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Rapist Rampage Grindhouse Double Feature: Wet Wilderness and Come Deadly Print E-mail
User Rating: / 5
Written by Jay Creepy   
Monday, 23 April 2018
Severed Cinema review of Wet Wilderness and Come Deadly on DVD from After Hours Cinema


Directed by: Lee Cooper
Written by: Lee Cooper
Produced by: Robert Thomas
Cinematography by: Alan Jolson
Music by: Melvin Devil
Editing by: Robert Thomas
Cast: Daymon Gerald, Alicia Hammer, Raymond North, Faye Little
Year: 1976
Country: USA
Color: Color
Language: English
Runtimes: 54min

Directed by: Gil Kenston
Written by: Gil Kenston
Produced by: Scorpio Producing Company
Cinematography by: Gil Kenston
Cast: Kirt Jones, Cindy Johnson, Keith Erickson, Nina Fause, Maggie Williams, Peter Puluva, Hoss Slocum
Year: 1973
Country: USA
Color: Color
Language: English
Runtimes: 53min

Distributor: After Hours Cinema, 9th Avenue Exploitation


“Enuff small talk. You git down there n suck that black man's cock, or I'll run yuh thru like I did ya lil boy!” says a masked man to a mother and daughter who kneel naked in the woods as a fella lays out waiting.

That's one hell of a quote to begin a review with, but it kind of sums up the first in Rapist Rampage, this duo of cheap roughie sex flicks from the mid-1970s. These make Forced Entry (see review here) and Hot Summer in the City (see review here) look professional because they had stories -- kind of. In fact, the infamous nasty, Forced Entry, is highly regarded as the vile king of roughie porns for its realism.

These porns are seldom released on DVD, they used to be on dodgy tapes or shown in places where the floor felt sticky underfoot. Basically, a roughie has maybe one or two girls captured by a masked man or gang of thugs, then subjected to rape, or humiliating sex acts as standard irritating music plays and awful voice over male threats ensued. End of story.

I admit I am a fan of this genre simply because they are quite comical in their delivery – apart from the above mentioned, Forced Entry, which is nihilistic, gritty, and depressing in a wonderful way. So when I chanced upon this double bill from After Hours Cinema, I had to hand my money over for a ticket into dirty pervert hell.

“This is beautiful, Mom.” says a young chap called Frank as we fire up our crackly projector and sit back for Wet Wilderness from 1975, by the same team behind porn, Winnebago. “Look at the tree.”

“Yes it's so different from your everyday tree.” says Mom without any sarcasm intended. “Yeah.”

Being that it's the deep woods, two of the girls – Mandy and her friend, do what all girls do in that situation – they lay out a blanket and take some erotic photographs, all giggles and wriggles. It's still the long forgotten era of genuine breasts and large dark bushes, so please do not be alarmed as the young ladies clothes slip off. You could tell an hour ago these two girls were going to begin fumbling and kissing one another whilst looking rather bored as mellow keyboards ease in. Damn! Is she biting her breast? I thought I was about to witness a parody of that famous scene from Zombi 3/aka Burial Ground – you know the one! Yup, they go all out for over five minutes and one lass has hairy armpits.

Let's not forget the reason why we're here, boys ‘n’ girls, here comes our rapist maniac pervert in a mask, jeans, and carrying a machete. Not that this Fisher Price 'My First Psycho' has any reason to rush. They haven't seen him, due to having a head buried somewhere, thus he stands over them watching for a bit and breathing heavily. The music is quite effective and I'm sure I can hear a Jason Voorhees Chi Chi Chi Ha Ha Ha, years before the Friday 13th series even began!

“Well, isn't that nice.” their playtime is over. He seems to be voiced by a southern drawling black man even though he's a burly white bloke. “Awww, don't be shy ladies.” He orders one girl to take his pants down to reveal white y-fronts. Nice. She looks nervous, I mean it isn't everyday there's a machete wielding fella stood with his cock and balls out in a movie is it? Much penis sucking follows. Finally he tells them to carry on their love making for him, it seems one 'actress' didn't hear cause it takes her ages to stop sucking and only when her co-star yanks her arm does she finally move off him. Soon we have a long lingering full penetration scene plus loads more sucking ‘n’ licking. Man, the paying public certainly get their money’s worth in the first twenty minutes alone.

At last he grows bored so he sticks his machete deep inside the girl. She gives out a timid and pathetic shriek as he chuckles. Ooh, the dastardly scoundrel! After which he grabs his pants and shoes, then strolls off bare ass out. I nearly fell off my chair laughing. The other girl escapes to tell everyone. “Masked.... masked the...woods...” she's not scared, she's struggling to recall her lines to her Mom, you can tell.

“Oh, no, no, no!” bleats Mom with all the emotions of a dead chicken. It isn't long before he's caught them and young Frank. “Oh, God, no, please don't hurt her.” says Frank as Mom is forced to take her clothes off. Note the grin on her face as he talks. There's legs all tangled everywhere as the maniac has sex with Mom and Frank is made to have sex with Mandy. Mom is made to head over to Frank, and afterwards she's made to suck his dick. “No, not my own son.” Frank isn't too bothered though. Nor is she when he mounts her, she's loving every moment. Meanwhile, Mandy escapes once again. She discovers a man tied to a tree and he talks like a pimp – in fact maybe he dubbed the maniac's voice.

“Oh my God, what are you doing here?” asks Mandy. He looks bewildered at her acting skills. “Big bad son of a bitch left me here three days ago!” he replies. He's done okay not pissing or shitting his nice clean trousers I guess. “Man, he's one crazy honky!” Anyway, he's the black guy mentioned in the quote at the beginning so you know once he's untied, they aren't getting away.

Frank's dead, and the masked honky is dragging Mom through the night woods. Meanwhile, Mandy is rescuing her new pal in broad daylight! The woods has two different time zones. Awesome! They all sort of find each other and no time has wasted. Mandy is down on her knees. “You! You big black son of a bitch, drop your pants. You! I wanna see you put that cock in your mouth ‘n’ suck it, you hear me?” All instructions for the next scene are given. It fills another eight minutes of running time anyhow. To be honest, the receiving donor appears to not be too enthusiastic since he lays on the ground playing 'dead fish' and his cock shrinks now and then. Oh, hang on, when she mounts him, he casually plays with her ass for a moment with all the interest of checking, say, a couple of cabbages in the supermarket.

Sod it, Mom can take over, she might do better! “Fuck that black man so your daughter can see how it's done! Yeah!” Now both he and Mandy sort of look fed up. At one point, Mandy gets annoyed when something either bites her bare leg or tangles with it. Her expression is priceless as she frantically brushes at her calf.

To give the gore crowd something to leer over, our maniac thrusts an axe into the guy for no reason at all, other than, “You ain't supposed to cum!” After a few gasps from the ladies, he says, “Now you done got that silly black man's blood all over y'all!” It's wild how they can both cry and whimper whilst their mouths are closed. Hehehe.

Acting honours go to that tree at the beginning. It plays its part to perfection. The rest of the cast put on mildly scared expressions then get wet and moist and lose their place in proceedings most of the time, but they seem to be having fun.

So onto the second in this double bill, Come Deadly . One thing that can be said for Wet Wilderness is it had an eerie soundtrack. This one has a sad organ rendition. The rapist in Come Deadly wears a black floppy fedora hat plus stockings over his face. He kind of appears to be more at home in a Giallo flick than a roughie porn.

Come Deadly attempts to have cast credits rolling past the camera – hand written on a sheet of paper. It's worth noting that there's a setup for this movie as we're introduced to a theatre group of young teenagers going through some script for a play. Soon enough, a lone girl is attacked. “Oh, no, who are you?” she cries. Jesus, his dark stocking face and hat does look seriously creepy. The organ has departed, and the music is far better now.

Hearing screams, our acting students run up to the loft, and discover the freshly raped and slayed girl. A detective, Rains, arrives and casually says there was a similar case nearby at another theatre two weeks ago. Anyway, life carries on with conversations, discussions about the dead girl, and sex.

Oh joy, the organ has returned, as has the killer, claiming a nude girl who happened to be bent over revealing her intimate parts whilst lighting the fire. Every time he's molesting or buggering an unfortunate victim, there's like a weird moaning sound accompanying the soundtrack and for some reason that, adding the fact the print is quite worn, makes this a chilling and unsettling experience. Whilst the previous flick was funny and blathered in screw ups, this one is like a mile away on another block. The acting isn't too great, but so far this one could sit on a shelf next to a copy of Forced Entry, and tissues covered in blood.

Two murders and the police are desperate for a break. However, Detective Rains gets laid throughout the film and that's all he seems bothered about. The youthful girls simply cannot resist his miserable face and his middle aged moustache, it seems. When he finally ejaculates again, he figures on using his latest girl as bait.

She sits in the loft, nude, and touching herself. How the killer doesn't see the inspector who is supposed to be hiding totally floored me! It doesn't really go to plan anyway, the murderer is a tough nut and flattens the inspector, thus turning his attention to raping the hapless girl – with endless sloppy close-ups. Finally regaining consciousness, our hairy lipped hero gives chase leading to a rather unexciting and somewhat strained conclusion.

Killer exposed, all is right with the world, our detective can happily have more sex to end the flick. Oh, but big twist and maybe it isn't over.

Hanging questions in the air like pendulum sized cocks in these films. For instance, how can two girls who live in two different houses have the exact same living room complete with identical ornaments? And more importantly, the culprit's dick is far smaller than the masked killer’s one, and no one actually notices! Meh, Come Deadly began with a lot of atmosphere but loses its strokes towards the end. Shame.

Come Deadly has two big names in its catacombs. Keith Erickson, balding, average, and has a CV with titles such as Suckula, Sex in the Bag, I Love Sex, The Video Vixens, and many more. He doesn't have much to do in this one, mind you, other than being a temporary red herring. Nina Rouse plays central girl, Marie, and she outdoes Keith in great titles: Sexual Kung Fu in Hong Kong, Diary of a Bed, and Sexual Ecstasy of the Macumba, are but three examples.

Wise people who release such material don't try and clean up the negatives or polish the sound, and this DVD company have done neither. It's an authentic grubby trip to a dangerous cinema situated somewhere near a dark alley where all kinds of worrying people lurk – and that's just in the row of seats behind you!

The extras are down to simply an array of trailers – but wow, what a set of trailers they are. All naughty, of course. Forced Entry is there, and titles such as compilation, Busty Superstars of the 1970s, hosted by sleaze icon, 42nd Street Pete. He crops up also on The Extreme Sleaze Collection, ironically. “This DVD is so wrong.” The print on Chic 69 has been trashed and masturbated over by a host of winos, then there's Filth of 42nd Street which is off-putting due to the fact it appears to be a new movie given the grinding effect.

Finally, After Hours Cinema have chucked in a booklet and a mini poster to give the buyer a bit of fun reading at night.

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Skull - Severed Cinema

 Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
 Region: NTSC R0
 Audio: Dolby Digital Mono

 – Trailers
 – Booklet



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