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Queen Wasp - Molly Walsh Video Productions Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Tuesday, 15 November 2016
Review of Queen Wasp from Molly Walsh Video on Severed Cinema

AKA: Masquerade Murders

Directed by: Adrian Baez
Written by: Adrian Baez
Produced by: Adrian Baez, Patty Rhoads, Shane Ryan
Cinematography by: Adrian Baez
Editing by: Adrian Baez
Music by: Blvck Ceiling, Sidewalks and Skeletons
Special Effects by:
Cast: Kathleen Maressa, Shane Ryan, Nick Principe, Adrian Baez, Juliez Frazier, Kellyn Turrieta, Claire Angeline Harvey.
Year: 2016
Country: USA
Color: Color
Language: English
Runtime: 28mins

Distributor: Molly Walsh Video Productions

Adrian Baez has delivered the shorts Who Watched Them Die, Entrails and Amour, My Perversion and now Queen Wasp. With each short Baez has displayed his talent for sharp editing, great camera work and a penchant for having memorable music scores and beautiful actresses. Queen Wasp is no exception because the movie, for the budget, looks and feels high quality shot in a moody black and white style.

With Queen Wasp Baez has written down the story and played it out in each scene as itís been written in a notebook, so itís like a series of different scenarios in a play or monologue. The movie is easy on the eyes and ears so itís very aesthetically pleasing. Where Queen Wasp falls short is the story and some of the actorís performances. I have watched the short 3 times now and have a clear picture of what I enjoyed and its shortcomings in my opinion. That being said, this is Baez's best film technically thus far and my hat goes off to him for succeeding with this project.

Entrails and Amour is probably his most relatable project for me personally because of the highly emotional subject matter, while Queen Wasp delves into futuristic play with a spin using historical-like characters, and a bit of a muddled and unoriginal storyline which I wasn't feeling. The characters were doing their best with the script as we get Shane Ryan (Amateur Porn Star Killer, Samurai Cop 2) punching in a decent and brief performance, as well as Nick Principe (Collar, Blood Valley: Seed's Revenge, Laid To Rest) who plays a character called The Tormentor. Getting actors like this to star in his short films speaks volumes that Baez is obviously doing something right here.

Queen Wasp tells the story of Elizabeth Bathory in the future as the world is ruled by The Commander (Shane Ryan). The Commander has killed Bathory's sister and she is on a suicide mission of revenge. Overall Queen Wasp is style over substance for me. Itís got a couple of evisceration scenes as far as gore goes but itís definitely a stylized short film and that's what it comes across as.






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