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User Rating: / 5
Written by Richard Taylor   
Thursday, 05 January 2017
Review of Timeless on Severed Cinema

Directed by: Alexander Tuschinski
Written by: Alexander Tuschinski
Produced by: Alexander Tuschinski
Cinematography by: Alexander Tuschinski, Matthias Kirste
Editing by: Alexander Tuschinski
Music by:
Cast: Sebastian B., Alexander Tuschinski, Barbara Kling, Harry Lennix, Rick Shapiro, Jennifer Pakosch, Philipp Metzler, Alliene Hockrein Gunn, Tinto Brass, Helmut Berger, Thomas Goersch, Angus Macfadyen, Zachi Noy
Year: 2016
Country: Germany
Language: German (English Subtitles), English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 48min

This adventurous and daring low budget German production comes out of the gate with a blinding fury which bombards the viewer with so much information and characters itís simply blinding. There is so much going on in Timeless that I had a hard time keeping it all in line. Itís smart, satirical and savvy, no doubt, but saying that itís a fun film to watch would be difficult. I had to make a number of attempts to get through the whole film. The way it unfolds, the story is confusing, and the material is no doubt thought provoking but highly challenging and in no way relatable or engaging. It imparts a message and uses seething social commentary to repeatedly beat the viewer over the head. It believes itís almost too smart for its viewers in the way it conveys the material.

We get time travel, social commentary, satire, views on revolution, war, police, politics, art and itís all slapped in our faces in such a rapid rate you can hardly come up for a breath of fresh air. Alexander Tuschinski has a vision and is obviously a brilliant mind for philosophy but this doesnít always translate so well on film. Sometimes stupid is as stupid does, and never can a film such as this speak that phrase in such a high volume. A comedy/drama with some other elements thrown in, such as science fiction.
Timeless is an arthouse film with a poignant social agenda.

The storyline can be hard to follow as it takes many different paths while unfolding. First it seems light hearted and comedic, then it gets into social commentary on the modern relationships between men and women and materialistic society. Then it reaches, talking about the social conscience of art, and finally peaks with talk of revolution to bring an end to the corrupt political regime. In amongst all this we are given skits with different characters (Harry Lennix, Rick Shaipiro) who are in different situations from an interrogation, to war scenarios, to men cheating with another manís wife, and they somehow relate to what message
Timeless is trying to convey.

Timeless begins with a character named Arnold (Sebastian B.) listening to his record player in the 1930s, when all of a sudden he is teleported to 2017. He meets up with a quirky girl named Jane (Jennifer Pakosch) who takes him to meet her friend Konstantin (Tuschinski). Konstantin introduces him to his idea of what life and relationships mean in modern society, plus he introduces Arnold to an eccentric group of artists and freethinkers. Soon Arnold is on a path to a revolutionary movement, but when things get too serious, he isn't sure that he wants any part of it.

There are many mixed messages, tons of characters and dialogue to muse over as the film wades through an endless sea of plot twists and turns. When the conclusion came -- especially during those final scenes taking place during World War 2 -- I found myself highly engaged because everything changes so quickly as the film moves along. It was building up to one event and then completely switches to a different bizarre and offbeat scenario. The budget does hamper the filmís ability in certain aspects though. I would say the acting performances are of a high caliber, and we get some mentionable cameos from Helmut Berger, Thomas Goersch, Tinto Brass, plus performances from well-known and established actors as Harry Lennix (Man of Steel, Blacklist, Ray, The Matrix Reloaded) and I appreciate the movieís originality. I would say
Timeless is not a film to lay back and enjoy with a couple of beers; itís something you must pay attention to. Itís a lot of work to get into the fabric of the feature and develop a conception of what the movie is trying to achieve.




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