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Vomit Church - Offers To The Sado-God - Live Eclipse Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Sunday, 19 March 2017
Severed Cinema Music Review of the Vomit Church Album Offers To The Sado-God from Atolinga Records

Band: Vomit Church
Album: Offers To The Sado-God
Members: Lord Acheron (Priest of the Vomit Church), The Sado Beasts are: Necrotormentor (guitars, bass, effects), Impaler (drums, backing vocals), Aztec Warrior (Screams in Enemies Of The Cross)
Mixed by: Necrotormentor
Mastered by: Necrotormentor
Recorded by: Baseline Studios, Necromachine Studios
Year: 2006
Country: Greece
Runtime: 23min 57sec

Label: Live Eclipse
Official Website:

Track Listing:
1. Welcome To The Church
2. Drink The Vomit Of Doom
3. Enemies Of The Cross
4. The Omen
5. Possession Of The Priest
6. Feel The Demon
7. The Lamb And The Wolf
8. Let The Flames Reach Higher
9. Jazz Devils (Instrumental)

So Mario Kreher from Germany sends me this crazy low budget gore film titled Schlachten auf Burg Weibertreu and as an added surprise he throws in this CD from old school style black metal band Vomit Church. I then learn Kreher has a little underground record label titled Liveeclipse or EOLP who distribute some top-notch black metal releases. Kreher told me the label was created in 1997 but has been put on hiatus due to the time being taken up by his job and focus on his family, which is understandable. I'm sure if people are interested you can contact Mario and he still has some CDs available as well as the Schlachten auf Burg Weibertreu movie.

Vomit Church delivers what they promise written on the back of the CD case and that is raw and primitive sounding black metal hate in its most devastating form. You just hear those early Bathory and Hellhammer influences coming through but the drumming on this really stands out as a highlight on the CD for me, it's really noticeable in the mix. We get the haunting intro with Welcome To The Church and then those drums give us a breakdown into the first song Drink The Vomit Of Doom. People always laugh at the black metal clichés of the scary face paint, and the black metal sound but a lot of the bands deliver some great technical compositions and this hidden gem from Vomit Church is a short and sweet pulverizing sledgehammer offering a back to basics old school black metal opus.

My only complaint would be the short running time. Offers To The Sado-God is a great disc which can easily be spun for repeated listens because it's an addictive offering. Really only containing 6 songs, because you have the intro Welcome To The Church and an instrumental (the very cool titled Jazz Devils), and Feel The Demon which is basically a famous exert from Andrzej Zulawski's film Possession but it's awesome to hear on this disc, it's a crazy sequence!

Offers To The Sado-God was also re-released in 2006 in cassette form on Atolinga Records and then again on CD in 2013 on that same label. The band are still active and did a four way split release in 2015 called Sepulchral Voices on Locust Amber Records. Offers To Sado-God has great cover artwork and an amusing picture of a priest shoving a cross up his ass in the inlay booklet, possibly reminiscent of the nun violating herself with the cross on the cover of Marduk's Fuck Me Jesus. I highly recommend contacting Mario Kreher on Facebook like I did to get a copy of this and to see what other treasures he still has available from his label. You can also visit the site Live Eclipse to check out the releases. Seek out
Vomit Church's Offers To The Sado-God if you're into raw sounding old school black metal. You won't be sorry.



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