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Mangue Negro (Mud Zombies) - Fabulas Negras Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Wednesday, 18 January 2017
Review of Mangue Negro (Mud Zombies) from Fabulas Negras on Severed Cinema

AKA: Mud Zombies, Brain Dead Zombies

Directed by: Rodrigo Aragão
Written by: Rodrigo Aragão
Produced by: Rodrigo Aragão
Cinematography by Rodrigo Aragão
Editing by: Rodrigo Aragão
Special Effects by: Rodrigo Aragão
Cast: Walderrama Dos Santos, Markus Konka, Kika Oliveira, Andre Lobo
Year: 2008
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese (English Subtitles)
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 45min

Studio: Fabulas Negras

Mangue Negro (Mud Zombies) is Brazilian filmmaker Rodrigo Aragão's early work before he got swept up into Mar Negro (Dark Sea) (review here). Dark Sea was a more ambitious project with some of the similar cast, more characters and effects but Mangue Negro has an original charm all its own and is a more than capable introduction to the great work of Aragão and how the Brazilian madman movie maker's mind works.

Mangue Negro focuses on a small poor community in a mangrove which was a means for a nearby village to survive. Different fish, crabs and eels were fished as a source of income and survival for the inhabitants in the area. Things have gone bad in the mangrove at an alarmingly quick rate as the dead have risen and are now praying on anyone in the area.

We are introduced to a few characters such as Luis (Walderrama Dos Santos), who also played in Dark Sea, Raquel (Kika Oliveira), another Dark Sea cast member, and Agenor (Markus Konka), and you guessed it, he was also in Dark Sea. Raquel's brother has gone missing but he has actually been attacked by a mud zombie and is at Luis's residence. Raquel’s brother dies and comes back to life as a savage zombie and Luis has to dispose of him. Raquel shows up, blames Luis for killing her brother, until Luis tries to explain, but not before a whole herd of zombies appear causing the couple to flee for their lives. It becomes a wild journey of survival as the couple fight their way to Mrs. Benedita's house, a withered and deformed but sweet old lady who assists them. Luis also meets up with wise fisherman Agenor (Markus Konka) who also helps Luis on his journey.

Mud Zombies may not be the most original story or material but it is offbeat and quirky enough in its camera work, effects and sheer energy to make up for its shortcomings. The runtime can seem long and dragged out in places, and could definitely be shortened to keep things flowing to keep the story moving at a steadier pace. I enjoyed all the characters in Mud Zombies and this is another plus that the movie has going for it, each character is unique and charming in their own way. The make-up and effects work is outstanding once again. I wouldn't say the movie is a total gorefest but there are definite high points of outstanding and splashy gore. The zombie make-up is awesome, they are definitely original looking to this particular movie. Mud Zombies’ overall style makes it an enjoyable watch. It’s another different spin on the zombie genre and it works well.

Obviously a low budget production and shot in a poor area with local actors, Mud Zombies reflects the culture, and charm of its region and this makes it shine in a brilliant way. I commend Rodrigo Aragão for putting together a project with such passion, vigor and even incorporating humor into the mix. The effects work is high quality and there are some very memorable gore moments which awash the screen with carnage. I love the way the film changes to this crazy grey and blue visual color scheme with particular scenes as our characters are being chased throughout the mangrove. Avoid comparisons, arrive with an open mind and expect a different kind of horror experience which boasts humor, gore and style.





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