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Kill Syndrome - Brain Damage Films Print E-mail
User Rating: / 2
Written by Richard Taylor   
Saturday, 14 January 2017
Review of Kill Syndrome from Brain Damage Films on Severed Cinema


Directed by: Scott Collins, Dwayne King
Written by: Scott Collins
Produced by: Scott Collins, Dwayne King
Cinematography by: Scott Collins, Dwayne King
Editing by: Dwayne King
Music by:
Cast: Bracey, Evelyn Angelo, Dwayne King, Leah Carol Myers, Kandi Ranson, Wendell Smith
Year: 2006
Country: USA
Color: Color
Language: English
Runtime: 1h 8min

Studio: Kluckin Films
Distributor: Brain Damage Films

Described as a backwoods horror tale with an intro ripped directly out of the book of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Kill Syndrome was shot in 2006 but the faded and washed out quality looks like it came out circa 1980s. So this backwoods tale is not so back woods as it claims in the description. It mostly takes place in urban settings and in rental self-storage lockers where all the down and dirty torture techniques are brandished. A more suitable title would have been Storage Locker Slaughter or Storage Gore Wars. I was waiting for Dave Hester to say “yyyyyyeeeeep” but I think even Dave would have lost out if he would have purchased this fucked up white trash torture haven.

Kill Syndrome actually sports some rather disturbing and effective snuff style torture footage, especially at the beginning of the film as the female victim’s screams are excruciating, and she is actually behaving like she is genuinely terrified. I hate in these types of films when the victims are so fake and non-nonchalant about dying and suffering. You are going to fucking experience unbearable pain and die horribly so in real life people would be polluted with sheer and absolute fucking terror, not like they just chugged down a prescription bottle of Valium.

We get more Texas Chainsaw references as we are sort of introduced to the white trash/redneck killer family who even have a crusty old fucker in a wheel chair. Sound familiar? I'm all for fan homages and inspiration -- we are all inspired by previous works of film, art, whatever -- but try to weave it so you bring it new life of some sort. Give it a creative twist, make it your own. Kill Syndrome lacks in originality for sure. It just doesn't have a strong enough identity to stand tall on its own. It manages to deliver some genuine visceral thrills and some nasty torture sequences but outside of that it’s pretty flat. Besides listening to the family of killers bicker and bitch at each other throughout most of the movie in an annoying fashion, we are introduced to potential victims and watch them being dispatched.

The acting is pedestrian but with this sort of extremely low budget film this is the norm. Some of the interactions between the family of psycho's are decent but once again border on your Mom nagging you to clean your room or your wife trying to get you to fix something. It’s just bitch, bitch, bitch, moan, moan, moan. The effects range from competent, to the sound of a fist hitting a hollow cardboard box as fake punches are landed. We get some terrifying stuff where a woman has her nipple cut off and being burned by cigarettes but once the heavy duty stuff like the chainsaw is taken out to inflict some damage, it ends up being pretty lacklustre and uneventful.

I can see Kill Syndrome gaining some kind of cult bad movie status. It has gotten a hell of a lot of views on YouTube and director Scott Collins is hopefully going to continue making more material because he is a nice guy and dedicated horror fan with his head in the right place. I'm hoping Collins will reach into his brain and pull out some crazy ideas of his own and leave the TCM homages to die in the unmarked storage locker graves of Kill Syndrome





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