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Carrie is Coming... Again in 2013 Print E-mail
Written by Jay Creepy   
Wednesday, 26 September 2012

 Carie 2013 on Severed Cinema

Jay Creepy is back again and this time Iím reporting on the "Carrie" remake.  It seems that Bloody Disgusting has gathered a good few pics for the upcoming Carrie remake which is due spring next year.  The question remains whether this will be a good idea altogether.  Remaking Stephen King films really falls flat, especially if the creators are attempting an early one.  "Salemís Lot" and "The Shining" are two which really jump out as being ridiculous when placed against the originals.  Oh sure, Mr. King loved the mini series "The Shining" which followed the book more carefullyÖ but it had no scares and was just weak!  Rutger Hauer tried his best as Mr. Barlow in the former remake, but weíre used to a snarling animal which has large teeth and has a human manager.

"Carrie" itself has actually been remade as a TV movie (incidently this embarrassing creature had Carrie survive at the end and was supposed to have become a TV series.  Um, yes indeed.  Letís not forget the sequel set 20-years after the original but shouldnít really count because there were no characters called Carrie in it; the telepath this time was called Rachel and she lived in the same town as Carrie.

With a line of destruction like that itís got to be a strong contender for best remake of the millennium since itís going to build itself around one of those films which is loved by many a generation of horror fanatics.

The director Kimberly Peirce has been around for nearly two decades and done nothing at all apart from maybe an episode on "The L Word" and "Stop Loss."  Oh and a few documentaries it seems.  Ok.  The writer who is adapting the Stevie King paperback is Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who has also written "Glee," oh and produced a lot of it's episodes.  Right.  Julianne Moore is on board as Carrieís religious cutlery holder mother.  Thatís cool so sheís a veteran and will command a good presence.  Whatís making me interested in the film is Carrie herself.  The part is to be played by ChloŽ Grace Moretz, the young lady who is making a name for herself in various genres with characters such as Hit-Girl in "Kick-Ass," Carolyn in Burtonís "Dark Shadows," and my personal favourite remake Abby in "Let Me In."  This kid has the acting skills of a woman far older than herself and I personally hope she doesnít crack under pressure and become a new Drew Barrymore.  To be fair, she even pulled the first "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" to new heights and she only had a small role as Angie (What?  I have two lads who have read every book in the series so itís my duty to watch films like that!  Iíve even watched the Fred stuff with them and Horrid Henry!)

Unfortunately aside from Carrie and her mom itís a real teeth grinder to see the other characters given to bland looking actors who havenít even stepped into a horror tale before.  From the looks of Bloody Disgusting, AceShowBiz, and various other sites, the film is going to be almost a scene by scene remake so will hold no surprises for anyone familiar with the Brian De Palma shocker, unless the end has been changed (which is very likely since thatís the standard ace card the remake machines churn out in most films these days.)

I can say that the posters look interesting and almost old school in design. Would it be too much to hope that the film will hold such pleasures?  Yeah, weíll see soon enough.

Carie 2013 on Severed Cinema

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