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The Allure of ReGOREgitation: A Severed Cinema Interview with Filmmaker Lucifer Valentine Print E-mail
Written by Richard Taylor   
Wednesday, 08 March 2017

The Allure of ReGOREgitation: A Severed Cinema Interview with Filmmaker Lucifer Valentine The Allure of ReGOREgitation: A Severed Cinema Interview with Filmmaker Lucifer Valentine 

Love or hate his movies, Lucifer Valentine's body of work stands out from the pack. His uncompromising vision of sadistic vomit play is talented yet tasteless and jaw-dropping. He is one of the most ominous and unique filmmakers in the underground horror scene today. Lucifer Valentine continues to make an impact with a massive fan base, with some of the most extreme and unforgettable images put on film. He is dedicated and loyal to his craft and fans, and continues to push the envelope -- or just vomit all over it. In this interview we get an in depth look into the filmmaker and what makes him tick. This is The Allure of ReGOREgitation.


What made you get into the whole vomit fetish movie idea? I know a lot of hardcore porn films keep pushing the boundaries with extreme choking, slapping and fingers/hands getting shoved down throats as a means to turn on a new twisted generation of watchers. Is this what inspired you? To come up with this idea as a means to cross elements of fetish porn and gore?

 Well, a long time ago, right before I traveled to Canada for the first time and met Ameara Lavey, friends had shown me a marathon of unedited European puke-fucking videos while I was traveling around Europe, and I had never seen anything vomit fetish-related prior to that, and that experience is what initially triggered a vomit fetish within me. I was instantly attracted to the gagging, retching sounds of girls puking, and the uncontrollable ferocious convulsions of hot naked girls, which I thought was so very strange and fascinating to me as they looked inhuman in those moments as a guttural, primitive, violent force possessed their bodies and brought forth this grotesque profusion from within them. This was a sexual turn on for me visually on the surface, but, simultaneously, I was just as much turned on by puke-fucking, mentally and emotionally, which, to me, is much more of a basis for this or any fetish. What I liked most about seeing these puking girls in the extreme porn films was experiencing and trying to understand their personal stories as to why or how they got there, in a room doing a puke-fucking movie, and that I honestly cared about them without even really knowing them personally, I felt weirdly connected to them in that I too obviously like extreme, nasty, repulsive movies and fetishes, but on a much deeper level the purpose of doing and seeing these kinds of things, for me, is to get an actual understanding of what these kinds of very dark circumstances truly are -- what are the very strange, causal, coincidental, fateful and paradoxical things that, for example, would bring me, Ameara LaVey and Hank Skinny all into a room together drinking a few beers and filming Slaughtered Vomit Dolls. Meaning, in an overall sense, I was physically attracted to the vomit itself as a fetish object, sure, but more importantly, I instantly had an emotional and psychological connection to the girls in the vomit porn, which, in turn, as I knew a lot of strippers, prostitutes and porn actresses in my real life, became vomit gore.

You have obviously found great success with your vomit gore trilogy and Regoregitated Sacrifice is probably one of the most extreme pieces of sick splatter on film today. I know when A Perfect Child Of Satan was up for pre-order on the label Black Lava Entertainment, the influx of people trying to pre-order it crashed the site. Something like over 70,000 hits on the site? How do you feel about this?

 Haha, wow thank you! Yes it's quite amazing, over the years the Vomit Gore Trilogy and my other movies have found a wonderful, very dedicated and loyal strong fan base and I am so very thankful for this. I canít remember if it was for the online pre-order event for VG4 or A Perfect Child of Satan, but I was sent the actual final tallied numbers of website hits by the site technician and it was over 250,000 website hits, so (laughs) obviously I understand why the site crashed numerous times as it tried to link to the ďadd to cartĒ function and to the payment processor, that happens. I think it's just beautiful and amazing for my ultra obscure, extreme underground films to get that kind of response, which is a testament to how great and loyal my fans are, and it really means a lot to me personally as an artist to have that kind of support, and I will always be thankful to each and every fan who stays up late or takes time away from work to wait and participate in the online pre-order event of my movies. It's really exciting and fun and I like staying online to chat with people as its happening.

I know you try to keep a low profile due to the content of your movies just in case you ever wanted to write a children's series or something in the future. Have your parents or family ever seen any of these movies or have you told them what you do?

The main reason why I keep a low profile is because since 2006 I have received, at this point, countless threats online -- I have received death threats, been stalked online and in person, blackmailed, been subject to innumerable counts of verbal abuse, slander and harassment of all kinds, received threatening phone calls etcetera. I could go on about that but I think you get the point. In fact, from 2006 through 2007 I received threats and harassment online every single day for over a year straight.

How do you go about a casting call for your films? Do you just put out ads and clearly explain to these girls what they are in for, or do you have women who are excited to be working with you and will do anything you ask of them? I know in the behind the scenes features In A Perfect Child Of Satan, Chelsea Chainsaw was honored to have the opportunity to work with you and things were clearly explained as to what was going to happen to her. I enjoyed when she re-watched the film some time later. At least she didn't denounce it.

Most of the time, the girls in my films are close friends -- or friends of friends -- of mine who understand me and my artwork and want to help support me as an artist and most of the time simply ask me if they can be in one of my movies. Other times, as was the case with Hope Likens from Slow Torture Puke Chamber and Chelsea Chainsaw from A Perfect Child of Satan, the girl will be a fan of my movies and contact me online, usually through social media, asking to be in one of my movies, so, we begin to chat and become friends that way and take it from there.

When the girls are talking about themselves in the films, about their broken lives and misfortune, are they following a script or is a lot of the dialogue ad-lib? Are these girls broken in real life as in strippers and prostitutes or are they just aspiring actresses hoping to break out in an arthouse horror scene or hoping that drinking their own piss will get them more acting jobs? Do you have to coax them to perform specific extreme acts?

 Well, I donít write scripts. Sometimes it's necessary to scribble a few notes of certain important phrases or ideas of dialogue so I donít forget while shooting, and I will occasionally have a few notes with me on set while shooting. When there is a definite specific monologue that I have written, such as Amearaís now infamous Pact with the Devil scene, I may use a cue card placed in the room so she or I donít forget the words. More often than not, however, even if I do have a few basic notes written down, I donít really want to know specifically what the girl is going to say as far as dialogue is concerned -- we have usually spoken at length beforehand leading up to the shoot or during the night of the shoot about the kinds of things we want to try to capture and bring about artistically from within her and why, and so we simply follow the flow of energy as it happens spontaneously. Many of my friends who appear in my movies have real life experiences with many of the themes explored in my movies such as bulimia, being a stripper, a runaway, performing in porn movies, being a submissive slave to a master, being a Satanist, etcetera, as that is how we initially connect, become friends and end up wanting to collaborate together on a film. My movies are the documentation of an actual true friendship between me and my girls and our stylization -- and often grotesquely over the top amplification -- of the themes of the character of Angela. And in the context of our deep authentic artistic exploration together, drinking piss or vomiting or any other consensual extreme act is no big deal whatsoever and simply something fun to do with someone you trust on a Saturday night.

Do you get personal satisfaction filming the movies, especially involving the violation of the girls such as choking and slapping them, or in Slow Torture Puke Chamber when you urinate in Angela Aberdeen's mouth? Do the girls feed off of it in turn giving you the motivation to keep the extreme scenarios going?

Well, I am a Dom in real life, so, as you may know, in the context of the BDSM community, Dom stands for ďdominant partnerĒ or can mean the role of ďdomination master,Ē sometimes called a ďtopĒ etcetera. In my case, as a Dom I have consensual submissive female slaves in my private life. These master/slave relationships can be romantic and very deeply involved and/or can be with just good friends and more fun-based as we explore certain fetishes, and some of these submissives have been in my movies. There is no actual ďviolationĒ of any girl in my movies, as they are my friends that I love and care for, they have been given a safe word to be used at any time to immediately stop filming the scenario or to take a break, and we both have agreed, under paid contract, to participate in an artistic conceptual fictional depiction of role playing scenarios in regards to BDSM. (Laughs) But, yes, in the context of the themes of my movies, with the depiction of the epic narrative of the archetypal character of Angela Aberdeen as the ďlost girl,Ē meaning the teenage runaway girl who ends up on the streets addicted to drugs and alcohol and turns to stripping, prostitution and the porn business, I can say to your question that I get a great deal of artistic satisfaction from a true and darkly beautiful portrayal of these themes, and I get satisfaction from properly fulfilling the role of a real BDSM master and a true friend. Specifically, in Slow Torture Puke Chamber, when I am pissing in Amearaís mouth, in an overall sense, I can honestly say I get a great deal of artistic satisfaction, as to me, there is a profound heartbreaking beauty taking place in this moments -- we are witnessing Angelaís painful, hellish destiny in life, and as a viewer her endless suffering creates a portal into her death world, allowing us to cross paths with her, for a little while, as we see her beautiful inner being emerge to withstand her tortured existence as she eternally comes face-to-face with her doomed fate.

Slaughtered Vomit Dolls recently had a 10 year anniversary. Tell me a little about that. It was also given a special edition release by Underground Gorecollectors Films, who do creative limited soft box releases of many underground films. When you went into making Slaughtered Vomit Dolls did you ever think it would become so successful and spawn a vomit gore series?

Yes for sure, I absolutely loved the Underground Gorellectors 10th Anniversary Clamshell Case DVD Limited Edition of Slaughtered Vomit Dolls, and I am so happy that it sold out so quickly! Thatís a really good question, well, I only really knew that I wanted to keep on filming Ameara LaVey for as long as I could since we were in love at the time and I instantly knew, from the second that I began filming her on Friday, December the 13th 2002, that she was just perfect on camera as she was so raw and such a brave and uninhibited performer -- I was instantly fascinated with her and still am to this day.

Your feature Black Metal Veins is another controversial film and you took a completely different root by filming a documentary of sorts. How did you meet and get the drug users to let you film them in their daily rituals of shooting up and snorting?

I initially met them online, and from out earliest conversations I knew that I would definitely be making a movie about this combination of Black Metal and junkies, and it was an incredible life changing experience. Right from the very first moment I walked in to Ravenís apartment on the first day of shooting, I absolutely knew this was going to be such an amazing cast of characters, as everyone would gather at her place every day to shoot up and smoke crack, and from there, one by one, their stories began to flow as we sat around and talked for countless hours. I met so many fascinating and wonderful people shooting Black Metal Veins.

How did you get into filmmaking in general? What inspired you? Did you watch a lot of extreme films yourself and want to make your own? Do you have an adult or pornography/BDSM/fetish background?

I just filmed my little sister, Cinderella, around the house constantly growing up and had a camera in my hand at all times as she performed for me as we were basically left alone for most of our childhood together, so we needed to find a way to amuse and entertain ourselves. Later on in life, as I went out on my own to travel, and explore the world, of course I brought my video camera along with me and one of the first countries I traveled to was Canada and I quickly met Ameara LaVey at various parties and social gatherings and we started dating and were inseparable and entered into a very intense master/slave relationship immediately. Ameara also fell quite ill around that time so I took her in to where I was staying and nursed her back to health, all the while, our master/slave relationship quickly progressed to the most extreme master/slave relationship there is 24/7 Total Power Exchange (aka TPE). In a TPE relationship, the slave will sign a contract detailing her total and complete submission of her life and will to her master, giving him total and complete control of any and all aspects of her life no matter what. So, with Ameara and I, it was very simple -- I would take care of her and nurse her back to health, as long as she allowed me to dominate and film her 24/7. From that premise came Slaughtered Vomit Dolls.

So where do you go from here? You have created an extreme, original and mind-bending series of movies breaking many boundaries and reaching new levels of depravity. After all this are their plans to travel further into the abyss?

(Laughs) Yes, most definitely. I will be making movies for the rest of my life. I have no idea what I will be doing next as I donít plan anything, but whenever I meet new and interesting people I almost always end up filming them and luckily I tend to meet a lot of great fascinating people al the time.

You use bodily fluids in your movies obviously such as urine and vomit but have you ever thought of getting more extreme with scat play?

I absolutely love scat and have done a lot of that kind of stuff in my private life, but you canít make and commercially distribute movies containing scat so I donít bother putting it in my movies. Iíd love to, but in reality its not worth the hassle.

Do you receive any obsessed fan mail and bizarre requests or offers from your fans? If so, what is the strangest thing a fan has ever presented to you or wanted to do for you?

Tons, literally everyday online. I canít even tell you the strangest or most extreme things fans or just obsessed people have asked me, but, in general, I get a lot of women asking to be dominated in very very extreme ways.

Do you attend any horror conventions and meet your fans face-to-face or do you strictly maintain your anonymous persona?

Iíve never been to a horror convention for privacy, and unfortunately for my personal safety as I mentioned I have had a lot of death threats and every other kind of threat imaginable (laughs) so I have to take it seriously.

In your later films you seem to have these descriptions in the introductions explaining things in your movies and the fact that the actors are of legal age, have signed contracts and are willing to commit particular acts on film. Did you have to start including more detailed descriptions like this because of trouble you were facing with the content in your movies?

Not from any actual trouble in particular, but I personally like to include more and more insight for viewers as to the various realities involved in shooting my movies. So legal disclaimers are a big part of that as they show important behind the scenes moments of me very frankly and openly discussing exactly what kinds of things will be happening with me and my performers right there on the actual night of a shoot and gives viewers an important view directly into the actual vibe, on set, of what itís really like to be involved with the filming of a Lucifer Valentine film.

Where do your ideas for your movies spawn from? Scenes such as the baby in the blender, the octopus being used in a scene, body parts being used as gagging tools for inducing vomiting and the use of glass panels, or see through glass tables to display vomit as a myriad display of art?

Almost everything Iíve ever filmed in my movies is either totally spontaneous and just happened on the spot and I was lucky enough to be sitting there with a rolling camera to film it, or, Iíll just have ideas come to me out of the blue on their own, and I just simply try to quickly scribble down a few notes to document these thoughts so I donít forget them as potential scenes I could film. I donít ever think of anything to film, as I donít use the human mind as a source for ideas as the human mind is nearly pure negativity and dysfunction (laughs), so I literally just sit there and do nothing and things come to me, I guess, because my energy as a Satanic spiritual being will draw to me people and circumstances that would make for a beautifully revolting, disgustingly haunting, savagely sexual, primitively ritualistic, nonsensically realistic surreal movie. Basically I have a couple of drinks and I have great gorgeous friends and something always comes to me so I just make sure my batteries for my camera are always charged.

 Even though the activities in the movies are consensual, do you ever feel a responsibility for promoting violence towards women with the content in the movies? Youíre intelligent -- I like to think I am -- but many aren't and would watch this like any other extreme product in music or movies and not have the mental capacity to comprehend fact from fiction.

Well thatís a great question. It's very important to me to always try my best to show viewers, largely though the use of extra features and behind the scenes footage, the actual super fun realities of shooting and being a female performer in a Lucifer Valentine film. All my performers have discussed with me, in detail, ahead of time, all things that we may do or use in the scenes we are filming together, whether they are extreme scenes or not, in order for the performer to fully understand the specifics and overall artistic perspective and approach to the movie they are performing in. As I mentioned before, all performers in extreme scenes, especially BDSM scenarios, are given a safe word to be used at their discretion to stop filming immediately for any reason. The reality is, almost all off my female performers in every single movie Iíve ever shot, have had plenty of previous experience in the kinds of things we have filmed together in my movies, oftentimes wanting to do way more extreme things than I have asked of them for my movies. I simply am in the role of a friend and confidant to them, and to keep them safe during filming, collaborating as we shape and guide this beautiful darkness to be woven into the gruesome tapestry of the infinite story of Angela Aberdeen.



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