels like Nuclear Blast Records wouldn't touch their music. Stuff like this is very honest and informative and cool to watch for everyone. The cartoonish segments with the different members using homage style footage of such well known movies at Star Wars and The Terminator was okay, I'm sure it was meant to be highly cheesy and entertaining at the same time so it worked on different levels. I love the cover art on this release as well, it really excels it to another level, and makes the band look like a bunch of space super heroes. Very cool indeed. We also get a collection of Kadaverficker music videos on here which are awesome. The band is very good if youíre into this style of music and their material, it should be sought out and purchased.

Kadaverficker: The Movie is a release you should pick up if youíre A Kadaverficker fan, a goregrind fan and a Black Lava Entertainment completest. Viewers beyond these categories will probably need not apply to this feature as it will not satisfy a gorehound or horror fanís appetite, simply due to the style of movie it is. Black Lava have released this in association with Splatter Zombie Records so check them out for this release.




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