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Matthew Saliba's Vampyros Lebsos Print E-mail
User Rating: / 19
Written by Chris Mayo   
Sunday, 01 June 2008

Directed by: Matthew Saliba
Written by: Matthew Saliba
Produced by: Matthew Saliba, Mario Carangi
Cinematography by: Mario Carangi
Editing by: Martin Gauthier
Special Effects by: Eric Thivierge
Cast: Kayden Rose, Kitty Daly, Matthew Saliba, Isabelle Stephen, Denis Coupal
Year: 2008
Country: Canada
Language: N/A
Color: Color
Runtime: 20 minutes

Studio: Sinema Saliba
Official Myspace: Vampyros Lesbos

Following in the footprint of his last success, She Was Asking for It, Saliba sticks with the medium of still images bringing us another sado-erotic escapade. This time around, a homage to Jess Franco's 1971 cult classic Vampyros Lesbos.

Matthew Saliba's Vampyros Lesbos uses the characters and storyline of Franco's original as a basis for his own interpretation of the work. It is more of a homage than a typical remake. Similar to the Franco original, Omar (Matthew Saliba) and his significant other Linda (Isabelle Stephen) attend an erotic performance piece one night which results in the seduction of Linda by one of the performances leads, Countess Nadine (Kitty Daly). Once entranced by the beautiful Countess, Linda is included in a vampirism ceremony in which she drinks the blood of Countess Nadine, fresh from her wrist, which turns her into a queen of the night. In the tradition of Saliba cinema, Omar finds himself caged, chained and forced into several acts of humiliating BDSM, after attempting to rescue Linda. When Omar finally escapes, he finds solace in Father Orloff (Denis Coupal), but has nothing on his mind but vengeance and revenge for those that have hurt him; including his former love. What follows is a sequence of mean-spirited carnage christened by a giant dildo-crucifix.

Matthew Saliba's Vampyros Lesbos takes some creative license, including the ending, which veers more in the direction of She Was Asking for It , than Franco's version. Saliba's Father Orloff character is another example and quite possibly a tribute to another Franco character. As with his previous film this also utilizes the still images medium to its full potential with its combination of music and stills. The final redemption sequence works perfectly accompanied by “You Fail Me” by Converge. The photography in Matthew Saliba's Vampyros Lesbos is absolutely stunning and kudos must go to Mario Carangi for such lascivious imagery. The abundance of vixens au naturel, and the final moments of sheer brutality are sure to bring a twinkle to the eyes of any self-respecting cinemaphile. For this self professed Francophile, it's hard to admit but, Matthew Saliba's Vampyros Lesbos is better than the original. It would pair well as a double bill. Next to Pandora's Paradox, this comes as a close second and is highly recommended.


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dipu   | |2008-07-15 02:19:04
pls send me the film
Anonymous   | |2008-07-29 18:45:25
rarararar   | |2008-07-29 20:26:20
Anonymous   | |2009-01-04 03:56:15
Sorry, download the film???
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