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Jig-Ai - Rising Sun Carnage - Bizarre Leprous Productions Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Friday, 16 December 2016
Music review of the Jig-Ai album Rising Sun Carnage on Severed Cinema

Band: Jig-Ai
Album: Rising Sun Carnage
Members: Brian (Guitars, Vocals) Buraak (Bass),
Kaspy (Drums)
Year: 2014
Country: Czech Republic
Runtime: 39min 05sec

Label: Bizarre Leprous Productions
Official Website:

Website Track Listing:
1. Koi Throat Fuck
2. Ikebana Body Parts
3. Sumo Sex Instructor
4. Menstral Tea Relax
5. Ten Seconds In A Cunthole
6. Rest In Piss
7. Drowned In Budvar
8. Human Tofu
9. Rising Sun Carnage
10. Shitcuntsen
11. N.G.S.I.T.S.B.
12. Yan Sing Butchery
13. Ass I Jakta
14. Detestation (Lock Up Cover)
15. Koza Kura
16.Hard Cock Cafe
17. Tantou Kimono
18. Natural Tits Mafia
19. March Of Jig-Ai
20. Rice Bombing
21. Animal Revenge
22. Ejaculation Complete

With Rising Sun Carnage, Jig-Ai release a thunderous, thick and heavy as fuck goregrind inferno upon the masses. Straight out of Prague -- a place renowned for its raunchy porn and sexual freedom -- its only fitting Jig-Ai's songs consist of the same perverted sexual extremes. The sound on this album is heavy and the production is a full nuclear bomb blast in the face. The vocals are those low pitched gurgles with some pig squeal style bits thrown in for good measure. This stays consistent throughout the 22 tracks, with the exception of the song Detestation, which is a cover of the super death/grind project Lock Up.

The band name Jig-Ai refers to a ritual suicide which was practiced by Japanese women, something similar to Hari Kari. The band pride themselves in twisted anime gore/porn as their covers express different images containing female anime characters being mutilated. I think the Japanese angle is a cool twist to add to the goregrind genre, and Jig-Ai are doing it right. Stand out tracks include Rest in Piss as it boasts a great mid-paced breakdown, March of Jig-Ai as a sort of anthem for the band, and Ikebana Body Parts flows nicely like a woman's heavy period. I get a great chuckle out of the song titles, with names such as Hard Cock Cafe, Natural Tits Mafia, Ten Seconds in a Cunthole and on and on. Check out the track listing above. The end track Ejaculation Complete is fitting in style and conclusion on this release.

The downfall with a lot of the grindgore groups is the inability to stay original and keep things interesting and entertaining. Beyond repulsive artwork, tasteless song titles and brutal musicianship, there is a need for a little variety in the song structure. 
Rising Sun Carnage is solid throughout, but the 22 tracks are similar and tend to run together. If it wasn't for the occasional Japanese movie sample, a lot of the songs sound the same.

I still highly recommend it as a solid foray into the genre, but it's definitely for the hardcore buffs only. It's fantastic to see these guys still putting out solid modern goregrind material. With a couple of full lengths under their belts now, and a solid reputation, musical style and concept with the perverted Japanese culture which infuses everything they do, Jig-Ai are an unstoppable steamroller of goregrind.


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