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Schoolgirl Report #7 - Impulse Pictures Print E-mail
User Rating: / 3
Written by Chris Mayo   
Thursday, 16 December 2010

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AKA: Schoolgirl Report Volume #7: What the Heart Must Thereby..., Schulmädchen-Report 7: Doch das Herz muß dabei sein, El sexo que viene, Lucifer's Angels, Mathitries 7: Erotikes ataxies mathitrion, Teenage Playmates, Thranio No 7: Erotikes ataxies koritsion

Directed by: Ernst Hofbauer
Written by: Günther Heller
Produced by: Wolf C. Hartwig
Cinematography by: Klaus Werner
Music by: Gert Wilden
Cast: Alfred Acktun, Puppa Armbruster, Hans Bergmann, Peter Böhlke, Ulrike Butz, Johannes Buzalski, Marianne Dupont, Felix Franchy
Year: 1974
Country: West Germany
Language: German
Color: Color
Runtime: 1 h 33 min

Studio: Impulse Pictures

A narrator introduces "Schoolgirl Report #7" via voiceover and proposes the question "Has the world become more moral?"  Answering his own question, he continues "Certainly not, but perhaps more honest.  We're mature enough today to discuss even the worst problems of our schoolgirls."

Enter Babsi, a young "schoolgirl" who shows up unexpectedly at the apartment where her brother Albert happens to be secretly running a brothel with her nubile classmates.  Based on a tip from a friend, she barges in on the escapades and witnesses several elderly Johns appearing for some fresh schoolgirl action, but when one of them gets randy with Babs, her brother punches him out.

Cut to court room footage and Albert, the whoremaster, is on trial along with the multiple young lasses involved in the brothel.  The first girl brought to the stand is a chick named Helga who is asked by the judge to disclose her first sexual experience.  Helga -- who resembles a young Christina Lindberg and is a fan of Charles Bronson to boot -- recalls popping her cherry at the age of 15.  She recounts showering in the school change room, becoming aroused and suddenly a greasy young man enters the scenario, taking her from behind thus planting the seed for her newfound sexual appetite.  As she continues to tell the tale of becoming involved with the brothel the judge intermittently interrupts her, declaring she's being too vulgar.

The rest of the film is basically a recounting of the girls sexual backgrounds as well as the court room attendees discussing various schoolgirl sexual stories from outside the courtroom.  The second, being a story told by a man, about an ice cream store operator who manages to get sexual favours from young girls in exchange for a year supply of free ice cream.

The third story comes from a woman outside the courtroom who proclaims not all schoolgirls are evil and recounts a story of Monika who cons a man to take her to a location with the promise of sex.  Instead he finds himself in a setup and a band of bikers jump him, eventually causing his death.  Feeling remorseful she tells a priest in order to resolve her of her sins.

There are five or six stories in total in "Schoolgirl Report #7" making the film more of a compilation of short stories than a feature length film.  The movie at times comes across as a sexed-up "Screwballs" sort of comedy with tons of sex/nudity and zany humor.  At other times however the film plays straight-laced leaving out the essential humor of a teen sex comedy.

My favorite story is about a high school girl with a lust for her teacher.  Attempting to get his gaze she stays after class and exposes her breasts to him to no avail.  Instead he drives her home and begins a secret relationship with her mother.  However, when the horny daughter finds out, she goes to his house wearing a wig resembling her mother's hair and waits in the shadows.  When he comes home she insists the lights stay off and definitively gets her sexual wish fulfilled.

It's great to be able to check out Germany's take on somewhat of a teen sex comedy in the vein of "Porky's" and "Schoolgirl Report #7" doesn't disappoint.  It has some humorous scenes, a ton of nudity and is an overall entertaining exercise in schoolgirl "sexcapades."

Impulse Pictures present "Schoolgirl Report #7" in a 1.66:1 16:9 aspect ratio.  The picture is very clear but does exhibit some flecks lines and spots, to be on a print of this sort.  Overall it's a great representation of the film.  The audio is presented German Dolby Digital 2.0 with newly translated removable English subtitles.  There are no extras.  I consider myself fortunate to have this on DVD in any form.


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 Aspect Ratio: 1.66:1 16:9
 Region: NTSC 1
 Audio: German Dolby Digital 2.0

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