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User Rating: / 4
Written by Richard Taylor   
Sunday, 18 September 2016
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Directed by: James Bell
Written by: James Bell
Produced by: James Bell
Cinematography by: James Bell
Editing by: James Bell
Special Effects by: James Bell
Music: David Harroff
Cast: Amanda Bell, James Bell, Tyler Bell
Year: 2014
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 24min

Studio: Very Fine Crap Videos

After James Bellís debut, the controversial Dog Dick, a.k.a. The White Trash Holocaust, he has completely changed directions with this sophomore short. Dog Dick was a rough misogynistic foray into reality filmmaking. It played out as more of a documentary style footage film which reminded me a bit of what Harmony Korrine did with Gummo but more extreme and all real. Dog Dick is a film not to be forgotten, a highly disturbing, unintentionally funny diatribe of underground movie mayhem.

This time, Bell takes the lead role with Manuer and continues to star in all his future movies after this. Manuer also has Bell's real life wife, Amanda Bell, in it along with his son Tyler. Bell has told me that he does not post anything online about his son to avoid dickheads from bothering him, and rightfully so, I commend him for that. The man has carved his own niche for making highly distinguishable underground movies and continues to add more twisted notches to his belt.

Manuer tells the feces encrusted tale of Bell who plays a drunk homeless guy whose pass times include drinking, more drinking and more drinking with the occasional dry heaving/hacking session, followed by a vomiting frenzy. When he's not dumpster diving or breaking into sheds and stealing lawnmowers, he's usually drinking (including in front of a church), puking and passing out. One day while out rummaging, he comes across a bottle clearly titled fertilizer. In desperate need of a drink, he downs some of it and to his amazement, it gives him the gloriously violent shits. Even more amazing is when he discovers that the vicious brown diarrhea leaves behind beautiful patches of flowers! Bell has become a human landscaping magician and takes his show on the road to make some money so he can drink more and be happy. He comes across a house with a woman and her son (Amanda and Tyler Bell) and does some landscaping work for them. Besides mowing the lawn, he whips down his pants and trots out bloody brown liquid shit everywhere, including on the womanís son (a cool scene which I won't ruin here) while saying "Now itís time to get some real work done! Wanna watch me work boy!?"

Manuer is a fun short. I laughed at Bell's performance as a homeless derelict -- he looked and sounded the part perfectly. Bellís style is effective as well. We get some nifty camera work, including a quick first person view from the toilet can as Bellís ass dangles above dropping a turd. There are crazier gross-out poop effects, and the conclusion sequence is very inventive and well done for this level of production. It comes across to me as a homage to the cult splatter classic Street Trash. The cover art by Jeff Sample for Manuer is also very cool with the flower growing out of the turd and the Metallica-esque logo. The old school picture in picture scenes are great with the two different camera angles going on. The dialogue is funny as two dogs are fucking and the music by David Harroff melds everything together well to make one gourmet shit sandwich.




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