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Written by Richard Taylor   
Thursday, 02 June 2016


Directed by: Kurtis Spieler
Written by: Kurtis Spieler
Produced by: Kurtis Spieler, Renee Enck, Nicoholas Papazoglou, John Rodas
Cinematography by: Adrian Peng Corriea
Editing by: Kurtis Spieler, Nicholas Papazoglou
Music by: Dante Vallee
Special Effects by: Wolf Dooley, Jaime Stone-Dead
Cast: Michael Schantz, Laurence Mullaney, Ria Burns-Wilder, Zach Gillette, Bryan Manley Davis, Jamie Lyn Bagley, Mark Resnik
Year: 2013
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 20min

Studio: Invasive Films
Distributor: Unearthed Films

Made in 2013, Sheep Skin was originally made by Invasive Films and has found a home on the glorious Unearthed Films roster. Unearthed has been releasing a lot of different stuff in their catalog lately and Sheep Skin fits in nicely as a new age thriller/horror entry. Before watching the screener, I never looked at the cover, so I had no idea what I was in for. I was getting into the basic premise and trying to figure out why a punk band kidnapped a sleazy businessman and then realized why and then I realized even more and was kind of shocked with the plot twist.

Sheep Skin could possibly be re-titled Reservoir Howling. The setting for the entire film is in a warehouse and the kidnappers have a dude tied to a chair who they torture (minus the straight razor to the ear, I was hoping they were going to unleash that trusty chainsaw on the table on the poor sap but to no avail). The material is good. The performances are sturdy overall, but the delivery at times, I desired to be a little more relentless and brutal. The punk band "The Dick Punchers" as they are called are way too nice in this. Only one member named Boston Clive (Each Gillette) seems to have this sadistic mean streak in him, where he just wants to torture their captive Todd (Laurence Mullaney) just for the pleasure of it. The bandís leader, Schafer (Michael Schantz) is a great actor and has a charisma about him but you can tell he's too weak and emotional for what he is doing.

In my tradition of doing things completely ass backwards, lets run down a bit of the Sheep Skin plot without giving the whole fucking story away so, you, the viewer can watch it for yourself. That way you can gather your own free-willed opinion -- letís hope this review can merely guide you in the right direction.

We are introduced to sleazy business man Todd (Laurence Mullaney), who is abducted and brought to the warehouse location discussed earlier. The kidnappers, in actuality, are a punk group who call themselves "The Dick Punchers." We quickly learn their motives for kidnapping Mullaney, but where things take the big twist is when Mullaney can't seem to realize the gruesome things in question that he has done. Is he insane or having some sort of out-of-body experience while committing the vicious acts!? The group try to press him for information but things get bungled up, which is to be expected, with some members not agreeing and others wanting to go too far. Sheep Skin is definitely more of a thriller. The last bit might have that stalk and slash element to it but generally itís a paced thriller.

There is a bit of gore, but don't expect an utter gore fest. This is a suspenseful, character driven tension ride. The make-up is done well but some stuff I wish they would have done on-screen, like a certain chainsaw decapitation. The one payoff I wanted and didn't get was an on screen transformation scene of Mullaney's character; maybe the $25,000 budget restricted director Kurtis Spieler from doing so, I'm not sure, but the look of Todd at the end of the movie was not as effective as I had hoped.

One thing I didn't get about the film was when the security guard (Mark Resnik) discovers our group in the warehouse. It seems a bit hard to believe that they would stage such an elaborate kidnapping/torture session and not do it in a more secure and secluded location. Not a warehouse which has security roaming around. I dig the film. Itís nice and tense, with likable characters and the conclusion is a nice set-up which I found to be highly amusing and a cool way to go. Check out Sheep Skin from Unearthed Films if youíre looking for something fresh. Sheep Skin is a great thriller and a nice spin on an old genre.



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