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Beauty is the Beast: An Interview with Manoush Print E-mail
Written by Richard Taylor   
Thursday, 09 June 2016

 Beauty is the Beast: An Severed Cinema Interview with Manoush.

Having graced the screen in close to 50 movies, whether its stunts, music, acting, makeup, or producing, Manoush is an outspoken force to be reckoned with. If you follow her Facebook you know she is very grateful to her fans and has no qualms with speaking her mind freely on many topics. Having starred in a myriad of films especially some great classic splatter entries, Manoush has no signs of slowing down, collaborating with musicians and filmmakers a like. Being kind hearted but also savagely blunt, Manoush's beauty is the beast!

Let me start off by saying many thanks for giving myself and Severed Cinema the opportunity to "pick your brain" for the lack of better words with this interview. We are honored to feature you and we must give thanks to you as well for getting me in contact with Marian Dora to conduct probably one of the best interviews Severed Cinema has ever featured (besides this one of course.)

Give us a bit of your personal background. When I look you up on IMDb it says you were born into a gypsy family. Elaborate for us what this means.

 First of all, let me say thank you for having me. Well as for my ethnic background, yes I am of gypsy origin; well half, as my father was German-American and my mom is of Sinti gypsy origin. Gypsies are simply explained. We are nomad people with no home country who came to Europe about 800 years ago.

How did you get involved in the darker side of filmmaking, the European underground horror/gore scene? How did it all begin and at what age did you realize you wanted to be involved with these types of films?

I don't categorize like that really. To me, a movie is a movie no matter whether it's televison, cinema, mainstream or underground. In the nineties I was actually a singer and my film career started in 1997 when a filmmaker waited for me after a show and asked me if I wanted to be in a movie. I said yes and then the offers just kept coming. It was quite an unspectacular way of getting into movies. I always loved movies but never really thought about becoming an actress until it happened.

 You've got quite the extensive resume. Your body of work is vast and you have many talents from music, stunts, narration, acting, producing and everything in between. What would you say is your favorite job on a film? Is there anything you prefer and anything you dislike or have disliked working on a picture?

Oh it's acting. I love performing, although I think directing could be quite interesting too. Well and anything I dislike about filmmaking? Not really. If I ever came to dislike it I would just stop. Life is too short to do things you don't enjoy.

You have undergone and are currently undergoing different plastic surgery procedures and have decided to share this with your fans/friends on social media including the sometimes not so glamorous sides of operations. What has made you want to change your appearance?

It's not so much about changing my appearance, I'm just optimizing my face. When I find something about myself where I think it should be optimized, I just do it. For myself, not for others and not because of the job. I would never do plastic surgery to please others. Of course the aging part comes into play as well. I'm not 25 anymore and I simply don't like the concept of visual aging. And yes, I do post bloody pictures of myself or pictures where my face is swollen. That's what plastic surgery really is -- it has a rather painful and not very pretty side to it from the actual procedure to the healing process. But the results always please me. I'll always be work in progress -- it's a never ending story.

I haven't been able to watch all of your films, but I watched Necronos, La Petite Mort and Barricade recently as well as Dora's Cannibal in which you narrate and Philosophy of a Knife which you are also involved in. I'm also going to be checking out The Curse of Dr. Wolfenstein which I also understand you are involved. What has been your favorite movie to work on in your career thus far?

The simple answer to that question is that it's always the film I'm working on that is my favorite, until the next movie is being made.

 Timo Rose's Barricade is considered a splatter classic by many fans. What do you remember working on this film? You play the mother of the cannibal family. I understand the makeup work was very extensive.

Oh yes, Barricade truly became a splatter classic, especially in the USA and Canada which of course made us very happy. We were lucky with this film. We had a cool story, cool cast and crew and a lot of enthusiasm, so the result is a movie that I am still very happy about. Also, it was one of the movies that really opened doors for me in the US film industry back then. Ah, and the makeup and FX work. Yes it was extensive, especially the part where The Mother dies. Timo wanted the effect really memorable and gory so he put a lot of work into creating it. It was about 2 hours of FX makeup work for this rather short death scene. But look at the result, my death looks really cool.

What current projects are you working on, in both film and other?

Right now I am working on a movie project called Love Kills and another one called Gelosia. A Horror-comedy and a thriller. I'm also working on a horror-grotesque but I am not allowed to speak about that one yet. Also, besides film work I am into music again working with icons like Man Parrish and Steve Bronski (Bronski Beat). For now we have one new single out by Man Parrish & Steve Bronski feat. Manoush where I sang parts of the lyrics together with Steve, and more to come.

I was ordering a shirt on a site called Fast Custom Shirts in Texas and noticed a line of design shirts by Manoush. You certainly have your hand in many different endeavors. Explain any other consumer lines or products you have been involved in or created.

 Oh the shirts yes. Sometimes I feel like designing things and I was lucky enough to team up with Joe Garcia at Fast Customs Shirts who distributes my designs via his company. I just design things for fun, not frequently really.

Necronos by Mark Rohnstock was a very ambitious gore movie to end all gore movies and has garnered a cult following. You played a role as the which enlisted by the evil wizard Necronos to locate the chosen one. What are some memories of working on this film?

Yes that project I loved. The Rohnstocks are just fabulous guys and it is always wonderful to work with them. Unfortunately I got very ill with some kind of virus, one day after my arrival on set but I said I would do the movie nevertheless and I did. With a fever of over 38 Celsius, and the movie was really really worth it.

You are very well connected in the European horror world with friends like Marian Dora. Who are some of your best filmmaking friends? Who do you hold dear and who would you rather not even be bothered with?

Photo of Marian Dora and Manoush on Severed Cinema.Marian, yes! I've known him for over 10 years now and we love to discuss film and philosophy; last but not least although our views on filmmaking are very different really. And friends? Well for me friendship does not depend on the film industry. I'd never make friends with a person just because he or she works in the industry. I haven't met anyone in the film industry yet that I would rather not be bothered with. People that make me sick or people that I despise are more on the political side, like German chancellor Merkel who is a lying ass bitch with no respect for democracy to me. I wouldn't piss on that one if she was on fire. Spineless people and liars make me sick.

What has been your best experience working on a film, your worst? What role do you hold very close to your heart, the one you are the most proud of and what one do you wish you never even bothered with?

I never had such a thing as a ''worst experience'' in filmmaking really. Maybe I just got lucky with that. And what role do I hold close to my heart? All of them, really all of them. Never made a movie of which I later said I wished I hadn't done it.

 In Petite Mort you played a seriously twisted role as Maman torturing some innocent tourists including a blind girl. What was it like starring in this and playing such an evil role? What was it like working with Marcel Waltz and Olaf Ittenbach?

(Laughs) Yes evil roles. Seems like evil roles are following me and honestly playing evil roles is much more interesting and challenging than playing nice characters. Everybody plays nice all the time in real life -- it's the human psyche, human psychology. People play nice because they feel they get things easier and reach goals easier when they pretend to be nice (well some really are). Which just makes me wonder just as I am answering this question if I ever did that too. Wondering for the reason that I see myself as a very honest person, even too honest sometimes. I'm not very diplomatic. I say things the way I see them and don't care what people think about it. I'm very much of a "If-you-don't-want-an-honest-answer-don't-ask-me" kind of person! Ah and Marcel and Olaf -- I love both of them dearly and both became real life friends too. I made 4 movies with Marcel and 2 movies where Olaf was special FX artist. So how is it to work with the 2 of them? Well they're both friends of mine so it's a pleasant thing to work with friends of course. Olaf is a very concentrated and serious guy in set but super goofy in private. Marcel is very concentrated on set too and hysterically flamboyant so he and I used to laugh our asses off on set.

I thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and wish you the best of luck in your future film endeavors!

Thank you so much for having me!

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Liliana Guermassi  - So much of kiss for you   | |2016-07-03 18:55:48
I love Manoosh. Cult Icon
Chris Mayo  -   |SAdministrator |2016-09-13 09:08:22
She rules!
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