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Leprechaun - Lionsgate Print E-mail
User Rating: / 5
Written by Richard Taylor   
Saturday, 14 March 2015
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A.K.A. Лепрекон, O Duende, Leprechaun - Der Killerkobold, La noche del duende, Vilenjak, Gyilkos kobold, El duende maldito, Leprechaun: El duende, Zli vilenjak, Väktarens hämnd, El duende

Directed by:
Mark Jones
Written by:
Mark Jones
Produced by:
Jeffrey B. Mallian
Cinematography by:
Levie Isaacks
Editing by:
Christopher Roth
Special Effects by:
Gabe Bartalos
Music by:
Kevin Kiner, Robert J. Walsh
Warwick Davis, Jennifer Aniston, Ken Olandt, Mark Holton, Robert Hy Gorman, Shay Duffin
1h 32min

Studio: Trimark Pictures
Distributor: Lionsgate Home Entertainment

St. Paddy's Day has (almost) arrived and as with other holidays, this reviewer seeks out some seasonal horror/cult movies to review. Leprechaun is by no means classic material, at most it’s a good ol’ fashioned drunken time waster -- much of how I feel about St. Patrick’s Day really, not really a true holiday, just an excuse to get inebriated. It was especially a holiday in college, now it’s more of watch a movie by yourself after you put the kids to bed and get drunk by yourself while they sleep day.

To fully appreciate
Leprechaun, and enjoy it more, I would definitely recommend at least a couple of wobbly pops. I found myself bored with it until I cracked my 2nd beer and upon my 3rd I found it entertaining and humorous. Props must be given to director Mark Jones, who by looking at his filmography, one would say met his "peak" with directing this movie and some of its numerous sequels, in what has become a cult horror/comedy franchise. Jones even tried his hand at making another horror fairy tale movie titled Rumpelstiltskin and has directed episodes of The A-Team. Our wee little murderous Leprechaun -- played in sadistic glee by Warwick Davis -- has entered such frontiers as space and "da hood." Davis was said to have wanted this role as a bad guy after coming off a career drought, with a lead role in Willow as "the good guy." It’s without a doubt, that the Leprechaun franchise would have never even been conceived or enjoyed as much without Davis in the lead role. He carries the movies, and every scene without him is lacking severely because the cast cannot carry the film.

I would call
Leprechaun an example of pure nineties cheese and also a movie I'm sure Jennifer Anniston would like to erase from her resume. Anniston is looking very young, hot and fresh in this role with her L.A. Gear high tops and flower embedded jean shorts. It’s her film debut; a role which was said she had to fight for. On the grand scale of things, when we get into the meat of the movie, it really turns out to be a standard cliché slasher film affair. We get all the predictable things occurring and our cliché cast reacting in “been there, done that” fashion. The car won't start, the phone is disconnected, they keep shooting the Leprechaun, he never dies, they keep checking to see if he's dead after they shoot him, he's never dead, etcetera. There is some mild gore, Davis owns the role and has a couple of shining moments. This is definitely not a movie I'd show to kids. That little bastard is creepy looking and could haunt a little child's dreams.

It’s ‘90s camp horror and Davis manages a couple of good chuckles. In one scene where he's looking for his pot of gold in the cupboards of a cabin, we see that box of particular cereal we all know with the Leprechaun, but sporting the name Lucky Clovers. Davis's character gulps down a handful and spits it all out in disgust. The Leprechaun in the movie's weakness is clovers, or could the filmmakers just be taking a shot at the actual cereal Lucky Charms, either way it’s amusing. It’s said that director Mark Jones’ inspiration for
Leprechaun came from the cereal Lucky Charms! Davis has lots of dry one-liners; in another scene he gets his hand burned onto a stove damper, pry's it off with a spatula and exclaims it, "we're cooking now kids!"

The plot of
Leprechaun sees an Irishman named Daniel O' Grady returning to his wife and farm in North Dakota, after taking a trip to the homeland. O'Grady, being a bit of a dimwit, has stolen an actual Leprechaun's pot of gold and tells his wife they are rich, as he pulls up to their modest home in a limo. Unbeknownst to O'Grady, the Leprechaun has followed him home and wants his pot of gold back. O'Grady entombs the Leprechaun in a crate by placing a four leaf clover on top, which supposedly the little monsters only weakness, are you following me!? This is great material, hahahaha. Years later a couple of city slickers (Jennifer Anniston and her dad) decide to rent, and for some reason, fix up that same house. Eventually, they unknowingly set the Leprechaun free by the help of a dimwitted painter named Ozzie (actor Mark Holton who you'll recognize from bit parts in numerous movies such as A League of their Own and TV shows such as Webster) who was hired to help paint the cottage. Anniston is a city girl. She wants nothing to do with the place, until she meets heartthrob Nathan who owns the painting business and his little brother Alex, who is friends with Ozzy. Eventually, the group all become friends and are terrorized by the Leprechaun. Ozzie and Alex find the bag of gold hidden in an old car wreck, with the help of a trusty rainbow that just appears out of nowhere on a beautiful sunny day!

Leprechaun is a good movie for St. Patrick’s Day because the beer will help you sit through it. Once it gets up and running it’s mildly entertaining, but I can remember my first time watching it in the mid-nineties and finding it quite terrifying -- becoming desensitized and jaded with age is a wonderful thing, let me tell you.



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