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Written by Richard Taylor   
Monday, 21 November 2016
Directed by
Review of Pig Pen from Dire Wit Films on Severed Cinema


Directed by: Jason Koch
Written by: Jason Koch, Mark Leake
Produced by: Alyssa Perper, Clint Kelly
Cinematography by: John Grove, Steven Rubac
Editing by: Kelly Cheezum
Special Effects by: Kaleigh Brown
Music by: Paul Joyce
Cast: Lucas Koch, Vito Trigo, Nicolette Le Faye, Josh Davidson, Michael Brecher
Year: 2016
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 25min

Studio: Dire Wit Films

My first impressions of Pig Pen, by looking at the artwork on the cover, lead me to believe it was going to be some sort of juvenile teen horror with skateboarding. Fuck me am I wrong, and happy as hell I was. Pig Pen is a deep down grimy piece of some of the best indie cinema you will currently find -- no exceptions. The harsh reality of this toilet called earth (pardon the GWAR reference), is sprayed all across the screen like hot jizz on the ass of a hooker after her upstanding citizen of a client pulls out. A refreshing strangulation, then revival, of the not so innocent teenage years in the life of 13-year-old Zack, brilliantly played, like a deer caught in headlights, by Lucas Koch.

I've briefly looked over some other reviews for the film, citing Lucas Koch’s performance as awkward or inexperienced but for me that's what makes it all the better. He's an awkward kid going through an already hard enough time in his life, facing circumstances that someone that age could hardly fathom. Koch looks like a grimy long-haired mess, who goes by the nickname "Pig Pen," hence the name of the film. I felt the performances in the movie were spectacular. Nicolette Le Faye was also great as Zack's drugged-out, zombie-like mother with good intentions, which were ill-fated before the idea’s even entered her head or the words came out of her mouth. This movie is pure fucking despair man. If you dig underground cinema in the least, you cannot miss this.

The show stealing performance, as everyone mentions, is of course Vigo Trigo, who plays Wayne, the sadistic boyfriend of Zach's mom. Trigo, who I recently watched in another Indie movie titled In Furs (review here), plays a walking abomination of everything that's wrong in the world. Intelligent, ignorant and equal measures pervert and sadist. He keeps feeding Zach's mom Oxy so she keeps him around to fuel her drug abuse. Wayne humiliates Zach's mother physically in front of him, and even invites his friends over to have sex with her. No one should ever have to witness or go through the things Zach faces at the hands of Wayne. In one memorable scene, Wayne is talking to Zach about no longer getting a free ride at home, meanwhile, Wayne's friend is having sex with his mother in another room and you hear her moaning. Wayne nonchalantly says "Never mind that." Later in the film, things get a lot worse, to the point of beyond all limits. What Wayne’s sick fuck of a mind dreams up and carries out with Zack's mother is one of the most disturbing displays on film -- absolutely jaw-dropping.

Zach is thrown out like a piece of white trash on the street, and forced to fend for himself. He witnesses all the gutters of society, from gang member violence, to potential prowlers and molesters. Drinking water out of ditches, stealing baby food from a store and sleeping outdoors on the ground. Fortunately he meets a couple of good people along the way that help him. While Zack is getting used to a life of discontent, he looks back on how everything lead up to this, and the relationship he had with his mother, which wasn't quite as bad before Wayne was introduced into the picture.

The conclusion is jaw-dropping, as everything culminates when Zack returns home to look for his mother. Without spoiling much more, let’s just say that the ending involves two would-be homemade snuff filmmakers and Zack catching up with Wayne. That ending is a punch in the guts too, but follows that theme oh so prevalent throughout Pig Pen -- the absolute and utter deterioration of today's society and what we have become. It’s really fucking scary when you step back and take a good long hard look. Pig Pen is one of the best indie films I've seen all year. I don't necessarily enjoy the content but it speaks to me, disturbs me and fascinates me at the same time. Pig Pen is put together very well, from the music, to the gore effects which are outstanding. I recommend picking this up immediately. Check out Dire Wit Films. Many thanks to Jason Koch and crew for sending!








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