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Terror Dope - Beheading Films Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Friday, 29 July 2016


Directed by: Juval Marlon
Written by: Juval Marlon
Produced by: Juval Marlon
Cinematography by: Juval Marlon
Editing by: Juval Marlon
Cast: Frenchy, Timo, Roger, Benz, Dölfi
Year: 2016
Country: Switzerland
Language: German (English Subtitles)
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 5min

Studio: Beheading Films

Juval Marlon is known for his debut snuff style short films Torture Fetish and Dead Baby Mutilation -- both of which I reviewed for Severed Cinema a while back (here). With Terror Dope, Juval decided to take a completely different direction entirely. There are no horror or snuff elements to be found. This is a documentary about different people who love a style of music called hardcore and not the punk/hardcore music but a bastard evil hybrid of hypnotizing rave/techno type stuff. Under other names such as French core, there seems to be a strong following with young males in this type of music, most of which are on a destructive path in life.

We are introduced to our "subjects," they are Frenchy, Timo, Roger, Benz and Dölfi. All young men who have devoted their lives, hand in hand, to the hardcore music scene and the habitual use of different types of drugs. They all talk about their personal lives, including relationships with family, their outlook and views on life and what they believe is in store for them in the future. Many of them have experimented with different forms of LSD, cocaine and methamphetamine, but all of them are fond of Marijuana and use it frequently in the film. Some, such as Frenchy, claim they can't live without it and would choose it over food.

We go from people like Frenchy, who are in an extreme downward spiral just living off the streets, stealing kid’s bikes for money and hoping to die at the age of 50. Then we have guys like Roger who holds down jobs and one day hopes to start a family. Finally, guys like Dölfi who have seen the error of their ways and want to clean themselves up. It seems like the age of 50 is the turning point for most of them as they all hope to live till then.

Terror Dope is the testimonial of these lost souls, a wasted youth endlessly searching for purpose on a path of destruction with the sounds of their hardcore music in the background, for which they are forever devoted to. If you've ever been interested on the subject then check this out. It’s a great look into the minds of some individuals who basically don't give a fuck. Terror Dope is shocking, sometimes sad and thought provoking. If you’re looking for a hard slab of truth, then check this documentary out.




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