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Nutsack - Very Fine Crap Videos Print E-mail
User Rating: / 3
Written by Richard Taylor   
Friday, 18 November 2016
Review of Nutsack from Very Fine Crap Videos on Severed Cinema

Directed by: James Bell
Written by: James Bell
Produced by: James Bell, Mae Bell
Cinematography by: James Bell, Rick Hubble
Editing by: James Bell
Music by: James Bell
Special Effects by: James Bell, Mae Bell
Cast: James Bell, Mae Bell, Zach Hill, Rick Hubble, C. Huston, Dave Parker, Thomas Townsend, Becky Mcourtney, Justin Louis
Year: 2016
Country: USA
Color: Color
Language: English
Runtime: 44min

Studio: Very Fine Crap Videos

Nutsack, the latest deranged opus of excellence from Michigan wacko filmmaker James Bell, has arrived to push in your sphincters and pull out for maximum prolapse effect. There is always excitement when watching anything new from Bell. It always promises to be a fucking insane trip -- the closest to scoring junk in celluloid form and the rush that follows.

Nutsack is Bells best work thus far. Nutsack Part 1: Luciferís Cosmonauts, the release before this, was also brilliant and had the same vibe but this one has topped it with a crazy freedom of movie making like no other. Bell is an underground wizard weaving insane tales of drug-fuelled mayhem with some of the best practical effects in a low budget production. Unadulterated gore, with a crazy story line, minimal lines and Mae and James Bell running around harvesting body parts to sell to score drugs for their addicted and deformed baby. 

The movie seems to take place in the future, or in a fallout wasteland (actually just various abandoned locations), where most people are addicted to drugs -- including babies -- so everyone spends their time desperately trying to score it for themselves or their drug addicted infants. Mae and James have one of these addicted babies, which looks like the ugliest deformed little creature on planet earth. Mae is also a drug addict and spends her time shooting up and taking part in bizarre drug induced practices, like having sex with corpses in the woods.

The acting performances vary. Bell seems to stumble over his lines like an intoxicated maniac, and Dave James Parker actually gives a decent little role as a murderous junkie. In this type of production, I never take stock in acting per se, I just enjoy the experience, and Nutsack is something people who are fans of twisted underground free expression will appreciate. Bell's work is like a perverted breath of fresh air, and that soundtrack just oozes with electric wizardry -- like an 8-bit acid aural assault. The effects, like I mentioned, are insane. We get those ugly babies getting trampled, amputations, face peelings, corpse fucking, severed tits and dicks, eviscerations and nonstop craziness.

The operating room sequences are fucked up shit, as well as we witness a man's body being disembowelled, pissed on, fucked, pulverized and everything else you can think of. James and Mae double team bloody skeletal remains in the park, and the conclusion is crazy as Bell death-fucks Mae one last time, until all thatís left is a pussy! Itís grotesque, but hilarious at the same time, and must be seen to be believed. Pound that meat into oblivion! Mae and James are brave souls and don't give a good fuck as they have literally shown everything of themselves on camera for their art. They are passionate and their work keeps getting better and better. Nutsack is their masterpiece, until they decide to top it. If you pick up any underground titles in 2016, then go to the Very Fine Crap Videos Webstore and pick up Nutsack and Lucifer's Cosmonauts -- you won't be sorry. Nutsack is indie experimental gore mastery. Contact Mae Bell or James Bell on Facebook to get more information as well.





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