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Piene de Mort - Insolence Productions Print E-mail
User Rating: / 2
Written by Jay Creepy   
Friday, 01 March 2019


Directed by: Julien de Volte
Written by: Julien de Volte
Produced by: Anais Bertrand, Laura Townsend, Emmanuel Pampuri
Cinematography by: Vincent Vieillard Baron
Editing by: Julien de Volte
Special Effects by: Harold Levy
Music by: Aurelien Marini
Cast: Anne-Solenne Hatte, Samuel Dutertre, Raphael Manas
Year: 2013
Country: France
Language: French (English subs)
Color: Color
Runtime: 11min

Studio: Insolence Productions, La Ruche Productions, Les Machineurs

Short movies are meant to be just that – a short movie. Don't cram too much in, pace it, but make it something a little more than an anthology segment. Capture your viewer a minute in, and you have a winner, chicken dinner.

Peine de Mort from France, lasts just under eleven minutes, but delivers. Severed Cinema has a regular habit of reviewing lil shorties because many aren't available on DVD or whatever -- you have to look around, so at least we can letcha know if the titles are worth hunting. Yep, this one deffo is.

The film opens with the sobbing of a young lady, somewhere in the woods. From a distance we hear a gunshot. Thus we begin a flashback to see what transpired beforehand. Next thing we're witnessing a battered, bloody, and nude fella being dragged by a woman through those very woods. Cutting to the girl, obviously well after this, smiling to herself, leaning against a tree, we have the first glimpse of her badly scarred face.

Back to the carnage at hand, she totally fucks him up, her face a grimace akin to Michelle Rodriguez. It isn't pretty. It's prolonged. It’s mostly off screen, yet powerful. This guy deserved it, that much we are made aware.

Onwards we go, downwards in fact via a hand-held cam, into a catacomb where a second bloke is tied up, waiting to be tortured as she bangs out some loud music whilst yelling in a frenzy. Fingernail brutality and the sawing of limbs ensure a captivating section of
Peine de Mort.

What's it all about? Well, we're in the French realm of I Spit on Your Grave – the (in my opinion) better than the original, remake (and the second one was awesome as well!). No holds barred, graphic, and very painful to watch.

Let's ignore the rather ropey and at one point downright comical, subtitles, all in all this is a small but raw descent into chaos. The finale is bleak and utterly convincing, given everything that has happened. I dunno why, but people covered with blood, soil, and muck always look so totally genuine, rather than gore without the rest. Similar, I suppose, to Lucio Fulci's dirty zombies, as opposed to George Romero's colourful gang of ghouls.

Julien de Volte produces a lot of things but has created three shorts over the years – a fourth movie, Super Z, is coming soon. However, that's all good but it's actress Anne-Solenne Hatte which deserves a total crystal solid Creepy thumbs up. She is truly outstanding in the minutes and manages to pack a massive running time feel of emotions into such a bitesize chunk of mayhem. She's had parts in the Guy Pearce vehicle, Lockout, and in the Strike Back TV series, amongst others in a mixed bag of varied genres.

If you happen to notice
Peine de Mort pop up on a download site, drop it into your device because it is a fluidly unforgettable experience.




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