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Lake Nowhere - BRINKvision Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Thursday, 05 January 2017
Review of Lake Nowhere from BRINKvision on Severed Cinema


Directed by: Christopher Phelps, Maxim Van Scoy
Written by: Ryan Scott Fitzgerald, Christopher Phelps, Ryan Scott Fitzgerald, Stephen Phelps
Produced by: Ryan Scott Fitzgerald
Cinematography by: Jennifer Leavitt, Christopher Phelps, Jonathan Phelps, Maxim Van Scoy
Editing by: Christopher Phelps
Music by: Anthony Espina, Ian Nichols, Timothy Oakley, Stephen Phelps
Special Effects: Jonathan Phelps, Stephen Phelps, Madeleine Koestner
Cast: Wray Villanova, Laura Hajek, Nathan Andrew Wright, Melody Kology, Charles Gaskins, Oscar Allen, Paul Joseph Gagnon, Matthew Howk, Dana Curran, Garrett Shore
Year: 2014
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 51min

Studio: The Ravacon Collective, Ursidae Parade
Distributor: BRINKvision

Retro look and feel is all the rage these days. Lake Nowhere proudly wears this badge with honor. Rightfully so because it handles itself accordingly resulting in an entertaining, witty and well done low budget throwback slasher of yesteryear. Lake Nowhere is shot with that washed out and grainy eighties VHS look. This actually helps the movie out because if it was featured in a clear modern style, the low budget might shine through and deter from the vibe and effectiveness it’s going for.

Lake Nowhere also boasts a couple of faux trailers and a not so real beer commercial, ala Grindhouse style. The first trailer is for a pseudo giallo, The River Runs Red, a competent parody of those awesome Dario Argento style gialli of the ‘70s. It hits all the right marks. Then we get the fake beer commercial for Wolf White. It plays out with all the right elements featuring a party, people having a good time, cheesy theme song, and even the cool retro stubby beer bottles which were so prevalent with beer in the ‘80s, which are re-surfacing today as the retro cycle continues. Then we get the 2nd fake movie trailer for Harvest Man, which I enjoyed a lot. So much so that I hope the idea eventually transforms into a full length feature because it uses a great idea, performances and humor, etcetera. All the right elements are there to make a great horror/cult movie experience. Harvest Man takes a bunch of not so original horror movie themes and turns them into something magical.

After the entertaining trailers we get the short film, Lake Nowhere. It plays out with the common slasher theme of friends staying at a cabin by the lake, drinking Wolf White, smoking dope, casual sex, getting disemboweled -- the usual slasher formula. The acting in this is okay, but nothing ground-breaking and the characters aren't fleshed out in any major way. I did like how the film introduces some clever moments which come into play later on in the movie. A couple of those things include a foolhardy clothesline, and an unconventional way to split junks of wood with an axe which proves the traditional method is best.

Lake Nowhere has a group of friends visiting a cabin when some strange shit starts going down. One of the characters goes swimming in the lake with disastrous results. Another patron finds a tombstone with a strange inscription, and there is an unknown figure with apparently striking eyes watching and slowly stalking the group, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. The partygoer’s good time blowing brainers in an orgy-esque fashion comes to an abrupt halt when a horrifying and earth shattering moan is heard coming from the woods. Shortly after, things get creepier when their friend returns from his swim in the lake as a pale pasty skinned figure devoid of any human emotion. Finally, he strikes and attempts to kill one of the group. Meanwhile, the other figure who has been watching them as well starts killing them all one by one in a gory fashion. This masked killer looks very cool and has this appearance as if he is part of the woods. He is a gigantic figure adorned in different forest style attire such as leaves, twigs etcetera. Think of a hulking Jason Voorhees who has become a conscious tree hugging killing machine.

Lake Nowhere has some great makeup effects and moves at a good pace. It isn’t the most original film, but the material works generally well making it entertaining. I experienced a bit of confusion trying to figure out the correlation between the killer and the guy who became a freak after he came out of the lake. My only conclusion is the lake is responsible for everything that occurs, it has some sort of mystical power and has created all the evil. Clocking in at under an hour -- even with the three shorts at the beginning -- Lake Nowhere is a good time that promises not to bore you, and if you dig the retro horror vibe then you will no doubt enjoy it even more.





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