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She Kills - SRS Cinema Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Thursday, 27 October 2016

Directed by: Ron Bonk
Written by: Ron Bonk
Produced by: Ron Bonk, Jeffery J. Ellen, Howard Gromero, Jonathan Straiton
Cinematography by: Chris Irvine
Editing by: Ron Bonk
Special Effects by: Colby Flinchum
Music by: Emmet Van Slyke
Cast: Jennie Russo, Trey Harrison, Michael Merchant, Judy Pucello, David Royal, Martha Zemsta, Niecy Cerise.
Year: 2016
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 41min

Studio: Duke Studios
Distributor: SRS Cinema

SRS Cinema's Ron Bonk delivers this over-the-top and campy as fuck rendition of those rather serious grindhouse classics, such as I Spit on Your Grave, or more specifically Thriller: A Cruel Picture (They Call Her One Eye). She Kills’ campiness and love of obnoxious humor just kills the film for me. I would have almost rather they went with a more serious route, and ditched the comedy routine because after so far in, watching a clichéd as fuck badly dubbed karate fight sequence is almost more cliché than sticking to a serious rape/revenge formula film.

She Kills features the well-endowed Jennie Russo as Sadie, an overly naive yet naturally lusty girl being courted by a big dork named Edwin. The acting right from the intro just literally sucked the life out of me, it was so painful to watch. I know this is the angle they were going for but I was forcing myself to watch this at least 3 times trying to get through it. Anyways, Sadie and Edwin are "saving" themselves for marriage when they are interrupted by a random pervert in the woods whom the filmmakers make sure to obnoxiously extenuate. They also want to make it known that this guy has a big dong in his pants. This fellow, who so rudely interrupts the corny couple, is a member of the gang whose silly name is "The Touchers" and he wants a piece of Sadie's pussy pie, and he might as well as Edwin seems like he couldn't find the hole anyways, even with the jungle growing on it. The couple get away unscathed for now, and then we are brought to the seedy wall board decorated hotel room on the wedding night of the couple, and of course, The Touchers arrive to fuck shit up.

The lead bad guy named Dirk (Trey Harrison) portrays every macho stereotype known to man turned up to max volume. His handle bar moustache, I thought, reached down to his crotch until we get a scene of him with his shirt off and see that it doesn't. There is so much ludicrous shit in this, it’s unreal. I appreciate the excessive bad taste because I get a kick out of it but the delivery is so annoying. The acting is so forced to be so ridiculous, that it shows.

Sadie and Edwin’s wedding night is rudely interrupted by The Touchers but when they attempt raping Sadie, they pull off her drawers (undies to you non Newfoundlanders) and the power of her pussy supposedly drives them into a murderous primate-like rage. After the hotel attack, Sadie first tries to figure out what the fuck is going on with her purposeful huge bush which drives men, including her own father, wild with a rage-fuelled lust. Then Sadie plans her revenge to take down Dirk and The Touchers gang.

She Kills has a bunch of gore but it’s done in a very cheesy camp-style fashion. Some off the wall effects and scenes will make you say what the fuck!? Sadie seems to have a penchant in the final battle to shoot big holes through guy’s crotches. In one scene her pussy flaps act as a smothering parachute encompassing one bad guy. Sadie’s twat seems to have an evil mind of its own, and can also be used for storage it seems as she hides a gun up in it. The Touchers gang leader, Dirk, has the ability to make women’s gashes to bust out of their paints and helplessly squirt but Dirk seems to be used to it, and has an umbrella readily available to protect himself from the projectile love juice. After you read this you have an idea of what’s in store with She Kills.

Sadly, I just didn't dig the movie all that much. The over-the top-acting wasn't sticking, and the performances felt like something out of a Troma movie. The whole long-winded badly dubbed karate fight scene, that I mentioned earlier, between Sadie's bizarre Asian brother and father dragged on too long. I actually turned it off at that point and picked it up another day. I appreciate the homage to They Call Her One Eye, especially when Sadie dons the heart eye patch, and dispatches Dirk's gang. Jennie Russo is one fine pissed off lady. I wonder how uncomfortable was it, to have a tuft of carpet sewn on to her genitals for the film? I enjoy a darkly humored film as much as the next guy but She Kills came in just below the bar for me, which is a shame because I heard good things about it.




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