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Nothing Left - Matthan Harris Productions Print E-mail
User Rating: / 2
Written by Jay Creepy   
Saturday, 04 November 2017
Severed Cinema Review of Nothing Left from Matthan Harris Productions

Directed by: Matthan Harris
Written by: Matthan Harris
Produced by: Kimberly Lynn Campbell, Matthan Harris
Cinematography by: Circa Felina Bolla
Editing by: Ethan Quin
Music by: Brian Soto
Special Effects by: Joshua Fread, James W McCormick, Ethan Quin.
Cast: Matthan Harris, Shane Tucker, Larry Jack dotson, Rosa Nichols, Tim Taylor, Rebekah Kennedy.
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 15 min

Studio: Matthan Harris Productions

I like reviewing films and shorts by Severed Cinema fave, Matthan Harris because they are straight to the point. His works build instead of trying to shock. That's not to say there aren't graphic moments in some of his movies, but they concentrate on putting you in the zone and telling you a story. His shorts are usually compacted and neat, such as Sudden Reality (see review here). In his interview for, Severed Cinema (here) he mentioned one called, Nothing Left. I figured this had to be looked into mainly due to the fact it was one of his first babies.

One of my hatreds in the film world is a courtroom drama, so my heart collapsed upon seeing the first couple of minutes as it drained me. Set in a courtroom. Oh lord, no! Matthan plays, Michael Staves, who is called to the stand under oath. Luckily the court room fades from memory soon enough.

It all begins to flashback, starting with April 25th. Michael and his fiancι, Lauren, are driving along discussing how to break the news of their marriage plans to her folks. “I think your parents have been wanting to crucify me since high school.” he says. He takes a wrong turn and they end up on the late night roads. Suddenly they are hit by another car. Michael cradles Lauren's bloody head and fights to keep her conscious. In the other vehicle, the couple are going off their heads at each other. Chris, the bad guy of the film, decides to cause a distraction by talking to Michael, whilst he instructs his girl to get rid of the tons of alcohol in the car.

“Hey, man.” he says. Michael is furious, “Call an ambulance!” he yells. Loaded into the ambulance, Lauren sobs, “You can't let our baby die.” Minutes later she dies.

Much to the shock of Michael, Chris McGovern gets off at his trial. “You're not gonna get away with this you piece of shit!” he attacks Chris and is hauled away. Acquiring a gun, Michael makes his first kill on a staircase. “Say goodbye to your dead bitch!” says his random assailant sent by Chris McGovern, before Michael shoots him and takes the fellas phone. Back home he briefly wishes to blow his own brains out, but Chris would still be alive and unpunished. Also, there's a text message on the dead man's phone which begins with 'Good job...' and the address he needs to go to.

Later, across town, Chris is drinking a toast with his lawyer, his girl, and the judge to: “...that motherfucker, Michael who's recently expired.” The judge was paid forty grand by Chris. When Michael puts all the chunks together, he loses his cool and goes out for revenge.

It always goes by timing, I suppose, when piecing together a capsule sized movie. At 15-minutes in length, Nothing Left has something to say. It is well filmed but, to me, it lacks conviction and emotion. There's heaps of atmosphere in The Inflicted and Sudden Reality, yet this one is unfortunately a void sandwiched between two sets of credits. I don't truly know why. The acting is on point throughout, especially from Shane Tucker as the twitchy sweating Chris McGovern. He just about steals it.

I reckon it's the unbelievable side. Everything is too neat and the writing is really rushed feeling. The issue of a huge ambition cramped into a nutshell running time. I figure fifteen or twenty more minutes would have told a much fuller story. The conclusion somehow feels wrong. Chris decides his fate too easily for a squirming personality if what we have seen of him is to be believed. I'm being unkind, this was one of the genesis creations and Matthan has gone onwards since in huge strides.

Had it been part of an anthology, this would be the moody steady no thrills bridge in-between two other tales. I'm gutted I didn't get the injection of adrenalin which I had a blast of via Matthan's later titles, but for the negatives there are positives. As I stated, the filming is lush, along with the acting talents. Matthan plays a man with his mind snapping to perfection as he did in The Inflicted and Sudden Reality. TV and small role names like Larry Jack Dotson, Rebekah Kennedy and Rosa Nichols play their parts fine.

As a nice little side note, effects guy, James W. McCormick, also worked with Matthan on The Inflicted, as well as being in the effects credits for such titles as, Robocop 2, Machete, Species 2, The Faculty and Planet Terror.

Nothing Left is just a plain 'OK' without any face slaps from the TV screen. It's interesting to see where it all began -- sort of.




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