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General Surgery - Left Hand Pathology - Listenable Records Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Sunday, 20 November 2016
Severed Cinema Music Review of the General Surgery Album Left Hand Pathology

Band: General Surgery
Album: Left Hand Pathology
Members: Andreas Mitroulis (drums, backing vocals), Joacim Carlsson (guitars), Glenn Sykes (bass, backing vocals), Grant McWilliams (vocals), Johan Wallin (gutairs, backing vocals).
Year: 2006
Country: Sweden
Recorded: Offbeat Studio, Stockholm Sweden
Album Artwork by: Glenn Sykes
Runtime: 33:53min

Label: Listenable Records
Official Website:

Track Listing:
1. If These Walls Could Talk
2. Ambulance Chaser
3. Fulguration
4. Arterial Spray Obsession
6. The League Of Extraordinary Grave Robbers
7. The Admirable Teachings Of Burke And Hare
8. Capricious Provisional Cadaver Grater
9. Decomposer
10. Viva! Blunt Force Trauma
11. Cold Storage Fever
12. Mucopurulent Mayhem
13. Mortuary Wars
14. Convical Corpse Disposal Methodology

One of the earliest Carcass clone acts, General Surgery brought the Swedish sound to the Carcass sound with their debut Necrology release, and it was a match made in goregrind heaven. Not since the Necrology EP was there new material released, until 2006, when General Surgery released this full length album. Unlike the sludgy sounds of Necrology, this album boasts a thick but clear production with the most incredible snap of the drums permeating through the wall of brutal sound.

The opener track If These Walls Could Talk is heavy on the groove as well as the grind brutality. General Surgery's next release, Corpus In Extremis, was not as successful for me production wise. It sounded rawer and more extreme but the individuality of the instruments were lost in the thick layer of sonic brutality. Left Hand Pathology just oozes with perfect Carcass-esque brutality, but at the same time, sees the band trying out their punk/hardcore chops with different breakdowns and arrangements.

The song Fulguration sounds like it came right off of Reek of Putrefaction but with better production of course -- I'm thinking Pyosified (Rotten To The Gore) but I'm probably wrong. The vocals are not like the high-pitched mucus filled snorts of Jeff Walker, which also gives the release its own individuality. The Carcass clone genre is very cool, and has produced some great bands which have transcended the label. While being called a clone, some might be offended but I'm thinking General Surgery are proud of it, and with each release they progress in extreme fashion, taking it depths Carcass could have only dreamed, as they went for a more rock filled approach later in their career with Swansong, and then came back to their Heartwork style with Surgical Steel.

Most fans already have the classic Relapse release of Necrology but Left Hand Pathology (which if you haven't guessed it aeons ago, is a spin off on Entombed's classic Left Hand Path), comes highly recommended as definitely one of the more advanced Carcass-style goregrind offerings. If you love this stuff you've probably heard of Impaled, Haemorrhage, Pathologist, Exhumed and the like. It will win goregrind fans over for its expert musicianship, clever song titles and blistering arrangements.




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