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Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh - Unearthed Films Print E-mail
User Rating: / 3
Written by Jay Creepy   
Tuesday, 10 October 2017
Severed Cinema Review of Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh from Unearthed Films


Directed by: Jakob Bilinski
Written by: Jakob Bilinski
Produced by: Bill Gobin, Jakob Bilinski, Joe Atkinson
Cinematography by: Jakob Bilinski, DP Bonnell
Editing by: Jakob Bilinski
Music by: Christopher John De Mory
Special Effects by: Dustin Mills, Kristine Renee Farley, Megan Leavitt, Kourtnea Hogan
Cast: Bill Gobin, Karla Crance, Jim Dougherty, Scott Ganyo, Grant Niezgodski, Eric T Schroeder, Angela Steele, Rosalind Rubin.
Year: 2014
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 2hr 20min

Distribution: Unearthed Films

Ahhh, the Giallo continuations, how I love ‘em when they're done just right. You have to get the title as mystifying, obscure and as poetic as possible whilst promising forbidden pleasures for horror and crime lovers, then you have to catch a certain mood long lost in cinemas and pop it in a bottle. Then you have to chime up the music as the tale plays out, placing gore and action in rare but eye-popping graphic moments. 

Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh certainly has the honours of a Giallo title at least. Opening with a plumpish wide-eyed lady frantically writing a letter or note on her bed. She jumps and looks up as noises are heard from deep within the house. She's nervous. Heading out to a blue lit outdoors, she pops it in the mailbox. On her way back she freezes upon seeing a masked figure in the doorway. Next comes a Blair Witch style run through the woods, followed by the blade carrying person. “You should have emailed and saved the cost of a postage stamp!” growls the figure. No, he doesn't actually -- he grabs her from behind and thus concludes this actress’s minutes in the flick. As she dies she sobs, “Uncle Nick.”

Cut to a disco rave kind of thing (some young 'uns dancing with strobe lights.) Drinks and touchy-feely. Back home in the daylight and its sex and pop music for a couple. They are soon interrupted by an enraged suited Dad who bloodily beats the hell out of the lad then throws him out in just his boxer shorts.

“So nice to see you, Dad!” his daughter snaps. He snarls, “I come home and find some shit loser on my daughter's tits!” The argument gets worse from there. Sitting in his home office, he finds the letter which was sent at the start of the movie. The music gets eerie as he reads.

Back in the woods, some cowboy cop sees her phone in her cold hand, which is ringing. Uncle Nick is calling. “Who the fuck is this?” snarls Nick (who is called Dominic) back in his office. “Where's Alexis?” After some terrible scripting, the deputy gives him the bad news. Dominic throws a suitcase and clothes at his daughter and tells her they're off to a funeral and not to dare say another word to him. Cut to some cool retro grindhouse credits and some not so cool music as the loving Daddy and daughter duo leave town and head to relive his past. On the way he finds loads of unanswered voicemails from a terrified sounding, Alexis. “I don't have much time.” she sobs.

“Some things are best left in the past. You dig deep enough, you'll find demons.” says the Mark Hamill lookalike, Father Gabriel. His sister isn't too pleased to see him either but they sit and talk whilst Kendall, his daughter, catches the eye of some young lad in a cafι. Dominic is determined to find out who Alexis knew that may have killed her. First off, after roughing up her ex bloke, he is told that she was paranoid the last week before she died. Some people welcome him, but many don't, mainly the police. “I'll leave when I find out who did it to her.” he swears. It's not long before Alexis's stoner ex is shanked in a passage.

Meanwhile, Kendall meets and chats with the local teen gang in the small town. Typically, the emo looking girl in the crew, Kacie, doesn't like Kendall. “So, what the fuck you doing here anyway?” When it's announced she is Alexis's cousin, the mood changes. “She was cool.” says Kurt. They invite her along on their excursions until Dominic gets hold of her. However, he's taken back by the courtesy and manners from the gang leader, Dustin.

What's with the stereotype lawmen???!!! Hard fat and closedminded Sheriff, then a dopey deputy dawg!  Dominic continues to pursue anything he can find on Alexis but is generally hitting negatives and zeroes. It's the deputy who tells him about Mike, Alexis's ex, being found “All cut up ‘n’ shit.” The biggest shock for him comes next upon being told Alexis had no autopsy performed. Off he goes to visit, Bob, the coroner. “I need to know about her body.” says Dominic when meeting this chap. “Her body? Hmm, soft skin, delicate lips... hair like velvet... and a neatly shaven... nether region...” says longhaired Bob who speaks in a lengthy tongue to emphasise he could be the killer or a big red herring. “That's my niece.” Dominic pins him down, “I'm interested in your personal observations, not your depravity!” Bob explains that Alexis wasn't violated at all, but one of the traumas to her body was the removal of three strips of flesh from her thigh. Plus, the Sheriff made the order to perform no autopsy on her. The Sheriff covers this with the belief she was mauled by a wild animal and is altogether unhelpful.

Kendall goes down well with most of her new friends for one fact that she brings her own drugs along. Kacie has the quote of the movie when asked about her ring. “It's a mood ring. Right now it's gone a delightful shade of, 'Get the fuck out of my face!'” After powder, weed, and drink, they head over to The Slaughter House, a fun fair room by room of death and madness with dummies and body parts. In there, Dustin and Kendall share a kiss. Awwwww. All this changes when, sat around a fire with her new mates, a figure in a mask arrives and leads one away. Dustin speaks of tributes to the Beast. Everybody starts kissing. Kendall walks away, bewildered.

The viewing of a vid (ala Get Carter), featuring Alexis and one of the gang in bed, gives Dominic what he hopes could be his first true lead. Followed by a harrowing one as Alexis talks almost directly to him, telling him of a darkness following her and how she feels she's being watched all the time. Dominic is tearful. Thus, he steps up his investigations and finds there is a shroud of secrecy over the town. He has stumbled into a cult, plus a slice of town curse on top. The big question mark is who is involved in this cult. Who can be trusted? Anybody who shows any willing to aid him, dies. “I'll burn this fucking town to the ground to find the truth, if I have to!” Dominic tells the Sheriff at one point. From then it's back and forth. Family members are attacked, he is attacked, and more people seem to be against him every step of the way. Finally, he has to tell Kendall some long buried truths and then he begins his vengeance against the town. The real Dominic arrives and he isn't a very nice bloke.

There's a lot of gloom and Argento-like lighting in reds, etcetera, to make this a decent homage to the Giallo era. However, it suffers from crude cardboard predictable characters which go a long way into running any plotline to the rock bottom. It’s a shame. Goofball cops, a creepy coroner, they're all encased within this one. The story, truth be told, is rather bland and has been done before. What is a salvage in amongst the lengthy chuckling I found myself doing, is the set-ups and the murders themselves. The editing is swift, cutting away then back to reveal a wound, or whatever. So, it's as we head onwards to the finale of the film that everything spins around.

The soundtrack deepens as the blood runs. Like Megan is Missing (see review here), the last half an hour raises the bar and allows access to some really graphic scenes of torture and mutilation. Had the earlier script work been tighter, Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh would have been one of the big 'must see' underground flicks in recent years. Please don't stare too long at the dreadful CGI gunshot blasts, because I did for way too long.

Perhaps it's just me. I appreciate some of the most insane movies, so long as they have substance. My issues here are the characters and nothing else. If you cannot write solid ones that have a glimmer of originality, then make an August Underground sicko monster instead! Don't bother writing a damn plot! The fact that Jakob Bilinski has written a load of stuff over time makes me shake my head. He's a tighter director though and that's all I can say.

As for the acting, Bill Gobin is rather stiff as Dominic until he gets to torture folks (the character is making a comeback soon apparently). Kayla Crance, as Kendall, unfortunately got on my nerves more than Scout Taylor-Compton in Rob Zombie's Halloween remake. Now that was something I thought nobody would ever beat -- it's taken nearly ten years though! Top marks for bagging veteran actors Jim Dougherty and Sonny Burnette into the movie. The only two people who held their own were Rosalind (12 Rounds, Bad People) Rubin as Kacie, and Grant (Reality, Volumes of Blood) Niezgodski as Dustin. As for Eric T. Schroder as Bob? Well......... Lastly, Sidney (Hell is Full, Happy Hooker Bang Bang) Shripka, who starred as Laura Palmer... I mean, Alexis, gave a full on performance in her ill-fated introduction and later in dream sequences. The fact she's also a makeup artist ups her 'likes.'

Use of locations, the gore effects, and the soundtrack -- all fantastic. As I said though, for all the positives, there are a few negatives.




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