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Thrill of a Kill, The - Wild Eye Releasing Print E-mail
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Written by Richard Taylor   
Tuesday, 24 January 2017
Review of The Thrill of a Kill from Wild Eye Releasing on Severed Cinema


Directed by: Lars-Erik Lie
Written by: Lars-Erik Lie
Produced by: Lars-Erik Lie
Cinematography by: Lars-Erik Lie
Editing by: Lars-Erik Lie
Music by: Kaspar Marius Jota, Arild Rones
Special Effects by:
Cast: Lars-Erik Lie, Toril Skansen Arve Herman Tangen, Lillian Ulverud, Kirsten Jakobsen, Arve Herman Tangen, Camilla Vestbo Losvik, Toril Skansen
Year: 2011
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian, Swedish (English Subtitles)
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 25min

Studio: Violence Productions
Distributor: Wild Eye Releasing

I had some high hopes going into The Thrill of a Kill, with the sadistic cover art of a masked guy chain sawing a woman in the head, the back of the case saying itís a notorious Norwegian gore film finally available in North America, etcetera. I love low budget gore films and I can usually look past most flaws if the sauce flows at a steady pace. The effects don't even have to be good, just plentiful and nonstop. Quantity over quality is a proverb that should be inscribed on the altar of low budget German gore films. This one from Norway also sounded and looked from the case like it was going to be a sadistic good time.

The first thing that went sour for me was the CGI used for the gore effects, which is something I can't understand. In a production like this, a fake tongue getting cut out would have sufficed but instead we get a slick computerized slice across a tongue and more CGI stuff used in a throat slicing. I will give the movie one stiff dick up in the air for the abundance of nudity featured, I just wish that Kirsten Jakobsen who plays the lead as Kimsy got naked -- more than a little side boob action anyways. I was especially sad that her sister in the movie, Camilla (Camilla Vestbo Losvik) didn't disrobe completely because she is quite a dish.

The story in this has Kimsy running away from home after her mother bitches her out. She randomly runs into the woods wearing her cutesy poo hoodie only to be made a victim of a madman who happens to reside there. I'm guessing Kimsy doesn't take too many walks in those woods because from the look of the collection of girls the killer has stored in his cabin he has been a busy boy. Itís just weird and kind of annoying how the killer knocks her out the first time, partially undresses her, she awakes and collects her clothes and then he knocks her out again to further undress her more so she can once again collect her clothes. This seems to go on for a while. He could have at least stripped her completely naked.

The Thrill of a Kill jumps back and forth to tell the story years ago of the killer as a boy, and how he came to be the generic and unoriginal psychopathic killer he is today. Itís the same old story; the abusive mother causes the kid to hate women so he kills her with a pitchfork. He then takes out his rage forever more on all women like they are his mother. He does all this in the same house and same location it seems, no less, with no investigation or care as to whatever happened to his mother and the fact the kid must have raised himself. Most movies like this lack major logic, no doubt, but to try and convey this story in such a serious way just doesn't work. Now a grown man, the guy is donning army fatigues (as all the crazies seem to do in fiction and real life), and is hunting girls like Kimsy, chaining them up, sexually torturing them and killing them. 

It succeeds in somewhat conveying some twisted torture techniques as the viewer gets to hate the killer as he rapes the women, and uses this medieval wooden neck and arm restraint to keep them in place. It would make a great sex toy for an eventful BDSM night. The killer played by Arve Herman Tangen acts very goofy, and oddball throughout the movie. His actions and the degradation he is committing are shocking but the manner in which he does it is not. I'm sure some less discerning gore fans will enjoy this but it doesn't move at a quick enough pace, the gore effects are not on point and not plentiful enough, plus the story is predictable. The Thrill of a Kill was not a thrill for me, it actually killed the thrill, and hope I had for this movie.





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