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Written by Richard Taylor   
Tuesday, 14 June 2016

A.K.A.: Cold Summer

Directed by: Dorian Valentino
Written by: Dorian Valentino
Produced by: Dorian Valentino
Cinematography by: Dorian Valentino
Editing by: Dorian Valentino
Music by: Dorian Valentino, Matthias Taczala
Cast: Maximillian Winter, Christian Fernandez, Thomas Goersch
Year: 2014
Country: Germany
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 37min

Studio: Animusfilm

Sommerkälte, this German short film, clocking in at 37-minutes is a beautiful and sometimes harrowing experience. Its style is highly artistic and staggering with mesmerizing symbolism and metaphors. Director Dorian Valentino has captured a true journey of human depression and discovery. Upon first look and impression of Sommerkälte, I automatically noticed the similarities in style of infamous German filmmaking legend Marian Dora (who I've interviewed here and studied most of his films). Dora is equally praised and loathed for his work for various reasons, but I for one respect his utmost conviction of never sacrificing his vision for anyone or anything no matter the consequences.

I joked with the Sommerkälte narrator and actor Thomas Goersch (who I've interviewed here and reviewed movies he has starred in such as Voyage To Agatis and Carcinoma) that Marian must be using another one of his aliases to go undetected because "Dorian" Valentino is highly suspicious! A lot of the material in Sommerkälte is also similar in style to Dora's works, with heavy use of close-ups featuring dolls, dead insects and animals. Close-ups of snails, heavy religious symbolism and the presence of feces. Goersch told me that Valentino has been writing scripts with Dora and could possibly be a protégé of his  If this is true, Valentino is on the right path and there is no better news because the world could use more films in the style of Mr. Dora.

The only spoken parts in Sommerkälte are those of the narrator Thomas Goersch and those parts are in German. The director gave me a synopsis which has served me some understanding of what the poem being read is communicating. There will be an English version made in the coming months for those interested, including myself. Sommerkälte was shot in Germany in 2014 and was released on DVD in January 2016. Rotten Cat Media are doing a limited VHS run of Sommerkälte with a signed autograph card of Thomas Goersch. The plot outline I was given says that a socially isolated man embarks on a journey for his lost child. Faith in religion and God gave him hope but he soon realizes that he is alone on his journey with only death as his companion.

There is a lot of powerful imagery in this. I've watched it a couple times now and have immersed myself in the emotion and art that it invokes. The music in the film is both sombre and beautiful and has the ability to pluck at heart strings. The real vision, however, is in the beautiful cinematography -- the movie is a true pleasure to watch. One of the most emotional scenes has a close-up of a bee which is being held down by its wing by the lead actor, I'm assuming. In the first shot the bee is let go but it’s noticeably injured. In the second shot the bee is let go only to be crushed by the finger of the man. Such scenes of crushing beauty and symbolism are beyond powerful. It’s that beauty in the music and the glorious visual savagery that makes Sommerkälte such a memorable film.

I look forward to more of Valentino's upcoming work. It seems we do have a protégé or visionary in the making. Sommerkälte has a Facebook page (here ) if people are interested in the film and Thomas Goersch can also be contacted for information regarding it on Facebook (here).


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Martin White  - Awesome   | |2016-06-30 17:15:42
Awesome review for an awesome short.
I own the German dvd and from the first
time I watched I felt truly heart touched and deeply movied by the movie: it is
so beautiful and harrowing at the same time.
I expect more work from Valentino
soon because he is talented and sensitive....
A true piece of art...
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