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La Petite Mort 2 - Illusions Unlimited Films Print E-mail
User Rating: / 3
Written by Richard Taylor   
Saturday, 17 January 2015

AKA: La Petite Mort II, La petite mort 2 - Deformation professionelle.

Directed by:
Marcel Walz
Written by:
Marcel Walz
Produced by:
Marcel Walz, Harald Schmalz
Cinematography by:
Roland Freitag
Editing by:
Kai E. Bogatzki
Music by:
Klaus Pfreundner
Special Effects by:
Ryan Nicholson, Megan Nicholson, Stefan Svahn
Annika Strauss, Yvonne Wölke, Mika Metz, Micaela Schäfer.
Germany, Austria
1h 30min

Studio: Matador Film
Distributor: Illusions Unlimited Films

Having the (dis)pleasure of watching the original and this sequel, it’s safe to say the cliché torture porn is alive and well. To call this movie cliché is another subject altogether -- it does revel in displaying act after act of torturous death in a full frontal assault but in a sense it’s a pure work of gore effects and visual genius (in a very sick, sick, sick way of course). Grease up your wieners and prepare to watch the second instalment in La Petite Mort 2: The Nasty Tapes .

The original had a paper thin plot (so thick compared to this one) and took a different approach by leading up to the sadistic and nefarious events that await a bunch of mouthy tourists in Hamburg Germany who learn a very important lesson: never insult the employees of the local S&M club. Never! In the original we were introduced to three characters who were a little likeable, including a blind woman, only to witness their nihilistic demise.

This sequel just goes right in for the kill (literally) from start to finish. The whole affair plays out as if we the viewer has purchased a snuff film or real life killumentary, a front row seat into the torture and killing of victims at the hands of the La Petite Mort fetish club. Personally I care more for the original, the gore by German underground effects/director hero Olaf Ittenbach (Black Past, Burning Moon, Premutos) is phenomenal and don't get me wrong Ryan Nicholson is no slouch either but this sequel has a cheapness to it and plays out too much like a music video in a dark warehouse.

What made the original more effective were the victims, poor innocent saps on a vacation including a fella and his blind girlfriend (who loses her head or the greater part of it over the whole affair.) You actually feel bad for what is being dealt out on the victims. In this one all we get is a little synopsis on the victims who are practically meat. We are told the torture/kill method, how many euros were paid to obtain them and their marital status (as if they were engaged is supposed to make one weep).

In the original we get the build up to the killing, introduction to victims, the conflict and finally the full frontal assault of scalping, castration, bludgeoning and disembowelment in which no detail is spared to the viewer. We are introduced to Maman, the proprietor of La Petite Mort and her two assistants Monique (Yvonne Wölke) and Dominique (Annika Strauss) who carry out or help carry out the torture/murders with a hand from different high paying clients.

Nasty Tapes has returning director Marcel Waltz using the same location and club but it’s no longer being ran by Maman, instead La Petite Mort has a new owner by the name of Monsieur Matheo Maximo (Mika Metz) and his drop dead beautiful wife Jade, played by Micaela Schäfer (who we have the pleasure of seeing nude frequently), who have devotedly followed in Maman's footsteps. Dominique and Monique have returned and host the movie or "experience." Like I said before, there is practically no plot, just torture scene after torture scene; some well "executed" and some done not so well.

The gore in Nasty Tapes is frequent and prevalent throughout. Ryan Nicholson sets up his effects pieces so there is no looking away, everything is in explicit detail from nipple torture to slow tongue severing, castration and a particularly nasty skin grafting sequence. Other torture scenes are done sloppily such as an electrocution which drags on too long with too much electronica music, as well as a particular scene where one of the girls (Monique or Dominique) smear a bloody Hitler moustache on their face and gas some victims with familiar, but blurred logos on their army looking jackets. I am not sure if to offend, provoke or to just be a sick form of satire really.

The torture scenes are set up with the occasional monologue by a customer who has purchased a person or people to slowly torture and kill for their own personal pleasure. We get a look into why these individuals do it; some because they are wealthy and bored, some for the pleasure and some are just fucked up. Clients include everyone from bored rich boys, to Goth losers, to old rich women, all of whom are enticed by sick acts such as cannibal sushi, nipple impalement, soldering iron burnings to good ol' torture roulette.

The new owner of La Petite Mort, Monsieur Matheo Maximo obviously has gender issues and seems to long to be a woman himself. The two girls Monique and Dominique treat the murders and tortures as just a job and see it as nothing more than that, although in many scenes you clearly see them enjoying themselves. In the film you can see TV's around the club displaying scenes from George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead and Carnival of Souls in one instance. I noticed in both films, but in this sequel particularly, a roll of toilet paper hanging from a chain in many scenes. Just when I thought I wouldn't see it again there was that goddamn roll of toilet paper appearing again and again. You can make a drinking game out of it while watching how many times you can spot the toilet paper.

In the end, the hunt for pussy is long over. The wealthy and rich are bored and they want the ultimate thrill to torture and kill. At the end of the film while Monique and Dominique are bidding their final adieu, an e-mail appears at the bottom of the screen to send requests for live feeds or personal torture preferences, taking voyeurism to a whole different level. At La Petite Mort they do it all for your personal viewing pleasure.


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