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Four Ways to Misery - Malodorous Mangled Innards Records Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Wednesday, 18 January 2017
Music review of Four Ways to Misery from Malodorous Mangled Innards Records on Severed Cinema

Album: Four Ways to Misery (4-way split CD)
Bands: Caesarean Section, Nyctophobic, Winter Of Discontent, Groinchurn
Members: NYCTOPHOBIC: Dominus A.S., Christophe Klimmer, Martin Hub, Markus Zorn, Tom Will | CAESAREAN SECTION: Roland Murray, Kelly Montico | WINTER OF DISCONTENT: Eric Sandusky | GROINCHURN: Christo Bester, Sergio Christina, Mark Chapman
Year: 1995
Country: Canada, Germany, USA, South Africa
Runtime: 1h 06min 49sec

Label: Malodorous Mangled Innards Records

Track Listing:
Caesarean Section:
1 Vaginal Discharge Regurgitation
2. Dietary Discomfort
3. Ailing Surgical Vexation
4. Pathological Perversity

5. Mindrape
6. Negligenced Respect
7. Responsiblities
8. My Souls Lament
9. Suffer Life
10. The After Life Experience
11. Far Beyond Reality

Winter Of Discontent:
12. Behind My Eyes
13. Archaic Divinity
14. He Who Knows Not Love

15. What About Them Injuries
16. The Hard Way
17. Cycle
18. Double Standards
19. New Level Of Thought
20. P.C.B.C.
21. Satan Spawn, The Idiots
22. Lets Put The Fun Back Into Fundamentalist
23. What You Don't See....
24. Principles Of Mass Suggestion
25. Funky Funk And The Motherfucking Shitfuckers

Four Ways to Misery is an ultra brutal grindcore compilation from Malodorous Mangled Innards Records released in the mid-nineties that delivers the goods. I love split releases, you get more bang for your buck and more variety in material and bands. It's a great way to discover a band, and better than a compilation which might have one song from the band because it could be their best song and the rest could hardly be as good. With a 2-way split, or in this case a 4-way split, we get a nice number of tracks to enjoy from each band. We get a definite idea and introduction to their material or we just love the band already and heard this release caved in major stools... which it does. The major disappointment is knowing that all four bands on this split release are now split up.

First on the compilation is the two man grindcore project from Toronto, Canada titled Caesarean Section. A great name and excellent band, especially for a two piece. They do four tracks but they are fucking brutal and kick some serious ass. Formed from a couple ex-members of another Canadian band Inner Thought, and another indie band Gastric Pus, it's a shame Caesarean Section didn't release more material because its good shit and I could definitely listen to a full CD of this no problem. The Torontonians deliver a brutal grindcore assault with material similar to early Carcass in song titles and music but not in the vocal department as its more early Lee Dorian Napalm Death delivery style. The drum programming sounds thick, heavy and is fast as fuck with no hollow or unnatural sounding tones which are so common with drum machines. The intro's to the songs are cool. We get stuff from movies such as The Shining and all in all the band and their four tracks on this are awesome. I wish there was just more but these guys didn't release anything else which is a bloody shame.

Up next on the compilation is established grindcore act Nyctophobic who released War Criminal Views, a personal favorite of mine. Their grindcore assault is brutal and unrelenting on this release, and each song gets better as we go further along. Nyctophobic's material is planted firmly in the bowels of society and its wretched actions. I love the intro's to the songs Responsibilities and Far Beyond Reality. It's disturbing stuff and all their tracks are blistering grindcore at its best. There is even a song about the grindcore musical style titled My Souls Lament which seems to be a shout out to the genre.

Winter of Discontent are an atmospheric Doom/Grind band. Their opener on this split release titled Behind My Eyes could easily be the soundtrack to an indie horror production and it offers a gloom and doom atmosphere with female vocals added into the mix. They are probably the most different band on this CD but their material is different and enjoyable. I love a little doom sprinkled in with my grind.

Finally we get Groinchurn who are a crazy powerviolence/grindcore band with a style deeply rooted in political and social behaviors in their songs. Coming out of South Africa they have an intense grind sound and punishing audio attack. They win the award for the best song title on this split release with "Funky Funk And The Motherfucking Shitfuckers." It's great material and they boast that old school grindcore sound and influences in vocal style and musicianship while carrying over a bit of hardcore and powerviolence in the mix. I would call it very diverse grind with its heart in the right place.

Four Ways to Misery is a great release if you can track it down. You may be able to search the internet and find at least a digital copy, or even track down a copy off a collector or eBay. It's more than worth the effort if you are a rare grindcore fan.




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