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Pay to Play - GrammaBum Motion Pictures Print E-mail
User Rating: / 2
Written by Richard Taylor   
Sunday, 19 March 2017
Review of Pay to Play from GrammaBum Motion Pictures on Severed Cinema

Directed by: Monte Davis Jr., Jeffery Husselman
Written by: Monte Davis Jr., Jeffery Husselman
Produced by: Monte Davis Jr., James Husselman, Jeffery Husselman
Cinematography by: Monte Davis Jr.
Editing by: Charles Fairfield
Music by: Gregory Samsa
Special Effects by: Jeffery Husselman
Cast: Jeffery Husselman, Corissa Gabor
Year: 2017
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 25min

Studio: GrammaBum Motion Pictures

GrammaBum Pictures are at it again with this no budget eccentric opus of unconventional pimping and murder. I respected what they did with their movie American Holocaust 2000 (review here) but I found the film lagged, was a bit dull and lacked originality. Fortunately, Pay to Play offers up some quirky and dark sensibilities accompanied by a bonkers storyline that hits a lot of the right notes. The music, Jeffery Husselman's absolute batshit crazy performance and the quality of the movie, which looks like a re-run of All In The Family helps the movieís styling and overall atmosphere.

So we get co-director Husselman on the internet looking to whore out his wife Linda, played by Corissa Gabor. Husselman's character is typing up ads with the tagline and movie title you gotta pay to play. It seems as if the couple are in dire need of money and this seems like the only feasible answer for making some quick cash. Itís sort of ludicrous how the wife asks her husband if he wants to go through with it as if he is the one going to be porked by a bunch of scumbags but instead he is offering her up as the cash cow sacrifice. Itís weird -- does he have any connection to her despite all the cheesy smiling framed photos of the couple adorning their house walls, or does he just want money, or does he enjoy seeing his wife being cucked out to other greasy dicked individuals?

Once they get potential clients, the couple have a secluded warehouse as the meeting location, which is a dark and dingy room with a mattress slapped on floor with explicit clippings of porno magazines filling the walls (to create that magical feeling I guess). The husband lays out the rules for the clients, such as no anal, no body fluids, no cumming in her etcetera, but rules are meant to be broken, especially if the price is right. All the clients are a funky bunch, from all walks of life. They are perverts looking for different pleasures. One guy likes to fuck in the ass, another has an oral fetish, and so on. All the while Husselman's character stands by and watches his wife getting fucked whilst reading his copy of the holy bible -- the same one he slips the dollar bills in.

We soon see that the husband has no feelings for his wife as the movie goes on, and practically views her as an object or slave. The sexual encounters with his wife and the clients become a strain on him. He eventually snaps, not only killing the client but his wife as well. He also visits a priest for confession who tells him that he has to become one flesh with his wife, a phrase which is eventually taken literally. He never really feels any remorse for his wife's death. The cops are questioning him and he is acting obviously suspicious, plus he is losing his shit because his wife never left him any insurance money. Husselman is great in this role, he freaks the fuck out during a lot of scenes. He then decides to dispatch all of the men whom his wife fucked for money, and brutally kills them in various ways, including one memorable scene of an elongated drill up the wazoo.

Pay to Play  is entertaining, strange and bizarre in the best possible way. The story just works in all its no budget unpolished glory. Itís rather original, not your normal run of the mill genre offering, that definitely sticks out from the pack and I recommend checking it out. Itís not a complete gorefest but it does boast some nice practical effects. Pay to Play is a quirky and eccentric low budget horror/exploitation film done right. Check out GrammaBum Motion Pictures on Facebook.





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