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New Year's Evil - Shout Factory Print E-mail
User Rating: / 4
Written by Richard Taylor   
Wednesday, 21 January 2015
Directed by
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AKA: Reveillon Maldito, Teuflisches Neujahr, Fin de año maldito, Dodici rintocchi di terrore, Año nuevo satánico, Ano Novo Sangrento, Rocknacht des Grauens

Directed by:
Emmett Alston
Written by:
Leonard Neubauer
Produced by:
Yoram Globus, Menahem Golan
Cinematography by:
Thomas E. Ackerman
Editing by:
Richard S. Brummer
Music by:
Rex Deveraux
Special Effects by:
Julie Purcell
Roz Kelly, Kip Niven, Chris Wallace, Grant Cramer, Louisa Moritz, Jed Mills.
1h 30min

Studio: Golan-Globus Productions
Distributor: Canon Home Video, MGM, Shout! Factory

New Year’s Evil, released by the bankrupt company Cannon Video, I can remember many old big box VHS releases from the company, mostly Chuck Norris films like Invasion USA, Missing in Action, Delta Force or Charles Bronson epics like Death Wish 3 (that's right part 3, not the original, check it out, it’s only film you can see Bronson destroy a street gang carrying a m60 machine gun) and The Exterminator 2. Then there is New Year’s Evil, a not so memorable but fun film because of its pure eighties cheese factor, including everything from bad new wave rock, big extravagant hair, to acid washed jeans. The force of the 80's is strong here and so are the stereotypical views, bigotry and prejudices of society. New Year’s Evil serves up a bit of anti-authority and the prejudicial police in the film fall right into it.

The backdrop of the film has well known new wave rock TV personality Diane Sullivan or "Blaze" as she's known to her fans hosting a live broadcast show titled "Hollywood Hot line," a new wave rock countdown on New Year’s Eve. All is going as planned on the show until a bizarre sounding fellow calls in to talk to "Blaze" with an odd duck sounding disguised voice -- one that makes the voice in Fulci's New York Ripper sound like pure genius (well, not quite). The caller wants to be referred to very distinctly as "Evilllllllllll" and says his New Year’s resolution will be to kill a person each time the clock strikes midnight in different cities. Blaze hangs up the phone in disgust and fear and cues the live band "Shadow" to play a mesmerizing bad theme song to the film titled, you guessed it, "New Year’s Evil," a song which is looped frequently throughout the movie.

The police are called into the matter and of course are skeptical, thinking Blaze brought it upon herself with the style, music and people she has chosen to associate herself with -- cue stereotypical prejudice cops. Blaze has second thoughts about continuing the broadcast but greedy manager Ernie insists the show must go on. We get a bit of insight into the personal life of Blaze as well. We find out she has a son Derek who is obviously neglected by mommy because of her fame and busy lifestyle. There is no doubt that Derek seems to be crazier than a shit house rat.

After more demented phone calls from "Evil", more New Wave Rock songs with drone-like actor/dancers in the audience trying too hard and more murder victims which pile up in predictable coincidental circumstances, the police start taking things seriously by trying to trace the calls Blaze is receiving. We get to see the killer frequently, his appearance reminds me of a suave Ted Bundy-like persona who uses his cheesy charm to blind and then kill his victims. "Evil" likes to cassette tape record his murders live and phones into Blaze's show playing the recordings of each killing. In one instance Evil infiltrates a sanitarium, in an offensive over the top scene with overacting patients foolishly flailing around to Blaze's New Year’s show as nurses partake in dancing and laughing at or with them to the "New Year’s Evil" song once again repeated ad nauseam.

At a particular point in the film, Blaze's son Derek's crazy switch gets flipped, he gulps down some pills which magically take instant effect, mutilates his ear and pulls a red stocking/pantyhose over his head!? New Year’s Evil is a rarely witty, unintentionally funny, but somewhat entertaining 80's New Year’s indulgence film of endless parties, drunks and excess in the big city. We get a nice foolish twist at the end involving the killer, lots of police buffoonery (hence that anti-authority message I mentioned earlier) and mediocre make-up effects.



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