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The Sons of Jihad - DeadEye Pictures UK Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Saturday, 18 March 2017

Directed by: The Brown Brothers
Written by: The Brown Brothers
Produced by: The Brown Brothers
Cinematography by: The Brown Brothers
Editing by: The Brown Brothers
Music by: The Brown Brothers
Special Effects by: The Brown Brothers
Cast: Unknown
Year: 2016
Country: UK
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 30min

Studio: DeadEye Pictures UK

I got in contact with the makers of The Sons of Jihad after watching a video blog review and it intrigued me. Immediately the filmmakers messaged me and asked me to go easy on the movie as it was a very low budget production which faced casting problems. They also asked if I was going to completely discredit the film, and if I did, to not bother reviewing it at all. This got me thinking -- what kind of movie was I in store for? To my surprise itís actually a very well made and compiled production with quick cut editing, and a unique style I have yet to see used in many, if any, movies. When I messaged the filmmakers back to say I watched and found the movie interesting, they were surprised because they stated that they have only received backlash or have basically been ignored by most claiming them to be Islamophobes and racist, something which they said is not true.

I think we run a risk of delving into such subject matter and portraying it in this manner as insulting it and this is how it is perceived. When you go into making a controversial film such as this one wouldn't be surprised to take some sort of backlash, but at the same time I feel it brandishes a savage satirical wit which sometimes speaks truths some don't want to hear or see. As the saying goes, hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing.

Personally I am not political nor religious in a serious sense but I obviously do have eyes, ears and a brain which I occasionally try to use. I believe there are good and bad people everywhere, in every race, who follow every religion or who work any job, etcetera. I know people who are strictly religious, and even though religion in any form has caused so much strife and death throughout history there are good hearted people who are religious. Religious beliefs are a sore subject, and such discussions such as the meaning of life are those which no one wins and are never ending.

The Sons Of Jihad are bringing forth a dark reality of Islam, some say by using anti-Islamic propaganda to use in their favor. In reality a lot of the information contains grains of truth in certain aspects.  Suicide bombings, twisted sexual and marital rituals, sexist male chauvinistic behavior, blind obedience, suicide bombings all fueled by culture and brought on by religious belief by the fanatics who follow it in such a manor.  This doesn't mean like I mentioned before that every human person in this religious sect is to be tarred by the same proverbial brush but it does exist and they are out there, its a fact, its a reality that we see on media coverage with extremists attacking innocent victims in mass terrorist shootings, broadcasted executions and suicide attacks.

The Sons of Jihad looks in great detail with satire and an abundance of social media information examining and bringing forth the dark side of certain Islamic beliefs. They have done it in such a nonstop bludgeoning over the head manner that they have been perceived as bigots and racists. I am Caucasian and I know history dictates many racist and left wing organizations, that I admit, show the darker side of our culture such as Neo-Nazi skinheads or the KKK but if someone makes a documentary about it I don't get up in arms about it, and claim that itís racist because itís not, itís fact. Although there is a fine line between satire, fact and racism. That line can get blurred and distorted depending on the people behind it, and what message they are trying to convey.

At 90 minutes, the style of constant words and phrases flashing before your eyes with powerful and controversial messages is an endurance test to sit through at times. I feel this is a unique film and I have never seen anything quite like it. The Sons of Jihad is engaging and thought provoking. If a movie makes you think then itís doing its job. ItĎs not my favorite movie as it plays out as more of a statement than a film, with a very minuscule plot woven through, so itís more of a message with all of the different social media footage and quotes.

The plot has a man who has been chosen to abduct and torture a group of women with prospects of rising in the ranks of the Jihadist group he is associated with. The women are what is called kuffar, or non-Muslim, and they are to be caged like animals, humiliated and tortured live on social media while the hits and likes keep piling up. Itís nuts and extremely unsettling. There is not much gore but the movie is so disturbing that what is here and how it is shown is effective enough. One woman is raped with the small end of a baseball bat, another barbarized with a machete and another has her limbs cut off with a handsaw. The movie goes to even further heights of beating the viewer over the head to show one single motherís home life, and relationship with her children, until she is called away by a horny client to make money to provide for her kids. I found this very bothersome especially with the use of the music playing.

The Sons of Jihad Part 1 is a despicable, but at the same time, intriguing experience. Tread with caution because many have not enjoyed the experience or just don't get it. I don't think that itís ground-breaking or the best movie ever but it is thought provoking, disturbing and different from anything else I've ever seen so I think it achieves its goal in being original and definitely controversial. I just wish the actors didn't have to hide their names in fear of threats and discrimination. Thatís not right. Freedom of speech is the right to speak out and not be accused of racism. Yes, this is an extreme opinion but I do not consider it blatant slack-jawed racism. Some may fault my opinion on that but like all my reviews, itís just my opinion.





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