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Perfect Child of Satan, A - Black Lava Entertainment Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Tuesday, 15 November 2016
Review of A Perfect Child of Satan from Black Lava Entertainment on Severed Cinema

Directed by: Lucifer Valentine
Written by: Lucifer Valentine
Produced by: Lucifer Valentine
Cinematography by: Lucifer Valentine
Editing by: Lucifer Valentine
Music by: Lucifer Valentine
Special Effects by: Lucifer Valentine
Cast: Chelsea Chainsaw, Lucifer Valentine
Year: 2012
Country: USA
Color: Color
Language: English
Runtime: 21mins

Distributor: Black Lava Entertainment

Released in 2012 and now re-released in 2016 by Black Lava Entertainment, A Perfect Child of Satan has been given new life. Practically crashing Black Lava Entertainments website upon its pre-order due to such a high volume of interest, itís easy to see that controversial director Lucifer Valentine has carved a niche in film for himself, and he has become quite successful. This re-release of A Perfect Child of Satan also includes a new short titled Sorcerer of Piss which is a continuation of the Angela Aberdeen saga -- another young chubby blonde tortured and misled soul whose flesh is thrown to the beast.

Not being familiar with a lot of Valentines work besides watching Slaughtered Vomit Dolls years ago, I'm not a lover of the shot-on-cam confessions and life muses of young girls who are mentally unstable, and to be honest after a while it bores me to tears, and is just sad, plain and simple. A Perfect Child of Satan plays out the same way. We are introduced to a girl played by actress Chelsea Chainsaw. Itís basically her talking into the camera about her life as a prostitute and how she justifies it or tries to come to terms with it. She has met a guy online and can't stop talking about him, although she has no idea who he really is but she swears he is her soul mate. When the time comes to meet him, shit gets real and Chelsea realizes maybe she shouldn't have met a complete stranger alone in an apartment.

A Perfect Child of Satan is probably one of Valentineís better, and if possible, more main streamlined movies because it doesn't go off on bizarre imagery tangents, with a necessity to display endless acts of vomiting which the director is known for (he created the vomit gore sub-genre I've heard). Itís also surprisingly not gory but itís still effective and viscerally disturbing by using an abrasive in-your-face approach with loud and abrupt sounds and music, especially during the last half.

When the violence begins, it shocked and opened my eyes, took me by surprise and caught me off guard, and movies don't do that often to me, so major points for this. The sexual violence at the end is pretty crazy due to the jittery first person camera style. Itís not overly gory but itís disturbing as hell, and those choking scenes are very intense. I also love the message dialogues which appear during Chelsea's "encounter" before her and her blind date met, while all the sexual violence is unfolding. It was very effective. A Perfect Child of Satan is a 21-minute short shoved down your throat.

The other short on this, titled Sorcerer of Piss, was not as good. It was typical BDSM, sick fetish shit. More musings from tortured soul Angela Aberdeen, and as you guessed it from the title, Sorcerer of Piss, she does get down and dirty with the bodily excrement to the point where we see it being produced and finally it being dispersed all over her face. I could do without it. I enjoy jarring sick shit but delivered in this first person cam style it proves difficult to watch. I'm not interested in the chemistry of a girl who feels the need to feel alive and accepted by downing pints of piss.

The disc also has some great behind the scenes features which prove to be just as entertaining as the short movies themselves. Valentine wants to make everything quite clear that consent is given from all of the actresses in his movies. The most fascinating material in the behind the scenes features is the story behind the filming for A Perfect Child of Satan. Actress Chelsea Chainsaw was given a camera and told to film all of her own scenes before she meets "the one" in the final scene. When she meets him at the end it was actually her first time meeting Lucifer Valentine in person which I thought was a cool angle which brought a realism to the scene.

Fans of Lucifer Valentine will eat this release up. It might also be the most appealing release for those not familiar with his work as well. Thanks to Black Lava Entertainment for sending this promo disc with a cool booklet, which features art and writings from the film.







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