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Necromance: A Love Story - D.I.Y. Productions Print E-mail
User Rating: / 14
Written by Richard Taylor   
Monday, 14 December 2015

Directed by: Nekro Kaos
Written by:
Nekro Kaos
Produced by:
Nekro Kaos
Cinematography by:
Nekro Kaos
Editing by:
Nekro Kaos
Nekro Kaos, Nekro Val Bundy, Nekro Scatogorophage

Studio: D.I.Y Productions

Montreal underground maestro Nekro Kaos is flooding Canada with some of the sickest shit to ever rear its ugly head in the horror scene. Kaos is a self-made independent filmmaking fiend with an eye for only the most twisted and depraved snuff style offerings. Kaos has been dedicated to his craft full time and is running D.I.Y Productions. With three new projects in the works (Blood Orchestra, Meat Butcher Baby 2 and Underground Gore Dealers Connection 2) as well as merchandising these projects, things are only going to get more demented!

Kaos and his dark mistress and partner in crime Nemesis Bathory are a force to be reckoned with. I look forward to more of their work and I'm also proud to say, some of the craziest underground movies are no longer only coming from Japan, Germany or the United States -- these are fellow Canadians with a penchant for extreme gore.

Necromance: A Love Story is a prime example of low budget guerrilla filmmaking at its finest. It surpasses its budget in being extremely effective at what it sets out to accomplish: shocking the shit out of you! The whole movie takes place in an apartment where a woman is drugged, murdered and left to rot in a bathtub, only to be dismembered and molested by a crazed necrophile. The viewer gets to watch the corpse rot in time lapse as maggots engulf it. 

Kaos told me he played the killer in the film and the necrophile is played by a once friend he doesn't have much contact with anymore calling himself Nekro Scatogorophage. This guy who had never been on film before is one sick puppie! Think Nekromantik, Necrophile Passion and Aftermath times a hundred! This Nekro Scatogorophage finger bangs in graphic detail the rotting corpse rubbing the feces and bile from its orifices all over his face and then actually penetrates it in full close up detail with his dick, endlessly, while the viewing gets to see it all. Not only does he really fuck it but to add more ghastly icing on the cake, a rotting baby corpse is thrown into the mix. The Necrophile decapitates the rotting infant corpses head and penetrates it in graphic close up detail (in a nod to A Serbian Film Kaos told me). This is by far one of the most extreme pieces of cinema I have ever witnessed and purchased.

This copy of Necromance: A Love Story is signed by Nekro Kaos and the Necrophile and numbered 9 out of 50 copies printed. If you’re into this kind of extreme cinema contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or look up Yan DIY on Facebook. He also has a great gore short film collection available called The Underground Gore Dealers Connection, which includes a black and white version of his short Meat Butcher Baby as well as some other gore shorts from around the world. Meat Butcher Baby 2 is also coming soon and you can purchase his first short film Wrong Dose, Bad Reactions from him as well as a color version of his short Meat Butcher Baby.


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