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No Please Not in my Mouth - Poison Rouge - White Gardenia Print E-mail
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Written by Jay Creepy   
Saturday, 19 May 2018
Severed Cinema Review of No Please, Not in my Mouth by Poison Rouge


Directed by: Poison Rouge
Written by: Poison Rouge, Domiziano Cristopharo, Daniel Valient
Music by: White Gardenia, Geimhreadh, Daniel Valient, Miss Thompson
Special Effects by: Domiziano Cristopharo
Starring: Poison Rouge, Simone Avincola
Year: 2018

Think of extreme music. Think of white noise. Think of the most experimental soundscape of grinding like a high mountain which is unbreakable. That's White Gardenia.

Who are White Gardenia? Mainly Daniel Valient, a chap who is influenced by the classic old school surrealists and creates short films to accompany the music he and his merry oddball manifestations build. Blood is Sweeter than Honey, for instance, chops and reverses excerpts from classical and other sounds to a video of mutilation and cannibalism. Whilst the short flicks may well serve as a great distraction, if you aren't a stranger to amped up volumes lashing your backside with the unusual, then all becomes one.

Knowing that their vocals could perhaps be a mesh of colliding and dying eruptions within the ears on No Please, Not in my Mouth, to those who are unaccustomed to extreme, there is a marvellous and very crimson video riding with the track. As a matter of fact, the reason why this video has bagged a Jay Creepy review is because of who comes along this time around. Poison (American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice) Rouge and Domiziano (House of Flesh Mannequins, Deep Web XXX, Doll Syndrome) Cristopharo get involved with the story, the acting (Poison), and the camera plus effects (Domiziano). Poison also gets the honours of directing this nifty and gory ditty lavish with great FX.

So let's meet our lovely Poison Rouge, getting ready for a bubbly bath, tattoos all over the place. She chills out in the bubbles and places a set of headphones on. Static, screams, out of tune guitars, gutsy growls into a bucket of pigs innards, we're off into extreme noise territory as Poison listens and enters her own little world where she brandishes a screwdriver. Oh, lovely, it's a DIY video...erm, nope, it's all about torture as she gets busy on a captive bald bloke all to flashing lights. She completes her session with a little inspiration, courtesy of Brian Yuzna's The Dentist. Back to her bathing, she enjoys a bit of haematophilia to conclude this smoothly directed video.

Oh yes indeed, our little naughty minx sure knows how to carve up a man with a screwdriver as much as Daniel and Miss Thompson know how to scream and grind the hell out of their tune. They're helped by Siera Gallagher on guitars and Bridger Tone on drums according to the end credits.

This is the kind of music vid that Gorerotted should have splashed out back in the day being that it is totally fucked up and absolutely cool. The closest comparison I can think of is Anaal Nathrakh (hey, I used to listen to extreme and black metal years ago, I'm very diverse in my tastes). It all seems to gel together seamlessly and that includes the tirade of soul shattering noise. In fact, I hear that Guantanamo Bay have purchased a few CDs already to break their prisoners. Thanks to Geimhreadh who are predominantly a black metal band but adapted to insanity well on this one.





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daniel     | |2018-05-20 00:59:08
thank you for the interesting and well written review... very perceptive also
... Anaal Nathrakh (and specifically Pandemonic Hyperblast has probably been a
big inflence on my music
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