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Rotting - Crushed - United Guttural Records Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Monday, 20 February 2017
Severed Cinema Music Review of the Rotting Album Crushed From United Guttural Records

Band: Rotting
Album: Crushed
Members: Korey Arnold (vocals), Keith Devry (drums), James Alderon (bass), Mike Belfry (guitar), Rob Macaulay (guitar), Jeff White (guitar. bass)
Produced by: Rotting
Engineered by: Jeff Laycock, Pete Osbourne
Mastered: Metal Works
Recorded: Sonic Pineapple Studios, Newmarket, Ontario
Year: 1998
Country: Canada
Cover Art:
Runtime: 32min 29sec

Label: United Guttural Records

Track Listing:
1. Sexually Tormented 5:39
2. Christian Castration 2:15
3. Laid To Rest 5:35
4. Evil I 3:16
5. Blood 1:44
6. Guts 1:53
7. Soulburn 2:59
8. In Vain 4:01
9. Let Them Bleed 2:38
10. Unholy Penetration 2:49

From Newmarket Ontario Canada the brutal death metal outfit, Rotting, released this pulverizing slab of unrelenting madness upon the masses. Ten tracks of quality brutal death with some slamming mosh break downs thrown in for good measure. Crushed was originally released in 1998 on cult brutal death metal U.S. label United Guttural Records whose roster include such heavy weights as Lividity, Waco Jesus, Putrid Pile and Devourment. Rotting obviously made an impression with their intense brutal death style sound and delivery to get signed to this label. Before this the band released demos Christ Crusher, Rotting Corpse (both in 1993), Human Race Liquidation (1994) and Drown In Rotting Flesh (1995).

Unfortunately their stint with United Guttural Records was short-lived as this was their first and only release for the company. Rotting would then go on to re-issue Crushed in 2007 independently with a couple added songs which were Stomped To Death and Homosexual Grave Robber (live) along with a cover of Death's Pull the Plug. In 2003 the band also released a compilation of songs from their demos titled The Forgotten on CDN Records.

Crushed is just a relentless agonizing and tight as fuck brutal death experience. The bass and drums take the forefront of the sonic destruction sometimes leaving the guitars a bit muddled in the background. The snap of those tight machine gun drums and some of those breakdowns are jaw-dropping. You can't help but smile in approval as the band weave their brutal death metal. The vocals are guttural but not that cupped microphone style which was prevalent with Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation in the early '90s. They definitely stand out as sore throat inducing deep centered torment.

Stand out tracks for me on Crushed are the opener Sexually Tormented with that moshy chorus breakdown and the nicely added quote from the original Last House on the Left from the late David Hess himself as Krug commanding one of the female victims to "Piss your pants." in a rather disturbing fashion. It's an appropriate ending to the song. Christian Castration follows with its constant pounding brutality and then displaying a rather masterful breakdown as another clip from Die Hard has Bruce Willis spouting his famous line "yippie ki-yay motherfucker" which lays the groundwork for the breakdown. The song Laid To Rest sports this rather groovy segment where the cymbals are used in astonishing effect to bring forth a swinging death metal hook in a particular part. Soulburn, In Vain and Unholy Penetration are other memorable songs on the release.

If you're into brutal death metal, Rotting's Crushed will fit the bill from its grotesque cover art, heavy down-tuned and tight musical styling, to guttural vocal delivery and hyper fast snare drum snapping speed. The original release on United Guttural Records might be able to be found for a high price tag on Discogs or eBay but the re-release can be sought after for a reasonable price on for like $10 including shipping. Also check out the band Burning Caskets which were formed by Rotting members after they disbanded. Rotting - Crushed full length is also available on YouTube but definitely scoop up the disc, for the price, it's worth it and the band are worth your time if you're a fan of brutal death.




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