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Written by Richard Taylor   
Thursday, 19 May 2016


Directed by: Matthew Garrett
Written by: Matthew Garrett
Produced by: Thomas R. Rondinella
Cinematography by: Jeff Powers, Daniel Watchulonis
Editing by: Daniel Brown, Apryl Lee, Arin Sang-Urai
Music by: David Kristian
Special Effects: Jeremy Selenfriend, Lawrence Warne
Cast: Darcy Miller, Marc D. Donovan, Christian Davidock, Albie Selznick, Maren Perry, Robert Peters, Peter Ganim, Alice Cannon, Pamela Stewart, Erik Frandsen
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 31min

Studio: Catfish Studios, Reluctant Pictures
Unearthed Films, Beneath the Underground Films

Director Matthew Garret delivers this bleak urban anthology of only the grimmest tales with Morris County. Three stories which surpass the horror genre into the scary territory of reality. True horror is life itself and how dark it can be; the everyday world and the things people can do to each other. All the monsters in Morris County are human and the scariest part is that some don't even realize they are, or realize what they are doing is wrong. This is a world where only the coldest survive and this movie displays that nicely.

There are three tales of unspeakable acts, which could be happening to you or anyone around you, maybe even someone who is a casual acquaintance. Thatís what makes Morris County so solid of a film; its ability to make you think about the underbelly, even when everything around you is so peaceful and serene. The teenager you pass by in the park, the lovely family you encounter in the grocery store or the sweet old lady at the bus stop.

The movie is broken down into subjects with the first one being Ellie, played by Darcy Miller. Ellie is on a destructive path. She has seemingly abandoned school, started smoking and drinking and doing other things unnatural to her normal character. She has a secret and her mother knows something is going on, but like most parents, hopes itís only a phase and that it will pass. The second subjects are The Family Rubin. The father Noah, played by Albie Selznick, his wife Rachel played by Maren Perry and their son Joshua played by Robbie Peters. They seem like a normal everyday Jewish family in church and abroad, but Noah and Rachel are anything but happy with their relationship to each other and their son is displaying early onset tendencies of a serial killer, by inflicting pain on animals. The third subjects are Iris and Elmer. Iris is retiring or seemingly forced into retiring against her own will. It seems like her job is all she has, her job and her husband Elmer, and once these things are out of her reach, she crosses the line of insanity while still trying to cope with her own existence.

All of the performances by the cast in Morris County are top notch and no nonsense. They don't miss a beat. The strong performances from the actors/actresses mixed with the direction and writing make Morris County a solid drama. All three stories are great, so much so that itís hard to pick my favorite. Each story has very strong emotions pushed upon the viewer and most of them are shock, depression, hopelessness, loss, grief and similar expressions in this trilogy of tragedy. Garrett has weaved together three poignant tales not to be missed. Pick up a copy of Morris County through Unearthed Films or check the Morris County Facebook page and message director Matthew Garrett.



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