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Sturmgewehr - Beheading Films Print E-mail
User Rating: / 5
Written by Jay Creepy   
Tuesday, 20 August 2019


Severed Cinema review of Sturmgewehr from Beheading Films!

Directed by: Juval Marlon
Written by: Juval Marlon
Produced by: Juval Marlon
Cinematography by: Juval Marlon
Editing by: Juval Marlon
Music by: Juval Marlon
Special Effects by: Juval Marlon
Cast: Thomas Goersch, Tanja, Navarro, Maria V, Rahina
Year: 2019
Country: Switzerland
Language: German
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h

Distributor: Beheading Films


So, the translation of Sturmgewehr, courtesy of the tool we have at our fingertips, Google Translate, means, Assault Rifle. This is the, so far, longest and most ambitious work by Severed Cinema regular, Juval Marlon. His low level hit you in the privates shockers include the Strychnin (see review here), Torture Fetish 2 (see review here), and a few more.

I will not be held responsible for any trauma you experience down these challenging decayed paths. I've had many decades of twisted and disturbing images fleshing by my eyes like Frankie towards the end of Combat Shock. At first glance, for those unaware of Juval's world, the budget will be “Ewww...” but those people need to vacate the pages of Severed Cinema, for money is something we never discuss on here. Next, the actual subject matter could make some cry for mercy. For instance, Torture Fetish 2, the title speaks volumes for the contents, but, honestly, the wicked sense of humour running the lines inside had me laughing aloud. Brilliant.

Now then, Juval usually keeps his stuff short, small and ready to choke you. This one is a full hour in length. The big question will present itself here – can the same effect found in his tiny capsules be as shocking as this large spoon of grim medicine?

He loves his arty lengthy handheld shots doesn't he? I've witnessed an endless shot of a dead bat in Torture Fetish 2, now it's a small cruddy beach, jelly fish, plus animal bones. I need to address something at this stage, the film has no subtitles, nor dubbing. Juval gave me a synopsis which has helped, otherwise I'm wandering around a dark room, very blind, so if I screw up, well, meh!

We are introduced to two of our central characters, a middle aged bloke named Brand, at a train station, and a younger chap sat on the before mentioned beach. They speak for a while on their phones. The older fella is apparently the boss of a snuff movie ring. He has a new customer, so he has contacted one of his killers whom travels out of the country to acquire the raw materials needed for their next epic. As he journeys, the credits run, and we see flashes of a young girl being slaughtered.

He meets with another guy who obviously works for Brand, and they are teaming up to put together the required video. Posing as two men documenting and interviewing staff at a home for disabled girls, they worm their way closer in, their prize being a quiet wheelchair bound pretty teenager.

It's not long before they have taken her, and are both wearing masks to begin their work. First, it's the old cling-film around the face and head trick, ala Bad Boy Bubby. Being the way she is, she does not struggle. As a matter of fact, she is eerily motionless throughout that ordeal, until they remove the cling-film and move onto the next cheery game – forcing the barrel of an assault rifle into her face, then her mouth. For a few minutes, the comatose teen sits as the weapon is moved in and out of her mouth, then it's double barrel time as two get used until she silently vomits.

The dastardly duo put her through numerous other choice sufferings and tortures until she's dead, and it's onto the next captive, her carer.

This has to be the most solid and gratuitous film from the dark mind of Juval. It feels like all his previous visions have been building to this. For one, the effects aren't of the mildly attention seeking shock value any more. This time round, everything looks so damn real and his quick but sweeping camera style captures each severed limb, all blood spurts, each needle puncture, and every cut.

Grim and totally desolate of any redeeming ingredient. Just how Juval does it without apology. The punk way. He doesn't care who watches. Straight up, this is a nest of venomous and cruel visions. Okay, the talking parts droned on to me, because I don't speak the language, I wished for any kind of subtitles, mainly so I may get a feel of the personalities involved. Also, there's some sort of double cross to conclude, but I have absolutely no idea why or what happened. Regardless, the acting from all involved is as real and as believable as you can imagine apart from girl two, who I feel would have struggled more than she does considering what they do to her, but that's not her fault really. Brand is played by Thomas Goersch, Juval's first 'name' star, having been in over a hundred films, including Marian Dora’s Carcinoma, and TV series in his native country (he's just completed one under Ulli Lommel as well).

If this is your first time, I cannot prepare you at all. Sturmgewehr is beyond August Underground, etcetera, due to, I dunno, it has something which segregates it, making it more thoughtful and troubling.

Time to test your strength, Sturmgewehr demands a viewing.



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Dom  - Brand   | |2019-08-21 15:16:12
Die Rolle des "Brand" ist geil besetzt. Der Typ sieht nicht nur aus wie
ein echter Pädophiler Menschenhändler, er trägt sogar so ein ekliges Hemd wie
der liebe perverse von nebenan. Wirklich top, Respekt an den Caster.
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