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Nutsack Part I: Lucifer's Cosmonauts - Very Fine Crap Videos Print E-mail
User Rating: / 3
Written by Richard Taylor   
Thursday, 09 June 2016

Directed by: Kurtis Spieler
Directed by: James Bell
Written by: James Bell
Produced by: James Bell, Coulson Rutter
Cinematography by: James Bell
Editing by: James Bell
Music by: James Bell
Special Effects by: James Bell
Cast: James Bell, Mae Bell, Brian Papandrea, Lauren Abbott, Nathan Rumler, Sadie Tate
Year: 2016
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 49min

Studio: Very Fine Crap Videos


Last time I crossed over to the gloriously fucked up world of James Bellís tortured filmmaking style was with Tantrum. This time around I am happy as a cat licking the crusty shit off his own butthole to discover his new piece of work Nutsack Part I: Luciferís Cosmonauts. Bell continues to deliver his no-boundaries style of low budget filmmaking to the fullest by pulling out all the stops. Think Japanese tentacle porn sprinkled with splatter and a dash of old school The Deadly Spawn alien madness.  It all works great together. Nutsack Part I: Luciferís Cosmonauts is fucked, itís disjointed and fans wouldn't have it any other way.  Unseasoned viewers beware if you've never sat down with a beer and blunt to enjoy a James Bell movie. You'll be hooked with his underground vision and if youíre not, then go fuck yourself in the ass with an alien appendage.

The story revolves around Bell as the main character, a guy simply gone out for the day looking for a job (after he fucks his mangled faced girl). A fucked up monster devours his friend who put in a good word for him (oh well, work sucks anyways) and Bell's character discovers a book which seems to be a source of power drawing, the crusty red fucked up glob of tentacle terror. Some of the makeup is wicked in this. One particular ripped up face appliance is chilling as shit, as Bellís character holds it in his hands. Bell's character takes the book, and the alien/monster starts to follow him mulching up people all around him into tentacle violated pools of gore. Bell himself starts inhabiting cruel deformities and is even shunned by reputable junkies. He just wanted you to suck off the tentacles growing out of his arm until they came in your mouth -- come on people!

I understand most of Nutsack was filmed in a now condemned mall called Summit Place in Pontiac Michigan which is very cool -- it gives this great apocalyptic-like backdrop. The music should be pressed onto a CD. Bell should take the music from Tantrum, as well and do up a CD to sell with his movies. Itís some great trippy industrial shit, sort of like 8-bit Nintendo hell meets Merzbow meets Brighter Death Now.

His wife, Mae Bell, also stars in this and she has a fucking memorable as Hell scene! She sucks off the phallic-like protrusions coming out of Bells belly like a dick till it cums in her mouth -- god bless her black soul! It is probably one of the most memorable scenes in the whole movie. There is a lot of tentacle gore in this. Itís filled with it and they all wind up in any open orifice. There is a great scene of a chick sucking off a guy when a tentacle bursts through the back of his ass where his dick was so she is now sucking a tentacle dick. Lots of close up of tentacles penetrating asses and even Bell himself is not spared from the tentacle anal archery. That pesky cotton candy like regurgitated meatloaf monster fucks up lots of humans and even takes a ride down a storm drain, just floatiní on to the next victim.

I love the grittiness of this; the filming style, the music, the gore and sure the acting and story aren't always the best calibre but just the atmosphere and substance here overrules it all. Itís for underground aficionados.  I had a great laugh recently on posts of Bell selling props from his films, something he should never apologize for, by the way, especially if he is trying to finance his next project. Bell states specifically in the post "these tentacles have never been in anyone's ass, mouth or pussy." Hahahahaha! I found this very amusing and better yet, someone asks if he has anything for sale that has and Bell displays the cross he violated his own ass with in Tantrum, haha, I love it! Please support James Bell and his movies. You can contact him on Facebook and check out his company Very Fine Crap Videos on Storenvy. He responds to messages very quickly, so buy his films and props and check out the special gore cover editions he has available of his movies with these cool flesh like bound covers.


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