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Mai-chan's Daily Life: The Movie - Midori Impuls Print E-mail
User Rating: / 4
Written by Richard Taylor   
Sunday, 26 June 2016

A.K.A.: Mai-chan no nichijô, Mai-chan no nichijô: Chiniku no yakata

Directed by: Sade Satô
Written by: Sade Satô, Waita Uziga (based on his manga Mai Chan)
Produced by: Zerai Naoi, Waita Uziga
Cinematography by: Sade Satô
Editing by: Sade Satô
Music by: Yuqwe
Special Effects: Zerai Naoi
Cast: An Koshi, Miyako Akane, Shogo Maruyama, Soaco Roman
Year: 2014
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese (English subtitles)
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 3min

Studio: Fetish, Uziga Works
Distributor: Midori Impuls

Waita Uziga created a manga titled Mai-chan and within its contents lie a virtual anime gallery of ultimate perversions, pleasures, gore and beautiful lacy frilled maids. Sade Satô has brought the vision to life in this screen adaptation, Mai-chan’s Daily Life: The Movie and he has brought forth such a perverted creative force one can't help but to watch in awe with sadistic pleasure. Not being entirely familiar with the anime series, I have read reactions from people more informed than me in shock, that they were turning such an over-the-top series into a movie. Personally, I found the film to be effective in every endeavour. My only complaint would be the lack of sex and nudity, especially with such alluring ladies at the helm, but I understand this is not a porn video.

An Koshi is the beautiful milky skinned Mai-chan and she is the epitome of beauty. Her newly hired protégé Miyako, played by Miyako Akane, is even more beautiful if this is humanly possible. There is a fetish or bdsm theme in here as Mai-chan seems to be the target of amusement by her Master of the house, played by Shogo Maruyama and the head servant Kaede, played by Soaco Roman. We get lots of rear-view white panty shots between the legs of the girls, some urination and a bunch of juicy gory violence, especially that conclusion and what a hum dinger it is!

Upon first viewing the movie, I thought Miyako was the main character as she is the focus at the beginning of the film. Miyako is looking for a job online and discovers a house maid position which she applies for. After a couple of bizarre interviews, including a nude examination, she is cleared and ready for work. I found it humorous how understanding the employer was with Miyako and urging her to let them know if the interview times they had picked were convenient, as if they were hiring for a clean cut professional job and not the actual perverted servitude that lies ahead. Miyako soon learns what she got herself into, but not by the mild humiliation she has to face, but by the physically violent punishments her mentor Mai-chan endures in the house. Soon Miyako discovers Mai-chan's secret and is more turned on with the idea than the sadistic house master and head maid combined. This was a twist that changes the tone of the movie completely.

The climax of Mai-chan’s Daily Life has Mai-chan experiencing her most advanced torture and mutilation yet and the rate that her torturers get off on it is exhilarating, arousing and so deviant and sick it’s exhausting. It’s probably one of the most harrowing scenes put together in recent memory. Here's to hoping we get another instalment in the Mai-chan saga and one just as disturbing in the transcendence of human like immortal suffering. Many thanks to Oliver Georg from the German label Midori Implus for giving me the opportunity to check out this masterpiece of anime translated gore. Mai-chan will soon be released in a limited mediabook edition which should be purchased by fans of unadulterated gore and perversion. You can find Midori Implus on Facebook and their official website. Or contact Oliver Georg on Facebook for info.










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