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Last Trip - One Stone Productions Print E-mail
User Rating: / 5
Written by Jay Creepy   
Sunday, 02 September 2018
Severed Cinema review of Last Trip from One Stone Productionsg


Directed by: Jeff Toldi, Aaron B Webb
Written by: Brennan D'errico, Melondie Roehrig, Will Nemi
Produced by: Aaron B Webb
Cinematography by: Victor Emil Posa
Music by: Various
Edited by: Aaron B Webb
Special Effects by: Jack Chiarella, Krystal Shenk, Sydney Bouthsavong, Katie Sharun
Cast: Quinn McGillion, Melodie Roehrig, Will Nemi, Kyle Licht, Jesse Merrill, Bob Coldicott, Evan Frew, Leah Glendenning, Brandon Czerwinski, Sebastiano Spurio
Year: 2018
Country: USA
Runtime: 24min

One Stone Productions

The world of low budget (or any budget) should have a rule – one big rule, some state rather viciously; it doesn't matter the money you spend, you could have the cheapest and grimmest looking film in the world, but... a big “but” coming... unless it's a spoof point to be made, please make sure your cast can act! Yet maybe that's being unfair, a lot of fun can be found and if we consider the ‘80s SOV releases, well, does it matter?

Last Trip looks so fresh and clear, and it has fun elements. The cast are likeable, especially the two main lads, aside from their hopeless acting skills. Opening with our central teen, Jeremy, a nerdy gamer who receives a call from the blonde girl of his dreams, April. He speaks to her, trying to control his answers but goofs up considerably. She's planned a camping trip, a last one before they all move on. He says he can get the alcohol, then afterwards wonders how.

He and his buddy, Kyle, who's also coming along ask Rusty, an older bloke who works in a bar – both lads aren't really keen on him. He decides he wants to go as well – the only way they'll get any alcohol. Also along for the ride is a girl called Rachel and her paranoid facts spitting brother, Kenny. “Do you know there's studies to prove that camping reduces stress and depression?” To which Rusty jogs by, “No one cares, Kenny!”

Once at the camp site, they all have a few laughs and giggles, Rusty strums his guitar and it’s all cool. However before you can make all the banjo and buggering jokes usually attached to these outdoor flicks, yes sir, there's a couple of Hillbilly folk that come to introduce themselves. They are Billy and Clem. They're out hunting, as they tell Rusty who heads over to their camp to collect tent poles. They don't hunt deer, that's too easy. “Say, you ever heard the story about the Dangerous Game?” Billy asks. Indeed, you know it, they hunt people. Given the chance to either head to his car, or head back and warn his friends, Rusty darts to his car before Billy even finishes speaking.

Character building happens between April and Jeremy which is played out quite mellow and nice. Rachel and her brother argue (well, she monotone bad acts) about leaving until she suddenly receives an arrow into the back of her shoulders. The hunt has started. The teens have to choose quickly – run or fight back.

Okay, wow, well this is the young duo of director's first short feature. They've worked on other films in various miscellaneous roles and to be honest, they have picked up a few tips along the way. They have put together a great script (acting aside, apart from Melodie, Will, and Sebastiano who shine - the words are cool) and what counts for Severed readers is the actual horror. Brilliantly paced action, and blood where it matters, not creamed all over the place pointlessly. There is a classy little twist at the end too.

Last Trip is a dyed in the wool basic homage to all the woodlands killer movies of years gone by and the team behind it have totally gone balls out to make it work to the budget limits. Nothing has been spared. Our teen prey are likeable for many reasons, and the Hillbilly brothers sit on the fence between funny as hell stereotypes and just leering nutsacks. Somehow they've given the whole work a ‘70s vibe without dressing it all retro. I think the music helps, when you see it you'll dig where I'm coming from there.

It's easy for me to sit here and lament the actual running time. Whoa, I mean I wanted it to be longer, by at least another half an hour. I totally love coming across something which will hopefully be used as a workable calling card and get the lads bigger projects. They're bloody hearts are in the right place and it shows, as does the fun that the cast must have had.

My one big issue which I reckon a lot of viewers will agree with, the out-takes over the credits like immediately after the mini movie ends kind of buzz-kills, like breaking the fourth wall. Bad, bad move. And they aren't even funny out-takes, they're run of the mill. Years ago, as a child I remember drinking milk delivered in a bottle, regular to the door. One morning, I drank happily only to discover a dead earwig in my mouth. It was reported and my parent's received free goodies from the milk dairy, but the joy of drinking that bottle of milk had been taken from me.

Jeff, Aaron, your out-takes placed where they are, they are the dead earwig in my milk.

Other than that, excellent slice of Hillbilly meat. Hey, Krystal Shenk (producer of Savage which I reviewed and actress/producer in Til Death Do we Rot – also reviewed) did some make-up in this one. That kitten certainly springs up everywhere doesn't she?

Last Trip gets a Creepy Severed thumb up, and I look forward to more quality bits ‘n pieces hacked and moulded on screen by these two lads. Piss off with your out-takes next time though.




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