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Excruciating Terror - Divided We Fall - Pessimiser Records Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Thursday, 10 November 2016
Review of the Excruciating Terror album Divided We Fall on Severed Cinema

Band: Excruciating Terror
Album: Divided We Fall
Members: Martin Alvarado (drums), Raul Caballero (guitar), Victor Garcia (vocals.
Year: 1997
Country: USA

Runtime: 29:33min

Label: Pessimiser Records
Official Website:

Track Listing:
1. Disease
2. Respect
3. In Cold Blood
4. Don't Care Who You Are
5. por que no consoco el miedo
6. Ignorance Is Bliss
7. Bomb Has Fallen
8. Without Mercy
9. Turbulence
10. E.T.
11. Give Up
12. With Me
13. Divided We Fall
14. Human Error
15. Addiction
16. Another Rejection
17. You Reap What You Sow
18. Careless Attitude
19. Suicide
20. Just Another Victim
21. Thoughtless

One of the most blistering and tight as a tiger grindcore releases to have ever made these ears bleed. Excruciating Terror, from their album cover of their debut Expression of Pain seemed to come off as a D-beat band with the war atrocity cover artwork, and I never heard a lot about the CD upon its initial release in Metal Maniacs, my go to magazine for all things metal back in the day. I actually picked up Expression of Pain in a used music store that was actually cool enough to let you listen to the stuff you picked out before you bought it. Upon listening to the opener, Self Destruct, I was hooked and more so by all the following tracks as they sped things up.

I actually only heard of Divided We Fall through a guy I was writing movie reviews for in a very small zine publication who was kind enough to make a mixed tape for me with Divided We Fall on it. This was before the internet really took over of course, and the postal service was my source of dealing with underground music. Divided We Fall is a superior grindcore album and absolutely slays most releases in its path. It's just a shame the band never released much after. Before Expression of Pain, I know they had an EP, splits and a demo, and after Divided We Fall they had a split release, a live EP and another live release. It seems as of 2014/2015 they were still playing shows. Vocalist Victor Garcia has the band Endless Demise, who are another grindcore project.

Divided We Fall follows where Expression of Pain left off but this time upping the ante by adding these incredible machinegun firing drums which just seem to get beaten with such savage and tight precision you can't help but smile and think, these guys know their shit. There are lots of crazy time changes, blast beats which just come out of nowhere and some crazy breakdowns. There are a couple of more mid-paced chugging songs but nothing resembling Self Destruct off Expression of Pain.

Stand out tracks for me are In Cold Blood with the craziest drumming breakdowns thrown in, Human Error and the coolest slowed down drum sequence on the album goes to Addiction. Victor Garcia's vocal style has gotten crazier with the lows and the ear scorching highs. The style is unique and I've never heard anything like it, plus the drumming by Martin Alvarado is simply jaw dropping and the fuzzy guitar riffs from Raul Caballero are a grind fans wet dream. Divided We Fall is one of the best examples of pure grindcore you will ever find. I recently saw a recent live performance from these guys on YouTube and they are no fucking joke. Everything sounds just as good live now as it did back when the albums were released. Divided We Fall released in 1997 still kills today in 2016 and is a must own with Expression of Pain in any grind fans music collection.




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