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Written by Chris Mayo   
Saturday, 12 January 2008

 "Live Feed" Poster - Severed Cinema

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Directed by: Ryan Nicholson
Written by: Roy Nicholson, Ryan Nicholson
Produced by: Ryan Nicholson
Cinematography by: Sasha Popove
Editing by: Vince D'Amato
Special Effects by: Flesh & Fantasy Inc.
Music by: Patrick Coble
Cast: Kevan Ohtsji, Taayla Markell, Stephen M.D. Chang, Colin Foo, Greg Chan, Rob Scattergood, Lee Tichon, Caroline Chojnacki, Ashley Schappert
Year: 2006
Country: Canada
Language: Cantonese, English
Color: Color
Runtime: 82 minutes

Distributor: Plot Digger Films
Official Website:

"I told them I found a cesspool crawling with rats... and you... are the biggest one!"

What makes Vancouver based Plot Digger Films a unique step above other independent production companies is the collaborative efforts of father/son duo Roy and Ryan Nicholson.  For roughly a decade Ryan (son) created make-up effects for a number of television and film productions (“Final Destination”, ”Dreamcatcher”), so it was only a matter of time before he branched into his own realm of cinema.  “Torched”, Ryan Nicholson’s first directorial assault, explored the rape/revenge subgenre, and while not officially released yet, has been garnering immense praise amongst online communities.  Most recently the father/son team is about to unleash their first feature length collaborative effort entitled “Live Feed”, and there’s no turning back.

Live Feed” is an exercise in unrestraint.  With the advent and popularity of “Saw”, torture has moved to the forefront of Hollywood horror. Hollywood may not like to recognize extremities like “Murder-Set-Pieces”, but the aberrance in horror cinema is ever creeping forward.  Most recently with films “Wolf Creek”, “The Devil’s Rejects” and especially “Hostel”, audiences have been welcoming anguish and sadism into their horror films.  Of course these are still mainstream movies; they are still noncommittal in their execution.  The trailers for “Hostel” posed the film as an all-out affliction, but instead skirted around the themes it had been based upon.  “Kinda sorta” just doesn’t cut.  It is unbelievably refreshing that fans need not solely place their horror entertainment in the clutches of Hollywood.  “Live Feed” is a snake shoved down the throat of the so-called horror film.

The Nicholson’s take us on an oriental journey with five Western friends vacationing in a Chinese city.  When one of them tactlessly causes trouble in a local “karaoke bar” (strip club), the group find themselves narrowly evading trouble from the Triad mafia, but only for a short while.  This brings them to a seedy porno theatre where the group decides to rent a room for an evening of consensual sex and blow.  What they don’t realize is that their friend’s thoughtlessness will affect each of their lives, in an all-out struggle to survive the night.  They find themselves caught amidst a slaughterhouse ran by a mad hulking butcher called The Giant!  The strife persists and the friends are eliminated one by one, to be converted into deep-fried Triad cuisine.

Live Feed” is a refreshing incursion into the world of horror.  The combination of sadism, Asian Mafioso’s, and “white dickey roll” cannibalism gives the viewer a fresh ordeal unseen since perhaps “The Untold Story”.  As mentioned prior, torture sequences are something the middling viewer has grown increasingly accustomed to, but unlike “Hostel” (which this film will inevitably be compared to) “Live Feed” explores the carnage.  For instance, take a snake, a tube, a blubbering young lass, and a staple gun and that’s a torture sequence.

The cruelty has been covered, and that alone could save a fledgling film, but “Live Feed” is in a category of its own.  The acting is realistic, with a slew of interesting and unique characters (a favorite being the puppy-slicing butcher).  The cinematography is top notch, never once showing any digital limitations.  From the films commencement we are subjected to a stunning crane shot of a busy Chinese market, not to mention a greatly appreciated stripper sequence.  Even the use of traditional Chinese music united with engrossing electro-beats makes for one of the best independent scores for a horror film.

With “Live Feed”, Plot Digger Films have snuffed out the accumulation of independent horror cinema and severed their own path.  Let’s hope that films of this breed continue to uphold a new way of extreme horror quality.  With any luck this will cause vapid horror filmmakers to dissipate, or force them to wake-the-fuck-up and make good old-fashioned old-school unwholesome entertainment.

This film has just recently been acquired for worldwide distribution from Artist View Entertainment and MTI Home Video, complete with a making-of, deleted scenes, commentaries and more in the works.  You won’t be vacationing this summer.  “Live Feed” will have gorehounds craving deep-fried fleshy delights, while battling the urge to bind your girlfriend in anticipation.

"Live Feed" - Sarah Poster - Severed Cinema   "Live Feed" - Miles Poster - Severed Cinema

"Live Feed" - Mike Poster - Severed Cinema   "Live Feed" - Linda Poster - Severed Cinema

"Live Feed" - Emily Poster - Severed Cinema   "Live Feed" - Darren Poster - Severed Cinema

Live Feed - "The Giant"

Live Feed - "Chinese Night Market"

Live Feed - "The Butcher"

Live Feed - "Emily and Miles"

Live Feed - "Gratuitous Seminal Beaver Shot"

Live Feed - "Porno Shitter"

Live Feed - "Closed-Circuit Television Bitch!"

Live Feed - "I told them I found a cesspool crawling with rats..."

Live Feed - "Pork"

Live Feed - "Pork Two"

Live Feed - "Rancid"

Live Feed - "Too Quick"

Live Feed - "Even hardcore horror has nipple slips!"

Live Feed - "Oh My God!"

Live Feed - "You Can't Escape The Butcher"

Live Feed - "Shut the Fuck Up!"

Live Feed - "Unleash the Lizard"

Live Feed - "Nipple Stabbage"

Live Feed - "Incredible Melting Man"

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