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Massacre Up North - Shivers Entertainment - DVD Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Directed by: Paul Stoichevski
Written by: Paul Stoichevski
Produced by: Paul Stoichevski
Cinematography by: Geoff Bland
Editing by: James Weisbrod
Special Effects by: Iantha Goldberg, Ty Batterham, Andrew Parker
Cast: Paul Stoichevski, Lorn Eisen, Kieran Hart, Labe Kagan
Year: 2001
Country: Canada
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 40min

Distributor: Shivers Entertainment

The good folks at Shivers Entertainment have given us this obscure shot on video exercise in Canuck madness a new lease on life. Massacre Up North was filmed in the 90s and originally released in 2001, but it was plagued with problems, as you'll read in the enclosed booklet included with the DVD. The transfer of the film is relatively dated as its so obscure. I'm pretty sure its lifted from a VHS due to the quality. You can purchase the release from Shivers Entertainment in a cool red keep case edition which includes a mini poster. The DVD also features an introduction from director Paul Stoichevski, who shares a little insight into the bad luck that occurred while filming Massacre Up North, such as losing his lead actor and having to take the reins himself to fill the role.

Being Canadian myself, its always nice to stumble upon some new material you've never discovered before, so I was understandably excited about this release. Massacre Up North is definitely in the vein of other SOV schlock fests and possesses that so-bad-its-good quality. Stoichevski himself plays the killer named Leslie and if the guy had any more conviction, he would be dead. I can only akin his performance to a lifeless/emotionless corpse. When he's excited his performance could be compared to that of a stiff librarian who just received a new shipment of books and can't contain themselves -- its that convincing! This is the first movie I've seen where the killer seems relatively chill throughout. All joking aside, Stoichevski has achieved a hidden Canadian campy shot on video gem which deserves more recognition.

The story has a family out camping, including Leslie and his brother Patrick (later played by Lorn Eisen as an adult). Leslie's parents, especially his dad, deliver the best lines -- especially about his passion for camping and the way in which he delivers his lines in such a fashion as "and build a great big barbecue meal!!!!" Shit turns sour when Leslie's dad tries to get the camp fire going higher by pouring a bottle of igniter fluid on it, thus in turn he accidentally launches a meat kabob in the air into a nearby tent where Leslie and his brother are playing. For some reason (unbeknownst to me) they can't get Leslie out of the tent and let him sizzle instead. Leslie is understandably pissed and starts his murderous rampage with dear old Dad and Mom first on the list. If this plot intro hasn't given you an idea in which how ludicrous the movie is, then you'd better tune out at this point.

Massacre Up North is filled with simulated sex, nudity, some gore and over-the-top acting galore. The trailer is a bit misleading and makes it look like a nonstop gorefest, as the title suggests a massacre. I thought it would be along the lines of a German splatter film, especially when Stoichevski's character has a degree in medieval studies and dons knights armor whilst dispatching some of his victims -- something I thought was a nice touch. The killing is kept sporadic with different scenes laid out in the movie but no real massacre scene per say. We have token characters, like bumbling cops trying to get the killer. We get some good gore effects, including a cool spear impaling, nail gun shooting, bolt cutters to the nuts, a well done close up head drilling scene, stabbings, slashings and an acid burning sequence.

The epitome 90s era scene is in the intro, where a guy and a girl are bumping uglies before they are dispatched by the killer in what seems to be a Suzuki Sidekick or Geo Tracker -- a car which was sort of like a little SUV/convertible where the back top of the car came down. There are giant cell phones, 90s clothing, hair and music. The final showdown between Leslie and the RCMP is a great scene including some off the wall stuff like a hot tar scalding and our killer taking a few minutes to head bang to prove he's more metal than you! If you dig SOV flicks, bouncing titties, gore and just all around B-movie fun then Massacre Up North is for you. Special thanks to Shivers Entertainment for hooking me up with this release. You can order a copy by visiting their official website or from Amazon. Check out the other Canadian titles they have available as well.





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 Aspect Ratio: 1:33.1
 Region: NTSC R0
 Audio: Dolby Digital Mono

  Collectible booklet with liner notes
  Director's Introduction
  Director Promo Reel
  Photo Gallery

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