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Written by Richard Taylor   
Thursday, 10 November 2016
Review of the Christ Denied album Cancer Eradication from Xtreem Music

Band: Christ Denied
Album: Cancer Eradication
Members: Dave Rotten, Roger B., Roger P.
Year: 2013
Country: Spain

Runtime: 39:59min

Label: Xtreem Music
Official Website:

Track Listing:
1. Weak Lunatics
2. Blasphemic Blessings
3. Putrid Christian Blood
4. Christ Is Gone
5. Limbless God
6. Prophylactic Execution
7. Beheading The Abomination
8. Infidels Triumph
9. Of The Underworld

Dave Rotten is known as the long time vocalist for the prolific Spanish death metal machine Avulsed. Avulsed are still around today, going strong with tours and new CD releases. When Rotten wasn't fronting Avulsed he was lending his distinguished unique gurgling vocal style to the likes of side projects such as Christ Denied. They are a three man project with drum programming but don't let that fool you, this is some solid guttural and brutal anti religion death metal at its finest.

Cancer Eradication, which features lots of samples to get their atheist message across, Christ Denied rip through 9 tracks of addictive brutal death metal. The drum machine has an insanely clean sound to it, making it sound like actual session drums without that monotone clicking which is normally accustomed on a lot of death metal albums. This is not the case on this album. Thumbs up to Roger Infected for giving the drum machine that authentic sound. I would have never known it was, had I not read the liner notes.

Dave Rotten's gotta have some of the most naturally deep gurgling death metal vox around. His voice on this is every bit an instrument as the drums or guitars. He reaches insane ranges and uses different techniques, especially in some instances with using these quick, rapid fire burping sounds. It's insane the range and different noises he's able to achieve on this album, and that's part of the reason its as good as it is, and makes it stand out among the rest.



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