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Necrotic Mutation - Sepulchre of the Suffering Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Wednesday, 11 January 2017
Music review of the Necrotic Mutation Demo Tape Sepulchre of the Suffering on Severed Cinema Necrotic Mutation Logo on Severed Cinema

Band: Necrotic Mutation
Album: Sepulchre of the Suffering Demo Tape
Members: Simon Roy (Bass), Chuck Tremblay (Drums, David Landry (Guitars), Daniel Jalbert (Vocals, Guitars)
Year: 1993
Country: Canada
Produced by:
Cover Art by: Jeff Leblanc
Mixed by: Richard Ruggere, J.P. Pineau
Recorded by: Richard Ruggere
Recorded at: Herrison Studio, Rimouski, Quebec, Canada, December 1992
Runtime: 14min 37sec

Label: Analogue Industries Montreal
Official Website:

Track Listing:
Side A and B:
1. Rectal Extraction Of Maggot Colony 4:09
2. Sepulchre Of The Suffering 3:23
3. Persistance Of Agony 3:11
4. Organic Stench 3:54

Throwback to the early nineties when the metal scene in Canada -- especially Quebec -- was emerging and becoming big. We had groups like Gorguts from Sherbrooke getting signed to major up-and-coming indie label Roadrunner Records, who were huge and one of the biggest death metal labels at the time, releasing such giants as Suffocation, Malevolent Creation, Sepultura and Immolation. Gorguts would stick with Roadrunner for two classic releases which were the seminal Considered Dead and The Erosion Of Sanity.

In Rimouski, the group Necrotic Mutation were on the scene with a couple of amazing independently made demos which displayed superior quality and production. They did an advanced tape in 1992 and this demo Sepulchre of the Suffering in 1993. I personally caught notice of their existence in the pages of the free Canadian metal publication at the the time called M.E.A.T magazine. M.E.A.T. magazine was a brilliant publication ran by Canadian metal personality Drew Masters and featured lots of other talented Canadian metal writers such as Tim Henderson, Adrian Bromley (R.I.P.), Ali "The Metallion" and more. M.E.A.T. magazine covered tons of great metal releases and bands with an emphasis on exposing Canadian content. The magazine would eventually fold and members would form another classic publication titled Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles.

Necrotic Mutation's Sepulchre of the Suffering demo was reviewed in M.E.A.T. magazine and immediately caught my interest from the positive review boasting a big professional death metal band sound and style on a self promoted indie release. I ordered the demo tape which was professionally done and I was blown away. We are talking tight, technical, blistering and brutal as fuck death metal which could crush a number of bigger releases. The drumming is breakneck punishing inhuman blast beat mayhem, demonic guttural vocals and gore drenched lyrical content. Stuff that all the major acts were doing at the time including the artwork for the release which is similar to something Dan Seagrave would have concocted.

Necrotic Mutation also opened the floodgates for me to start personally corresponding with bands and getting more material. I remember getting demo tapes of such groups as Casket from Edmonton, Immortal Possession from Ontario, Gorelust, Rotting, Kataklysm, Carcinogen, Nefarious, Sacramentary Abolishment, Cryptopsy etcetera. I would go on to order a t-shirt from the band and an EP called The Realm of Human Illusion which was equally amazing and saw the band go into more technical territory. They would also release another self titled EP in 1999 before disbanding. Fortunately most of their material is available to listen to on YouTube so take full advantage and discover this amazing Canadian death metal act.



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Skull - Severed Cinema


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