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Temporary Madness 2: Murky and Deviant Tales Print E-mail
User Rating: / 14
Written by Richard Taylor   
Monday, 11 January 2016

AKA: Folies Passagères 2

Directed by: Izabel Grondin
Written by: Izabel Grondin
Produced by: Izabel Grondin
Cinematography by: Stéphanie Anne Weber Biron, Olivier Tétreault,
Editing by: Izabel Grondin
Music: Martin Gauthier
Cast: Isabelle Giroux, André Nadeau, Christian E. Roy, Patrick Lauzon, Félixe Ross, Martin Plouffe, Eric Loiseau, Richard Mangemarais, Chloe Griffin, Mark Tuters.
Year: 2015
Country: Canada
Language: French
Color: Color/Black and White

Studio: Izabel Grondin
Distributor: Spasm Cinéma Insolite

The brainchild of French Canadian director Izabel Grondin, this second compilation of her gritty and dark short films, Temporary Madness 2: Murky and Deviant Tales (Folies Passagères 2) is now showcased in all their glory. The title is fitting, "Murky" and "Deviant" shorts designed to get the viewer immersed in her dark visions of the transgressive cinema genre. It succeeds in plunging the viewer into her world of dark romantic BDSM terror and beyond. It’s easier for a full length feature film to use a longer running time to establish characters, atmosphere and weave a cohesive storyline to make it all work, but harder for one with a restricted budget and resources to do this effectively in a short period of time. Grondin succeeds on all levels in conveying her message in this short time and delivers some terrifying uncomfortable short films that produce some jaw dropping results. 

Grondin's first collection of shorts titled Temporary Madness: Trash And Sneaky Tales (Folies passagères: contes trash et sournois) released in 2004, features two shorts on this second compilation which are Aspiralux and Ruben Is Not Well as well as The Drujes, Terrore, Click Here!, Rat Trap and a short documentary. The first volume has been out of print for some time now, but can be obtained for a hefty Euro price on some select underground movie sites such as Sin Art. Some of the shorts on here, especially The Table and Fantasy have been honorably mentioned in numerous film festivals. The Table has won awards in The Cinekink NYC film festival, L.A. Neo Noir Film and Script Festival and Mascara and Popcorn film festival and has been featured in The Spasm film festival and Fantasia Fest to name a few.

Other shorts in this collection have also won awards in festivals and have gained recognition. We have a collection of six short films featured on Temporary Madness 2 which are The Table, Fantasy, Caviar, Aspiralux, Sang Remords and Ruben Is Not Well. All are good and should be viewed multiple times! My favorites are The Table, Fantasy and Aspiralux with a special mention to Caviar for being funny and Ruben Is Not Well for paying homage to the classic Charles Band produced Chuck Connors starring role horror opus Tourist Trap and to a lesser extent William Lustig's Maniac. I'm not going to go into great detail with each short to spoil or give them away, so order a copy and see for yourself. In brief, I'll generally and vaguely break each one down with a glimpse.

La Table is a dark visual diatribe with a sick BDSM vibe, in both nihilism and sexual deprivation, but also female empowerment and sexuality. Fantasy explores a mutual fetish desire between two one-night-lovers, which doesn't go as planned for one of them. Caviar starts sick and perverse, but with a twist. Aspiralux will have you looking differently at the door-to-door salesman. Ruben Is Not Well explores more sexual tormented madness and isolation. Sang Remords is a twisted journey into the existence of a dark female being. The years they were made range from 1996 to 2013. They are some twisted shit and are able to convey to the viewer, an uncomfortable feeling, without the use of over-the-top gore or special effects. We have some great twisted ideas wrapped around some very sick story lines and characters, which bring it all to life.

Reading an interview Grondin did with Fangoria, she is now in the works of doing a full length feature film titled The Forgotten, amongst other projects, all of which this reviewer would love to see come to realization. I have also read about Grondin commenting on an interesting encounter she had when she met and talked with one of her Idols, none other than Dario Argento himself, who was impressed with her attitude and work ethic and couldn't believe she was into making films of this nature. Grondin has produced, written and directed most, if not all of her work -- she is an independent film making machine. I strongly recommend contacting her on Facebook and purchasing a copy of Temporary Madness 2.



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