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Torment - Enchanted Architect Print E-mail
User Rating: / 8
Written by Chris Mayo   
Thursday, 26 October 2017
Severed Cinema Review of TORMENT from From Enchanted Architect

Directed by: Adam Ford
Written by: Likov Mitoloskih
Produced by: Domiziano Cristopharo
Cinematography by: Domiziano Cristopharo
Editing by: Bojan Tadej
Music by: Mauro Crivelli
Special Effects by: Athanasius Pernath
Cast: Matteo De Liberato, Rikky Fiore, Stefano del Biondo, Andrea di Bella, Marco Pielich, Silvio Pellegrini, Favaretto Manuel
Year: 2017
Country: Italy
Language: English
Color: Color
Runtime: 1h 15min

Studio: Enchanted Architect

Mythical Jesus, what the fuck did I just watch?! Twenty-minutes into this and I had to shut it off and check IMDb to see what this atrocity was about. I knew nothing about this film going in, other than the fact that it was produced by Domiziano Cristopharo, and that it is the second part of the trilogy of death (American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice, preceding it). Cristopharo is renowned for producing such gems as the aforementioned Sacrifice. It turned out, from my IMDb curiosity that the film is based, in fact, on the extracurricular activities of one John Wayne Gacy! After this revelation -- and some time to decompress from the first twenty minutes -- I continued my journey into death and pain with what is precisely christened TORMENT. Let me tell you, out of the meager films released based on Gacy (Gacy, Dear Mr. Gacy), this one actually shows some of the unyielding terror that was executed at the hands of that notorious killer.

If the film’s goal was to portray an absolutely degenerate, unrelenting house of horrors then it succeeds on every level. If you want your fears blended with a non-stop assault of unkempt flaccid cock-and-balls and hairy man assholes then you’re in for a treat, because TORMENT showcases that tenfold as well! Yikes!

Our abomination begins with a young naked lad awakening from his slumber after the activities from the night prior. Lying next to him, ass-up, is a chubby male specimen -- assumedly his romp from last night. Fondling his cock a tad, our hero adorns a pair of jeans and explores the apartment (or torture dungeon). During his probe, he nabs some heroin from the apartment’s heroin cupboard, and presses onward to another room. This room inhabits a whimpering, physically tortured man, naked from the waist down. As the man whimpers, he pisses himself. Then enters the film’s villain -- the male ass who was propped on the bed next to our hero. Little does our hero know but his careless one-night-stand is about to result into pure fucking terror and torture!

This film is relentless. It echoes the depravity of Marina Dora’s Cannibal, but bludgeons it to death with a barbed-wire bat, taking it to another level of prurience entirely. Our Gacy character, played by the other man in bed (Matteo De Liberato), takes your hopes and dreams and annihilates them in the way of nightmares. Victims are stabbed with knives, whilst bound and sodomized. The soundscape is comprised of almost constant whimpering from each victim. Lucky for some, they are eventually murdered or die from the punishment, but for our hero/victim (Rikky Fiore), he is the unlucky one. He gets to endure the depraved sexual and violent whims of our villain -- who enjoys being dressed as a clown whilst he enacts his torment (ala John Wayne Gacy).

The murder-set-pieces herein make the environment that the film exists in entirely terrifying. The victim’s being average, scruffy, everyday males that are stripped naked and afraid, as the camera voyeuristically captures everything, takes the griminess to another level entirely. This isn’t a film where a killer just kills sexy naked co-eds! The viewer is forced to witness our hero repeatedly beaten and raped over-and-over-and-over again, whilst bare, rotten, and unkempt (complete with repulsive shaggy anal penetration close-ups). This makes TORMENT the epitome of depravation and disgust.

Director Adam Ford, has used what made Marian Dora’s Cannibal so filthy and decadent, and knocked it out of the park with his depiction of some of the worst male sexualized violence committed to film. Mind you, this isn’t a gorefest, but rather an (un)pleasant execution in unsettling horror.
TORMENT is probably meant for no one. If you’re up for one of the most noxious experiences you will ever have the (dis)pleasure of witnessing, then TORMENT is for you. You’ll need a good washing afterwards though…

TORMENT was recently nominated for best actor (Rikky Fiore), best director (Adam Ford) and best midnight feature for the Nightmares Film Festival 17 in Colombus, Ohio, which had the balls to showcase it. It won best of the festival. For updates on TORMENT and an upcoming release from a company like Unearthed Films (hint, hint) then keep alert to the news on Severed Cinema.




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