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Slaughter Me Naked (Slagt mig nogen) - Raw Cut Productions Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Monday, 18 April 2016

AKA: Slagt mig nøgen

Directed by: Sune Rolf Jensen
Written by: Sune Rolf Jensen
Produced by: Sune Rolf Jensen
Cinematography by: Sune Rolf Jensen
Editing by: Sune Rolf Jensen
Music by: Anders Norddal Jendresen
Cast: Louise Love Andersen, Soren Bohn, Jimmy Christensen, Ida Damsgaard, Isabella Erichsen, Lars Hansen, Kasper Juhl.
Year: 2015
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish (English subtitles)
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 5min

Studio: Raw Cut Productions
Distributor: Phantasmo DVD

Danish filmmaker Sune Rolf Jensen has punctured the jugular of the underground gore/horror/slasher/giallo scene with this cruel exercise in brilliant nihilism. Slaughter Me Naked (Slagt mig nøgen) takes enough turns to give the genre a baited breath of much needed toxic air. It takes what it wants and feeds from different genres and regurgitates them together to deliver multiple chapters of grisly pleasure.

Slaughter Me Naked is creative underground movie making at its peak performance. Mixing a combination of eerie and sometimes thunderous music with wonderfully inventive camera work. From the beginning, Slaughter Me Naked appears to be a stylish low budget slasher with intense gore play and giallo styling, which features characters who are no more than fodder for the butcher. As each chapter in the story unfolds we get a peek at another layer. It turns from a slasher/giallo to a home invasion torture porn variation, with a family being held captive on what was supposed to be a joyous peaceful gathering, now at the mercy of our killer. The second half then shifts entirely with the background story of the killer, which is a twisted kaleidoscope of sexually deviant nightmarish images flooded in blood.

The killer played by Dominik Metzger wears this white stalking-like mask, almost looking faceless, with a black leather jacket. The leather jacket is almost like something a metal head or a biker would wear. The killer also wears black gloves and this paired with the style of killings and appearance of the killer lends the giallo feel to the movie. The special effects are low budget but effective. We get multiple angles of knives stabbing, ripping, tearing, eviscerating and gouging flesh. Even fellow Danish horror/director great Kaspar Juhl is one of the victims in the movie but not before he busts a nut porking a lovely glazed Danish blonde.

The home invasion scene really started to elevate the whole movie for me. Up to this point I was expecting basically a senseless low budget, somewhat stylish slasher/gore movie. Then we get this long drawn out scene of a young woman returning home to attend a family birthday party -- nothing particularly interesting.  When she walks in the door and witnesses the bloody captive and brutalized bodies of her immediate family sitting at the dinner table, the peanut encrusted proverbial shit hits the fan and had me saying unholy christ, this movie just turned a whole new page and got a whole lot more interesting.

When I was speaking with director Jensen, he said to me something to the extent of Slaughter Me Naked not being a perfect movie by any means, but a movie in which people have connected to and taken a liking to. I can now see his point clearly. The second half delves into completely different territory with a back story of the killer, as mentioned above. We get lots of childhood perversion and sickness, some great imagery and I absolutely love the ending shot of the camera panning out with the killer sitting at a table and a certain collection adorning his walls. There is so much beauty in something so repulsive and vile and that my friends is what we call art!!!!!

Contact Sune Rolf Jensen on Facebook or get in touch with Phantasmo DVD for a copy of
Slaughter Me Naked. It’s been getting nothing but good reviews all around the underground horror scene.





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