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Ogroff: Mad Mutilator - Videonomicon - DVD Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Saturday, 04 February 2017
Severed Cinema review of Ogroff: Mad Mutilator on DVD from Videonomicon

AKA: Ogroff, Mad Mutilator

Directed by: Norbert Moutier
Written by: Norbert Moutier
Produced by: Norbert Moutier
Cinematography by: Marc Georges
Editing by: Philippe Brossard
Music by: Jean Richard
Special Effects by: Norbert Moutier, Benoit Lestang
Cast: Norbert Moutier, Howard Vernon, France Deniel, Peter Pattin, Edith Pourguery, Stella Moutier, Martine Masson, Nathalie Dumont, Carmen Garcia
Year: 1983
Country: France
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 27min

Distributor: Videonomicon

The infamous French trash/gore/slasher/cult film gets its finest treatment yet with an official release from Canadian distributor Videonomicon. Ogroff, or Mad Mutilator has been lurking around in many forms for years popping up here and there with bootleg releases. Videonomicon have managed to give this trash gem its due with this definitive edition, and now one can only hope for a blu-ray release (not!). Even with its remastering Ogroff is still as rough around the edges as the day it was pressed onto super 8mm. This release comes with a great booklet which has some very fascinating facts about the movie and its director and star Norbert Moutier (a.k.a. N.G. Mount). Videonomicon are also doing a VHS release of Ogroff and with this DVD release you get a choice of covers all including the killer new cover artwork on one side as well.

Ogroff is a bizarre tale, and its rough style and delivery are what make it both a cult hit, and also probably one of the most infamous so-bad-itís-good trash films ever. The subtitles have been improved for this release but the dialogue is so scarce in the movie to begin with, and the movies pacing with such non-existent plot structure that viewers should just sit back and enjoy the ride. By all means there are story points one might want to pay attention to but to say a linear storyline is followed in any way is like saying a dog doesn't lick his own balls.

Our beloved axe-wielding lumberjack killer roams the forest killing all those he passes including women, children, other lumberjacks, and in one strange instance a car which he lovingly chops to shit with his axe and gives a final blow in which the car bleeds!? The sound in this is horrendous but when you read the notes in the booklet you appreciate it a lot more when you discover how it came to be. Filmmaker Moutier was a zine creator and a movie shop owner so he wanted to make a movie in his home country similar to those in the U.S., such as The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Friday the 13th. You can really see The Texas Chain Saw Massacre vibe in Ogroff's homestead, as itís strewn with bones and various other dirty shit. Ogroff has a collection of axes on the wall and he seems to really love his axe as itís his weapon of choice, not to mention something of a sexual object to him. Maybe it represents some sort of phallic symbol for him because in one scene he is laying down and stroking the axe between his legs whilst moaning.

There's lots of cheesy gore throughout Ogroff fortunately, as our killer likes to plunge his axe into all manners of flesh, and he even butchers a fellow lumberjack with his own chainsaw in one particular scene. Where things take an extra strange turn in events, and turn Ogroff into more of a cheesy surreal cult film is when he meets a cute girl and takes her back to his hell hut and porks her. The girl seems to have zero problems with anything she sees or Ogroff's bizarre masked appearance and his affection for axes. Then things get stranger when the dead start coming to life, including the corpses in Ogroff's basement. The movie then plays out like a zombie film with reanimated corpses stumbling around. We soon see that there are worse things than Ogroff stumbling around the woods stroking his trusty axe. We also learn about Ogroff's background, and what turned him into the maniac he is today by the help of some discovered newspaper clippings.

Ogroff: Mad Mutilator is definitely every bad trash movie fans wet dream and by saying bad I mean good. Its inept style and rough production ring out true cult. A movie Norbert Moutier took seriously and put all of his passion into will finally be appreciated properly and given the respect it deserves. Check out for all sorts of other films they dared to re-release and keep the art of obscure film alive.






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 Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 Full Frame
 Region: NTSC R1
 Audio: Dolby Digital Mono

- Contains the 2016 color graded remaster and original tape transfer
 - Subtitle options for English, Spanish and French
 - Liner notes booklet featuring writings and reviews by Andy Bolus and Joseph A. Ziemba
 - Stills Gallery
 - Home video trailer
 - DVD-Rom content
 - Choice of sleeve covers


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